Five Things EA Did Right in 2017

Enough with the negativity. Yes, Electronic Arts has figuratively crapped the bed in recent months, but did attempt to rectify its actions. The company, unintentionally, managed to bring the issue with loot boxes and microtransactions to a national audience. And maybe hearing that Apple purposely slows down its products after one year has helped you move on from EA’s debacles. If sales for November were any indication, however, Star Wars Battlefront II, sales dropped nearly 61% versus the first game. Still considering that’s still millions of copies sold, chances are if you wanted to play this game, you bought it. Before all of this downfall, EA had actually done some good things in 2017. Here are the five things they did right in 2017.

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starforge71324d ago

Given the track record of EA i very much expect them the screw up anthem with MT

Tru_Blu323d ago

When I saw the rumors of Bad Company 3, a game I've wanted for years, I didn't even get excited. My first thought was about how it was going to be ruined by EA's MT's. Some corporate image they have managed to acquire.

Tross323d ago

We wouldn't be heaping on EA if they didn't try to screw us over with Loot Crates in games that still cost full retail price. The hate is not unwarranted.

PlayableGamez-323d ago

Those are sad non-accomplishments.

Broomfondle323d ago

Remember to turn off the lights once they left the office?