Today's Campaign Update Has Turned Gran Turismo Sport From Good To Phenomenal

If you're the average gamer, then chances are most of what you know about Gran Turismo Sport isn't all that positive. When the game came out almost exactly two months ago, it realized the fears that many of us had leading up to release: it didn't resemble a traditional Gran Turismo game. With two decades of history, that was a recipe for PR disaster.

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UCForce325d ago

I played the Sunday Cup and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s just feel like the old GT games in good way and my god PD remixed the Gran Turismo 2 Arcade Music.

Kribwalker325d ago

i don’t understand how you can support this disgusting practice. They charged you full price for a unfinished game, that they are now starting to finally turn into a complete game. The last 2 months they should have let everyone play for free since it was an unfinished game.....

SCW1982325d ago

Nothing about the game was unfinished at launch. They delivered exactly what they promised and made the best online racing community on consoles. And now they are adding things to that amazing experience, things that were never promised in the original launch. Just because you didn't like that there was not a traditional single player component doesn't mean it was released "unfinished", educate yourself.

AspiringProGenji325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Says the guy who supported Forza Lootboxsport 7

where the “disgusting practice? New cars and SP campaing for free? The game launched exaclty like PD intended and that is far from “unfinished.”

Now we don't know whether they had the campaing planned from the start to launch later or they just reacted to the reviews... Personally I believe they just saved it for later to launch the game earlier because I don’t see how they would have all of that ready in 2 monhs, but who really knows? I am glad they listened! either way the content is here for to enjoy FOR FREE! No lootbox or MTs required

We certainly don’t need your dark aura here. It must affect you the game just got a lot better and that your “no campaign” negative is already null

325d ago
Destiny1080325d ago

kribwalker this is not a lootbox 7 article, I hope you didn't pay that extra 25 bucks to get double the xp of everyone else because its already dead online

UCForce325d ago

How is GT Sport a unfinished ? Sure, the game have lackluster of Single Players in first place. GT Sport had made partnership with FIA, so they couldn’t delay it. And about GT Sport have been delayed last year ? That was fan backslash about GT Sports. That was graphic, sound and gameplay was criticized the most and PD have to beg FIA have to delay one more time. In August 2017, PD already said that they will be more transparent with their fans.

UCForce325d ago

When PD sent GTS trial, the game was polished and finished. Fan tested the game and the result was positive. What Gran Turismo Sport aimed for clean and polite online racing game. They did delivered it.

fenome325d ago

They charged you full price for an unfinished console with the xb1 and then charged you full price again once they finally finished it 4 years later and yet you're all on board with that "disgusting practice". Whatever floats your boat man. Lol

Here's a dev team actually supporting their game and fans with new free content and you're just here throwing shade for no reason. Seriously, you don't actually care either way, so why bother? You ain't gotta lie to kick it, go high somebody in a Sea of Thieves thread or something, it's gettin' old.

Rimeskeem325d ago

Less content =\= unfinished game

UCForce325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

About Gran Turismo Sport sold less than Gran Turismo 5 ? True, it sold less. But GTS sold more than the first GT game and GT6 in first week. Gran Turismo 5 was first appeared on PS3 system and that make a lot of fans jumped in the next gen. Gran Turismo 6 was sold less than GT 5 because a lot of people including the old fans jumped to PS4. Meaning The PS3 was near the end of cycle. Yes, Gran Turismo Sport was supposed to be called GT 7, but that was completely changed when Kaz said GT Sport will be second era of GT series.

UCForce325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

But I can tell you this that GT 4 sold more than GT 5 and GT 6, because it was a better game. 5 and 6 however was reused the assets from the old games that didn’t go so well. Sony could ask PD to continue with Gran Turismo 7, but PD wanted to do different with GT series. So they wanted to create second era of GT series which was more consistent and more focus than ever. Of course, it was a major risk for PD to change it. But they did promised that GT Sport would make gamer a better driver by being polite and clean racers.

About Forza Motorsport 4 sold better than previous and current Forza Motorsport games ? Because the game was a step up and improved everything from previous series. But after Forza 6 and Forza 7, it is more copy and paste.

325d ago
Cyborgg324d ago

A comment from a true Xbox fanboy 😁😂

FreddyFazbear324d ago

The updates were free for GTsport while Flopza has Lootboxes...

ChronoJoe324d ago

They didn't really though did they? They didn't advertise Sport as anything else.

DialgaMarine324d ago

Are you seriously complaining about FREE add ons, having praised Forza’s MT’s in the past? Pathetic.

Let the real driving simulator please, while you go back to playing your arcade NFS wannabe.

TKCMuzzer324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

What? it isn't costing anyone anymore money, so your not being ripped off. Many gamers have been playing the game since launch so have easily got their money's worth before the DLC.
GT Sport was very polished on release and the Sport part works very well, pretty much from day one.

You condone this game and its practices but I bet you shelled out £25 for PUGB on the Xbox One and gave that practice a thumbs up. No one should be paying money for something released like that in its current state. They are asking you to fund them on potential and what might be (now that's bad practice), they could screw right up now, they have your money already, game has been pushed out as soon as possible, I imagine so Microsoft can make as much use of the 'timed exclusivity' everyone knows they have.

Aenea324d ago

It's not like it's an Early Access game like PUBG, now that's disgusting, charging for an alpha test version of a game!

darthv72324d ago

If the practice of releasing unfinished games is disgusting then its been happening since the 7th gen.

I understand they had to release it early due to their contract with FIA. It would have been better if they had all of this done and released a more complete product but contractual obligations some times take precedence.

2 month turn around tells me they had to cut it to meet that obligation. But its here now... better late than never. It make it more of the game I can enjoy because I dont pay for PS+ so its all offline for me.

corroios324d ago

I think you are talking about another mp game. That is a huge mess from day one and still is mess right now. But its fun...

TheKingKratos324d ago

Do us a favor and shut up
you were happy hyping up Forza lootbox 7.

yumi76324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

The disgusting practice of releasing huge free content updates...

BTW hows that unfinished buggy mess PUBG on xbox working out for you?

S2Killinit324d ago

It was awesome before and now its just perfect.

Kribwalker324d ago

for those that didn’t figure it out,
“UCForce2d ago
This is why I disgusted about this. The game should have been finished and optimized in first place. Early Acces is fine but it should be free for everyone to try. It’s just so sad that we have to pay freaking demo. Even more sad, it’s not just gaming industry have changed, its also game community that have been divided. It’s not fact or neither opinion in this scenario. It’s the direction that we headed and we completely lost it.
This is the same scenario, except GTsport was full price and unfinished (2 month turn around to release all of this extra content) being sold as a complete game Vs $30 for a game being sold cheaper as an early access game that has problems.

Explain to me why UCforce would be so disgusted at people buying a game in early access (which is the same thing as supporting a Kickstarter but getting to play the game while they are making it) knowing it’s early access and knowing it’s gonna have bugs, VS a game that released as a shell of itself (much like street fighter 5) at full price

FITgamer324d ago

They said the game was online focused from the get go. Anyone who did 5 minutes of research knew what they were getting into. These updates are also free of charge.

On top of that as far as gameplay goes it's easily the best in the franchise.

yomfweeee324d ago

You knew what you bought. You knew single player was coming in a patch.

So you made the choice (and of course I don't mean you, because we all know ow you're just a fan boy hating).

sprinterboy324d ago

Tosser plus a uneducated prick

Stogz324d ago

Did you complain this much about Halo MCC? Or is it just Sony games you have no intention of buying that you complain about?

Mr Marvel324d ago

Do you ever give up trolling GT and Playstation articles Krib!?
Why don’t you go and play on your Xbone?! ...oh wait MS don’t release games anymore.

nRicosS324d ago

Ur family must check ur mental health

Knushwood Butt324d ago

Attempting to troll every GT thread is a disgusting practice.

On topic, but I'm still only 85% through the challenges. 100% in Driving School. About 20% on the circuits.

OB1Biker324d ago

wth man?
Campaign update is a disgusting practice?
wage your fanboy wars in ps community its easier to talk bs

snoopgg324d ago

Yet your playing that broken mess pubg. Get real

bluefox755324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

It wasn't unfinished. It was great in it's earlier form, now it's phenomenal. But hey, don't feel bad, at least you still have your loot boxes. I suppose you'll also be criticizing PUBG, right? Oh wait...that would make you intellectually consistent, and not a hypocrite.

leoms324d ago

are you talking about pubg?

trooper_324d ago

Let me know when Gran Turismo has MT and loot boxes, then we'll talk.

Because I was never aware of free updates being a disgusting practice.

324d ago
OneLove324d ago Show
324d ago
thorstein324d ago

...and once again we are shown why Bubbles need to return.

mkis007324d ago

You payed full price for everything that is to come for free...if they charged for this, you might have a point. but you are just so wrong.

324d ago
joab777324d ago

I just don't get why games do this now? They lose so much good PR and thus sales. SF5 is another great example.

anticooper324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

I hope this great ps4 news wont ruin your christmas:) Peace:)

NXFather324d ago

Did you buy pubg? I'll take that as a no. Your right about unfinished games though. I don't know about 2 mo. free though.

Dragonscale324d ago

Poor little krib so salty that GT Sport now puts his precious flopza in the shade. Lol.

nowitzki2004324d ago

And thats why you dont run any business.

Mexxan324d ago

I smell a Forza 7 player who is gutted at the visual splendor of the GT lighting model.
I too, was like you, then I bought a Pro just last week and the difference between GT and F7 is huge. I'm not going back to F7. Still glad I got the X for multiplats but GT itself is enough to warrant a Pro purchase.

Realms323d ago

GTFOH!! Polyphony said they would support the game from day one with free DLC, so much for they are going to charge you for things that should have been in the game to begin with. It just goes to show you the philosophy of both Sony vs MS in their approach to their first party games and how they are handled. Forza has MT's GT Sport doesn't so I will take free stuff later than being charged and nickel and dime by MS any day.

Chevalier323d ago (Edited 323d ago )


You mean like Recore? Didn't see your comments about the incomplete state of that? Did it get a pass because you like Xbox?

How about Halo MCC collection being shipped broken MP that didn't get a legit fix till 4 months later? Same free pass because its Xbox Krib?

No comments here for broken state of Gears of War 4 krib? Gets a pass for because its Xbox?

Gears of War Ultimate broken parts as well. No comments by Krib criticizing that either?

How about Forza 7 loot boxes?

No comments defending Star Wars battlefront 2? But all in on defending Forza 7 because its an Xbox game? No disgust at that deplorable release?!

Well look at that Krib was okay with defending loot boxes though! Its not Microsofts fault for starting the trend you said if I recall? Doesn't that make it worse?! Its a frowned upon thing to do, but, Microsoft gets a pass from you Krib?

No comments on either broken Xbox games, but, here Krib is with pitchforks for PS4 game? Such a shocker!

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Retroman324d ago

@ Ucf
" I was'nt disappointed . It's just feel like the old GT games "

Which one ? GT 3 Apec? GT 4? GT 2?
If it reminds you of GT 3 Apec I'm buying, Apec is the Best one.

InTheZoneAC323d ago

3 was not the best one, just because it was the first jump to next gen improvements doesn't make it the best

323d ago
Team_Litt325d ago

Why not push the game back to December in the first place instead of hurting the brand by releasing an obviously incomplete game? It's not like the PS4 was lacking any games, they could have easily afforded to delay this game a few months.

UCForce325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

They couldn’t do that. Because they made partnership with FIA. After all, FIA Championship was going to start in November. They did delayed the game once in 2016, so they couldn’t do it again.

324d ago
ShadowWolf712324d ago

It sold better than Forza 7 in its first week so I'd say so.

Melankolis324d ago

Aah yes. Publishing a game takes more than a finished product. They had no choice but to release it.

badz149324d ago


"Was it worth it?"

OMG are u kidding? The game was already great before and now PD is starting to add free contents as they promised. Playing it with my G29, the experience has been awesome so far

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UCForce325d ago

Well, it was paid off between PD and FIA for sure. They were just in time.

324d ago
LP-Eleven324d ago

Obviously, it was, since the game had no trouble clearing 1 million week 1 and has a VERY active community. The never promised what they're offering now, but they are adding in what the community wants.....for FREE!

frostypants324d ago

It wasn't incomplete. The game they released was exactly as advertised.

trooper_324d ago

How about you 'concerned' trolls go play your games instead?

324d ago
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Cupid_Viper_3325d ago

Some of you guys will never cease to amaze me... And yes, I am talking to the PlayStation fans on here.

Kribwalker is a KNOWN troll and the fact that he's STILL getting THIS much attention from you guys is unbelievable. What you guys are doing is the equivalent of replying to spam emails, or one-off comment we sometimes see on here saying: "My aunt makes $7898.09 per hour working from her basement. Go to to find out how you can too.".

Like I really don't get what you guys hope to accomplish by replying to him... All he has to do is come into a thread and same some inflammatory nonsenses and you guys PREDICTABLY, without fail fall for it. You guys are sooo ready to be his jesters/entertainment. STOP ENABLING THE TROLLS.... Seriously.

On topic, I already own the game and I am very close to getting a wheel for it. But this time I want a more serious wheel than the Driving Force GT wheel I had for my PS3.

Dario_DC325d ago

I just sent them to the block party and leave it at that, replying to trolls is useless.

FreddyFazbear324d ago

replying to trolls like kribwalker is also entertaining. You would never know if he is getting furious or not when he gets burned by more sensible comments from fans. ill just say this. Stupid comments needs stupid replies.

Scar-324d ago

You do know that everyone isn't on here 24/7 right? I know about three members names that's it and this site gets NEW users everyday.

S2Killinit324d ago

Yeah but everytime he comments he makes his whole xbox show and i think it has the opposite effect than he hopes.

LP-Eleven324d ago

This sort of message should be sent to the Mods and troublemaker himself. Don't blame PlayStation fans because people like him continue to cause trouble.

G20WLY324d ago

They don't care, sadly.

324d ago
Skankinruby324d ago

Lol I love toying with trolls that's one of the main reasons I comment

yeahokwhatever324d ago

I still use the DFGT for GT Sport by way of the Crosshair adapter.

Elda324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Absolutely! Though some need a verbal turn out.

Ju324d ago

"Like I really don't get what you guys hope to accomplish " ... serious question? On n4g?