It’s Time for Knights of the Old Republic to Return

EA could use some good faith right now and what better way to make Star Wars fans happy than by bringing back the (debatably) best video games the franchise has ever seen? It’s time for the lack of Knights of the Old Republic to end.

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jznrpg391d ago

They will fk it up somehow

CorndogBurglar390d ago

Unfortunately you are probably right.

But I would love a return to form.

DillyDilly390d ago

Not while EA is in control of the Star Wars license

Dante101390d ago

A full remaster of Kotor 1+2 would be appreciated but hey they can't add microtransaction and they are linear games we all know how ea feels about that so highly unlikely.

yomfweeee390d ago

Who says they couldn't? $5 for each saber crystal color. Pay to win components.

yomfweeee390d ago

Thanks for the disagrees from those who don't get my point. I'm not saying they should do it, just don't think EA couldn't find some way to screw it up.

Cueil390d ago

I think the disagrees are because saber crystal colors would be a cosmetic item and thus not be pay2win. I would be fine with such micro-transactions also pay2win in a single player game is hardly something that I find abhorrent. If someone wants to pay 5 bucks to help them get through the game easier so long as it does not affect the progression of the actual game play naturally I could not care one bit. Buying experience packs and stuff of that nature is in many single player games that most on this site would be surprised about... such as Tales of Vesperia and I'm sure many other last gen and current gen games.

SenorFartCushion390d ago

No thanks. The extended universe is what has created so many of those rabid moronic fanboys who only want swashbuckling lightsaber fights and Boba Fett to miraculously come back from the dead to kill everyone single-handedly.

FITSniper390d ago

So should we have Jedi sitting around, talking about trade negotiations instead?

SenorFartCushion390d ago

Maybe more films should be about important political topics.

Ironically, those parts were for the adults in the audience and the 31-year-old manbabies weren't having any of it.

"Ewww grown up stuff? eeewwwwww"

FreddyFazbear390d ago

Whats the point of star wars then?? if not for the jedi?? Your a strange dude complaining about lightsaber fights when its the very core why star wars was very popular. if you take the jedi and lightsabers away, whats the difference of star wars vs. other scifi spaceship dogfights?? star trek, battlestar galactica

SenorFartCushion390d ago

Ask Rogue One.

Popularity = money but look at Transformers: The Last Knight. The audience can only take so much of the same thing and eventually the money will go down.

The team behind The Last Jedi made some tough (but obvious) choices so that the series can last a bit longer.

And I say to those who were moaning about Luke's place: we live in a dark time, old white fellas aren't as popular as they used to be and the ideology behind the powers-that-be is looking harder and harder to take seriously every day. That is what The Last Jedi's Luke was. He was a contemporary tortured hero that had more dimensions than his usual 2.

And with the attitude, him throwing the saber over his shoulder, the crashed iconic X-Wing etc:

people were warned

FreddyFazbear390d ago

Well Thats just your opinion and majority doesnt share that. But i know whats disney and lucasfilm is doing. they want a clean slate, a new gen star wars where they will replace the old one by one until none is left. It started with han, now luke. next is leia, chewbacca r2d2 and c3po.

yomfweeee390d ago

Can't believe we're stuck with EA doing all Star Wars games through 2023. I hope Disney gave themselves some kind of out.

_-EDMIX-_390d ago

Out from what? Electronic Arts also just gave them the best selling Star Wars game in history, this has and will always be about money.

yomfweeee390d ago

It isn't the biggest ever, didn't even beat its predecessor, so what are you talking about? Analysts are predicting it won't ever surpass it.

This after EA took a huge stock hit and Disney had to force them to change it. Disney won't put up with negative backlash.

So by out, I meant some way for Disney to break the deal. They should have thought twice about joining the most hated company in gaming.

_-EDMIX-_390d ago (Edited 390d ago )


So again Electronic Arts gave this company the best selling Star Wars game in history that is an objective fact stop arguing know where that I even stayed I was referring to Battlefront 2 simply that Electronic Arts gave these guys the best selling Star Wars game in history.

Battlefront 1 didn't just disappear simply because Battlefront 2 released, at the end of the day regardless of Battlefront 2 numbers Battlefront 1 is still the best selling Star Wars game in history.

Electronic Arts has a crapload of number ones in front of their name and at the end of the day this is about business not about your feelings or are you emotionally feel about the company.

Disney does not care about backlash they care about making money.

Consider the backlash you're talking about is not even about something present in the current game.

Also consider that the game still sold millions of units regardless of the backlash.

Also remember that Disney was very much okay with this in the first place. So this idea of trying to pretend that Disney is not going to put up with some negative backlash is utterly hilarious did you forget who gave them this license? 😂😂😂

Disney handed Electronic Arts this license for the exact reason you're seeing this series hit number one.


Trust me Disney doesn't give a crap about the backlash all they care about is getting some good sweet sales. I don't believe Disney is it isn't regarding this I believe they were fully aware of the micro transactions that were going to exist inside of this game if anything that was probably one of the biggest reasons they chose this publisher.

I mean I want you to ironically consider that you're using the first Battlefront as a Target as to what they should be surpassing so did you just ignore that Electronic Arts made that other Battlefront game? And you seriously think Disney's walking away from that? 😂😂😂 28514;

Yeaaaa no.

They care about money, not your feelings.

Prince_TFK389d ago

“this has and will always be about money.”

It WILL always be about the money if you are the corporate stooges and the shareholders. But looking at gamer’s point of view, does this benefit us? This is what’s wrong with the AAA gaming industry right now. They put the $ infront of the satisfaction of the gamers.

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