PUBG Xbox One Update 2 Offers More Performance Optimizations & Quality of Life Fixes

PUBG Xbox One update 2 is being deployed and focuses on quality of life fixes alongside more performance optimizations.

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Hroach6162400d ago

Just played a match after the update. Recoil is way down and it wasn’t as laggy. I’m playing on Xbox One X though so not sure if that will be a fps boost all around or not.

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Ukgamer2399d ago

I’m sure I read the DF analysis was running 2 different versions. The hud on one the equipped gun was in middle of the screen whereas the other was by the map (which is the updated version)

DEEBO2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

I go Mad Max for that chicken dinner,while you complain I got your brains splatter on my fender.
1# out of 100,yeah I'm a winner.
If you trying get lucky Download tinder,
This is pubg
No aim assist,keep them bums from around me.
If you scared go duck behind trees,I got the scar with 8xscope on me
With the shotty on back so won't get lonely.
When it's squads, time mobb I call my homies.
We like navy seals when it's time kill,cut you off like Hulu when you don't pay you're bills.

This is pubg!

2399d ago
zuul90182399d ago

Wow... that was just... awful...
Good effort I guess, but maybe only "flow" or "spit" with your aforementioned "homies".

Eiyuuou2399d ago

Did I just get secondhand embarrassment...?

343_Guilty_Spark2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Pistol, poppin
Shotgun droppin
Got the loot box on fire
Stirring up the world map jambalaya
Might have to take another shot cuz ya boy tired
Ya Xbox Live Gold is expired

Young Geralt G Eazy

It ain’t safe!!

DEEBO2399d ago

While you pray and spray,
I'm giving out dirt naps,
Busting off shots like a retard typing and all caps,
No spaces,the shotty just blew off have you're face kid
Leave you in a abandoned house wasted.
Victory so close you can taste it
I just took the number one spot,all you heard was shot,
While I watch your body drop from my sniper spot.


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Sm00thNinja2399d ago

They're working fast. 2 already

Kribwalker2399d ago

time to jump in smooth. finished in 3rd last night. it’s a blast

Sm00thNinja2399d ago

Ugh I'm trying to hold out til there's a disc version.

Aenea2398d ago

And I thought it was disgusting to charge for an unfinished game?

Double standards, huh, krib?

Kribwalker2398d ago

i never said it was disgusting to buy an unfinished game. I was using UCforces example “UCForce2d ago
This is why I disgusted about this. The game should have been finished and optimized in first place. Early Acces is fine but it should be free for everyone to try. It’s just so sad that we have to pay freaking demo. Even more sad, it’s not just gaming industry have changed, its also game community that have been divided. It’s not fact or neither opinion in this scenario. It’s the direction that we headed and we completely lost it.
and applying it to a full price incomplete game. It’s the exact same scenario, unfinished games being charged money for while they finish it.

Aenea2398d ago

Ah, so we can expect the full finished version of PUBG in 2 months then??

Besides, PUBG isn't just lacking a piece of content that gets added 2 months later free of charge, it lacks polish, it doesn't look finished not even partially... That's a huge difference!

Kribwalker2398d ago


it’s an early access game. it tells you there will be bugs before you buy it and everytime you start it up. they sell it to you at a discount because of that. What is the difference of getting an early access game or contributing to a Kickstarter? Other then the fact you get to play the game while it’s being made in early access and not with a kickstarter. You guys were happy to pay into the shenmue 3 kickstarter

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alb18992399d ago

Will keep improving. They are working hard.

chrisoadamson2399d ago

I'm Impressed two updates already

iNcRiMiNaTi2399d ago

It's how the pc version was when it was first in early access. They'd pump out patches and hotfixes every week until after about 2-3 months when the patches started dying down and the content started slowing down and then the loot crates started coming in

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