4 Things We Hope to See in the Next Zelda Game

Twinfinite writes "Aonuma's recent announcement that the next Zelda game is already in development has us thinking about new features we want to see."

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NecrumOddBoy302d ago

1. Story
2. Dungeons and Bosses
3. Actual Inventory of Special Items
4. Triforce/Lore

BOTW was missing everything that made it a Zelds title.

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3-4-5302d ago

I just want the music back. The music in LoZ is some of the most memorable and melodic in all of video games....and they just got rid of it.

It worked for Botw, but I need it back in the next one.

narsaku302d ago

Na there was lots of story in the game, you just had to play it like you were exploring and not running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

I'd love to see the next game not have shrines though, they were never really fun for me cus the load screens started getting old.

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Neonridr303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

I don't mind the durability of weapons and all that, but give me the ability to repair broken weapons instead of them disappearing from my inventory. Too often I found I was not using a certain weapon because I was afraid of it breaking and thus disappearing from my inventory. The special weapons that you would get as rewards ended up just hanging on my wall because I didn't want to lose them.

The return of conventional dungeons would be nice. The divine beasts were cool and all, but were a little bite-sized compared to the Water Temple or things like that of old.

Keep the open world theme of BoTW. I loved how the game just opened you up to the world, and then was like "figure out what to do next".

jaymacx302d ago

totally agree with 100% of what you said. i think BOTW is just the beginning of what they will do with an open world Zelda. They also need more tools at your disposal such as the hookshot and fishing rod.

zcmilano303d ago

I'd like it to be set somewhere else than Hyrule.

BadElf302d ago

New Donk City or something?

Prince_TFK302d ago

That would be awesome. Post apocalypse New Donk City.

BadElf302d ago

-Dungeons. Take out the Divine Beasts things. All the classic dungeons but also have a lot of cool HIDDEN dungeons/areas as well.
-Darker tone. I would love a dark Zelda Majoras Mask.

Nu302d ago

A literal bad link would actually add a twist to things as well

Goldby302d ago

And perception is a key as well. Imagine if the we perceived as a bad one is actually the good link.

Vegamyster302d ago

Why not both dungeons & the DB's? I liked the idea of manipulating them at will to solve puzzles, they just need to be expanded upon.

Eiyuuou302d ago

Please! This and proper/more dungeons.

Then I would consider it GOTY-worthy!

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