The Last of Us Part 2 is ‘a broken mess’ at different stages, says Naughty Dog

Neil Druckmann, Creative Director of the Uncharted and The Last of Us franchise for Naughty Dog, has shed some more light on the development process of Part 2.

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Nitrowolf2305d ago

Take your time, I wasn't expecting it this year anyway. Theyve been ratger vocal about it being in its early stages and to be honest i dont expect to see the first gameplay reveal until either e3 or the end of next year

jonnyvito305d ago

Agreed. More than happy to see it in 2019.

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Eonjay305d ago

"It’s difficult to gauge whether Druckmann is saying that different stages in the game are currently a broken mess, or they have been a broken mess in the past"

Wong. He is saying that we only see the finished product. We don't see all of the pieces that fit in together. Development isn't like that. Development is a mess just by the nature of it. Development is the art of taking a mess and making it worthwhile and functional.

Septic304d ago

"People don’t see that the rest of it – at different stages – is a broken mess.”

Well it looks like it will be releasing late this gen as expected really but ND can take their time. No need to rush. They are certainly talented enough to make sure the end result matches the hype

UltraNova304d ago

More than enough games for 2018. ND can take their time and do their best to deliver in 2019.

SolidStoner304d ago

Well.. we all must agree that modern age games take longer and longer to develop, because computing power is getting bigger, allowing bigger, better looking games with more details and things to create in it... and considering Naughty dog attention to details and story telling no wonder its a mess for them at this point :D I bet it will be something special again.. just like Kojima productions.. or Blizzard... or PD... etc.. all those pure gaming genius!

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NecrumOddBoy305d ago

This is game development. Naughty Dog said the same thing with all their games. They said Uncharted 3 was a mess until the last 3 months when all the pieces fell into place and it became the great game it was. It's the process of talented artists and a lot of technical programmers working hard to create something unique for the world.

alb1899305d ago

That is why until dates are confirmed you can't make a real lineup for 2018. You just can count with games with date confirmed.
But fanboys keep telling and bragging about games that they want out for 2018 as they are confirmed but that probably we won't see until 2019.

trooper_305d ago

I love how you didn't read the actual article and rambled away.

yellowgerbil305d ago

I don't think a single person who has "bragged" about 2018 have included TLOU2 in their list, it is clear to everyone that the game is a far way out, same goes for death stranding
those that they list in 2018 are
Days Gone
and many more games from Japan (but as most xbox games dismiss those right out the gate I won't bother listing those)
Now compare that to the competition. The same crackdown game that has been shown off and delayed 4 years, that uses the cloud to be as powerful as the PS6 (yet they still needed the 1x...) and Sea of Thieves an online only game that if I was going to play a game like that I would just play the Ubisoft one which is all the best parts of AC Black Flag
I know which lineup I prefer

Eonjay305d ago

No one in their right mind said this was coming in 2018. Like logically why? It would be cannibalizing all of the other releases.

alb1899304d ago

“This and some other parts are like the most polished parts of the game because we knew we were going to show them, and now it’s like there’s a daunting task ahead of us.”
They say maybe 2019......what did I miss?

bolimekurac304d ago

yellow its not that we dismiss them, not everyone is into games like dream, or qte games like detroit.

doys gone, spiderman, gow are what many are waiting for. and i totaly agree with you and many here that yes playstation has a diverse lineup of exclusives but 3 games dont define a system, the whole lineup does. ms needs more exclusives and we all know that but thats not the end all be all.

FreddyFazbear304d ago

Nobody said TLOU2 is releasing in 2018, what are you talking about?? Your just looking for something negative about PS4 and the fanboys. TLOU2 can wait because we have lots of exclusives coming and CONFIRMED for 2018, Spiderman, days gone, Detroit, God of war, nino kuni 2, yakuza 6, dreams and thats just on top of my head. What does the other console have?? Nice try

george957304d ago (Edited 304d ago )


"But fanboys keep telling and bragging about games that they want out for 2018 as they are confirmed but that probably we won't see until 2019."

Can you name me some?? and what happens when "fanboys" are right ...
You so wish those 2018 confirmed games to push back to 2019 lmao!! For Obvious reason.... But if you're smart you would know those confirmed games for 2018 (GOW, SPIDERMAN, DAYS GONE, DETROIT and few more) needs to release in 2018 since 2019 is already packed with heavy titles namely LOU 2, Dead Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and few others...

But hey! keep wishing and don't blame others and play defensive when you are disappointed ...

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tontontam0302d ago

Lol ms bragged about the $1 billion budget for first party games waaaaaayyyyyyy back when the ancient xbox one was launched, so where are the $1 billion budget first party games?

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Dirtnapstor305d ago

I think the title is misleading as to what he said.
"Broken mess..."
I'm pretty sure he was not referencing the game's current status. If you read that quote in full, sounds like he's talking about how they (ND) want to ensure the quality of the game as a whole is not a 'broken mess' when compared to that five minute sliver. They will take their time to make sure the entirety of the game is just as intense as said five minute sliver, and not full of concept 'bits and pieces' of a game.

SickSinceSix304d ago

I'm pretty sure it's called clickbait and they knew what they were doing.

OB1Biker304d ago

I suppose most people know it but they play along.
The whole interview is interesting to listen to. That bit was just a minor part of it

Jon_Targaryen305d ago

Stupid then to announce it so SOON then, isnt it? Sony always said they always reveal or announce a game thats less than a year away from being released...

rainslacker304d ago

Better than announcing a broken mess and releasing it less than 6 months later.

304d ago
adonisisfree305d ago

The end of next year? Not a chance, this game drops 3rd quarter of '18. Naughty dog can't afford to wait until first quarter '19. Too much competition. God of war, read dead. Predicting a release date around holiday '18

rainslacker304d ago

I'd say 1st or 2nd quarter of 2019. That makes more sense considering how many big titles they have coming next year already.

boing1304d ago

Yep, It's going to be the end of 2018.

TheEroica304d ago

Oh man, they're gonna eff up the last of us. I can feel it.

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maybelovehate305d ago

Looking like it will be a very late launch in the PS4 cycle. Let's just hope they won't then try to sell us a Remaster just a few months later on PS5..

Movefasta1993305d ago

Why wouldn’t they? It worked the first time . A 4K /60 remaster on ps5 a year after release would be cool .

alb1899305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

It won't work anymore since the Pro and the X are receiving all the features of the remastered games for free. But hey! If you feel that they should ask money for that, feel free to write a letter to them.

OmnislashVer36304d ago

Or or or, if PS5 is backwards compatible, sell us a 4K60 update DLC with upgraded character textures or something for $19.99.

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bluefox755305d ago

A lot of people didn't get to play TLoU on PS3, since they were 360 gamers who jumped to PS4 after the disaster that is Xbox One. It gave them a chance to play the game they missed out on. What's your issue with this?

maybelovehate305d ago

If players didn't own it, fine they have to buy it. Players who just bought it though, yeah I have issues. We just spent 60 dollars on the game, give us the updated version.

Software_Lover305d ago

People use this argument (it is a fair one), but this can be said about any game and any console. Let's just remaster every game every new gen since I'm sure there were some people that didn't buy every game for the console previously.

sidenote: Just playing devils advocate.

BlackTar187304d ago

I personally love seeing known xbox trolls commenting about what is right and wrong. YOUR FAVORITE COMPANY introduced Paid Online. You're Favorite Company has no games. Your Favorite company just sold you a new console for Multiplatform games. i mean come on LOL.

The biggest news about Xbox int he last 5 yrs is Xbox one x and Old games.

bolimekurac304d ago

the way they are updating games on the x1x and pro has proven they dont need to charge us for remasters, they just basicaly remastered 170 games on pro and 160 on x1x for free so how are they gonna pull that one off with the ps5

bluefox755304d ago

@Software No, only the really good ones. The mediocre games that no one cares about, don't need a remaster, because there's not that many people that feel like they "missed out". Fortunately, Sony exclusives are usually pretty good, so remasters make sense in this case.

snoopgg303d ago

Here is a easy concept, you don't have to buy the remasters if you don't want to. I'm sure the people buying them want them.

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xX-oldboy-Xx305d ago

But they will and it will be glorious. Some will hate the idea of that, some won't. Personally, if the game is 1/2 the game the first one was - I can't wait for a PS5 version.

Farsendor1305d ago

I didn't have a PS3 at the time and got very excited when they announced the remaster edition for PS4. Even if I had a PS3 I would have still been happy with the PS4 version of the game.

maybelovehate305d ago

Game was awesome. Paying over 100 dollars on it though.. Nah, not awesome.

DarXyde305d ago (Edited 305d ago )


Let me see if I understand your logic...

There was nothing to play on PS4 at launch, so you bought The Last of Us Remastered.

You suggest you bought it twice and spent $100 because there were no good games at launch.

The remastered version released in July 2014 (the console launched November 2013). So it wasn't a launch title. Additionally, everyone was pretty well aware that you could trade in the PS3 version to get the remaster at $25. Now maybe you bought it digitally, in which case, sucks to be you and maybe you'll be a bit more forward thinking -- assuming of course that you're not fabricating anything.

But what I don't understand is why you'd buy a PS4 at that time when it had no software you wanted (you even say as much). Multiplatform games? Doubt there was much of anything at the time that wasn't cross gen.

I'd love to hear your reasoning here. You have a predisposition for complaining about PlayStation, so I'm hoping you'll spin me a yarn.

rainslacker304d ago

Funny, I paid close to $300 on this game.

Post-pandemic edition, original, and the remaster. That post pandemic edition is now worth well over $1000. I'd call that pretty awesome. Still have the other two copies also for my collection, and that's awesome too, cuz I can play them whenever I like.

I've spent enough time on the game to make up for the cost of a net $700 gain in value should I ever decide to cash in.

EatCrow305d ago

That kind of freebie is only avialble on PC. console gamers dont understand how unfair it is to spend 60$ for a game and then a little later a better version releases and they dont get the update cuz gen. It sucks but thats console gaming.

I thought the same thing.
People who just bought the game should have received a code for it for ps4.

rainslacker304d ago

Cross gen ports do this with every generation. If the "no generations" paradigm picks up though then FC will likely make it less of an issue going forward. I really don't understand the problem. There's no difference between a cross gen port and a remaster other than the title.

No one was forced to pay for the PS4 version if they brought the PS3 version. There were plenty of people willing to buy the PS4 version. Seems you guys have a problem with the way other people spend their money when it really doesn't affect you, and realistically, we can see that kind of stuff from other companies too.

Tru_Blu305d ago

I'd have no problem with a GOTY on the PS5, hell make it a launch title!

gobluesamg305d ago ShowReplies(1)
rainslacker304d ago

Why hope for that? Thought you xbox guys were all about getting the best experience with the best resolution and uncompromised pixels and what not.

It's funny, if it was just a cross gen port like we see with every new gen, then no one says a word. Slap that remastered title on it like Sony did, and suddenly, it's all wrong.

stefan_771304d ago

People will be begging for it

304d ago
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Frinker305d ago

Oh dear. This doesn't sound good at all...

bluefox755305d ago

It's a ND game, few devs reach their standard of quality, it's still relatively early in development, why does this sound bad to you?

xX-oldboy-Xx305d ago

Come on mate - it's ND. They are just creating a little hype and drama. It'll be amazing.

305d ago
LP-Eleven305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

"It’s difficult to gauge whether Druckmann is saying that different stages in the game are currently a broken mess, or they have been a broken mess in the past."

I realize some of you (who clearly aren't PS4 fans as it is) love to jump on a bandwagon even if its destination is Town Ignorance. The article couldn't even decipher Druckmann's words. And, considering NONE of Naughty Dog's games have ever released a "broken mess", your comedic "concern" becomes even more evident.

The game isn't finished. In game development, these things take time. They are always broken (yes, even the most polished upon release) when they still have half a game left to create. They aren't even in the final testing phase of the product.

They haven't give a release date. The same happened with the original and it released to the tune of a sweep-away of GOTY Awards.

UCForce305d ago

Neil didn’t say that. The quote from article is seriously taken out of context. He said some of the scenes look great, but others are not ready yet.

oof46305d ago

Games are usually a broken mess until everything gets put together during the final crunch.

sizeofyou305d ago

My masterpiece is a broken mess at the moment...only got:
10 Print "Masterpiece"
20 Goto 10
Need to work on graphics and sound now...

rainslacker304d ago

Broken messes are usually fixed before final crunch. Final crunch is to fix minor bugs and tweak things that they want to tweak.

isa_scout305d ago

ND has nothing to worry about anyway. Didn't they get the memo from polygon? Apparently a broken mess is a 10/10 game. In all seriousness though ND has only ever produced stellar games, and until they prove otherwise I'd just go ahead and expect yet another masterpiece.

WelkinCole305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

What he is saying is how ND works. They never had any set structure when they create their games. Everyone has an input and there is more freedom for their individual teams instead of someone from the top dictating to the animation team for example how they should do their job on the micro level. In the behind the scenes for Uncharted this was documented and it shows in their games.

What they do is they have an overall vision of their games and then they have team leaders having the most freedom to try and do the best they can of what they know best with their team. Each individual teams members have an equal input. The idea is that these are highly accomplished professionals in their respective areas and its best to let them tell ND the best way to do the job that will yield the best results instead of the managers dicating.

The directors/managers just steer the ship and help communicate between the teams.

So right now its early stages in TLOU2 and its a creative mess right now and that's a good thing.

oof46304d ago

I remember reading an old Dev diary. I think it was Uncharted 2. Dude said the same thing. Putting everything together is stressful because, individually, things look broken. But once everything is put together and starts working the way it should, they start feeling better.

trooper_305d ago

Keep your fake 'concern' to yourself.

Frinker304d ago

I'm a bigger Jak and Daxter fan than you

Frinker304d ago

I've beat jak 1 and II 7 times,kid and I own the gamingheads jak and daxter + jak II statues bet you don't

rainslacker304d ago

That's how all games are developed. It's only a problem if it releases and it's still a broken mess. It might be an issue if it were coming soon, but I expect early-mid 2019 release. When's the last time that Sony released a broken mess of a game? The closest would be NMS, and it wasn't actually broken, just didn't have everything in it people were expecting.

saint_seya304d ago

You mean your constant trolling? Finally you firuged it out.

Dark_Knightmare2304d ago

Lol yeah because ND are known to release broken and buggy games right gtho

Frinker304d ago

You can actually skip over half of Jak 2 by using a bug

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zivtheawesome305d ago

this quote is seriously taken out of context. Neil only meant that this was one scene that already looked great so they shown it while other stuff are not ready yet...

MrBishop305d ago

No way Naughty Dog screws this one up. Its probably just extremely early in the development cycle. I'm sure every game is a total mess this early on.