Bungie's latest Destiny 2 event is pure greed, even by low loot box standards

Destructoid: Odds are you're against loot boxes. The argument that they're "cosmetic" isn't enough to outright ruin a lot of games for me, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with the practice.

The idea of locking so many skins and cool-looking content behind paywalls is absurd, and Bungie has taken it a step further with their winter "Dawning" event in Destiny 2.

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maybelovehate1279d ago

It's not locked. You get bright dust by playing the game. But yeah the grind is real.

PapaBop1279d ago

You can buy what's being directly sold however if what is directly being sold isn't what you're after, $$$$ or at least that's what I'm told.

maybelovehate1279d ago

They are rotating the armor each week so it will all be available for bright dust. You won't need to spend money.

RacerX1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I really liked Destiny 2 at launch, and for a few weeks it held my interest. I'm glad I didn't get the first DLC, and it sounds like I am not missing much more than a cash grab at this point.

It's a shame, because D1 was a lot of fun for me, I had a lot of hope for D2.

Seraphim1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

yeah not sure what he's talking about.

"and dismantling unwanted objects does not provide Bright Dust -- one of the currencies you can earn to spend on the Eververse"

that statement is not true and anyone who plays or pays any attention to D2 should know better. And while I hate to defend Bungie or Destiny due to the lack of content out of the box, end game and DLC this is one instance where I have say, Bullocks. I have 4200 Bright Dust and after about a month of play I put the game down and came back sparingly, recently with the DLC. Which I only have because I was dumb enough to pre-order the edition that came with them thinking maybe Bungie, for once, would provide us with what we've craved. I also have plenty of sparrows and ghosts I could break down to receive more Bright Dust.

Having said that I do think that considering the asking price of nearly any item from Tess (Eververse) that what you receive for breaking things down often isn't enough. For a sparrow or ghost I think it's ranged between around 80-115 Bright Dust for me; at least as of late. idk if they removed this feature but early on you could also receive Bright Dust from the Bright Engrams you earn where leveling up. Though I haven't seen this since shortly after receiving Bright Engrams shortly after launch. But w/o a doubt they could either lower the pricing for some items or give us more when breaking down the junk. Even with the 4200 dust I have, based off what the chest piece costs, I'll be quite a bit short of obtaining the full set of Dawning Armor for one of my characters. Also I think the Ghost perks are far too many and negate the actual usefulness they had when Bungie added these perks to the ghost in D1.

One last thing. If you complete the Daily Schematic (by Ikora) you can obtain and Ghost or Sparrow plus a shader from the Dawning. Perhaps more but of the 4x I've completed it I've received 2 Ghosts, 2 Sparrows and Shaders. These can also be broke down like other ghosts/sparrows for Bright dust. However, some of the schematics grind is real. Like farming 3 of the planets blue material. I cracked well over 50 dusklight spawns yesterday and finally got the 3. Today, Alkane which I'm at 24 and not a single blue. I don't mind a little grind but this is absolutely ridiculous

maybelovehate1278d ago

He is probably referring to the Ghost Shells, Ships and Sparrows specific for the Dawning Event. They give Shards instead of Bright Dust which is pretty shady. But you can still get Bright Dust through the normal Ghost Shells, Shaders and Ships.

agent45321278d ago

Shame, I am an old gamer but my question is WHY DID WE GAMERS ACCEPTED DLC, microtransanctions, loot boxes in $60.00 games?

Why did we gamers did not fought tooth and nail to preserve:

Map editors
Free unlockables
LAN play
Offline multiplayer play

This game to me was garbage even if it came to PC. For Bungie went for the superficial:

4K/60 frames per second

No mod support
No LAN support
No map editor

For gamers to defend loot boxes and microtransanctions or asking to raise game prices shows that gamers have given up and are willing to bend over and take it up their ass.

george9571278d ago

Dont know whether i made a good purchase or bad ... Just few mins back i bought Destiny 2 digital deluxe which includes everything.. Got an awesome discount so bought it instantly...

Nineball21121278d ago

It all depends on you. If you played D1 and enjoyed the grind for high level gear the first year, then I doubt you'll like D2.

If this is your first go at the game, then you'll probably like it.

It's not a BAD game, it's just not what people wanted or expected as a sequel to D1. Also, to be fair to the critics, it's VERY MUCH centered around Eververse and trying to sell you loot boxes.

george9571278d ago

Only played the Story part in D1 ... on PS4 and Xbox one... That's it.. got frens to play D2 so hopefully i enjoy it..

UnHoly_One1278d ago

My god, everyone has to cry about stuff like this daily now...

Who cares?

There is nothing in those packages that really matters, and you can buy what you want with bright dust when she sells it anyway.

The exotic ghosts are the only thing that really do anything unique, and ghost perks are hardly game-changing.

I spent 2000 bright dust on a ship yesterday, because I have never gotten a single exotic ship, and it looks sweet. But I also got an exotic ghost at the end of a crucible match for no apparent reason. And if she sells any of the other exotic ghosts before this ends I'll probably buy those, too. I still have 10,000 bright dust.

I'm sick of everyone whining because they can't have every little thing.

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RealOldGamer1279d ago

BS like this is why I went back to The Division. Couldn't be happier.

TheColbertinator1279d ago

I am missing the simpler days of The Division with these poor efforts by Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2

RealOldGamer1279d ago

Come back, we have cookies, and a lot of new content.

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quent1279d ago

Have you tried warframe ?, ik its a meme by now, but if you haven't tried it or haven't broken through the early learning curve of the game I'd highly recommend it, I've been playing games for over 30 years but this game got me addicted like no other, its also got a great current festive charity event going on

zerocarnage1278d ago

Yeah warframe is a very good game and with the new open world content it looks ace. Good thing with warframe you just put time into it and can earn there currency. That's what I like about games that have a currency you purchase for cash which most publishers and devs are completely oblivious or too greedy to do, which is to allow gamers to also earn that currency just by putting time into the game.

Warframe is a perfect example of how a currency for cash game should be..

Adexus1278d ago

Loved The Division at release, and I've been on it now and then when they released new content, I've not been on it for a while though, worth going back?

zerocarnage1278d ago

I went back on division last week, with all that new stuff added I enjoyed it, it was fantastic and nothing thrown into your face or any walls to make me feel like I need to buy micros or loot boxes.

RealOldGamer1278d ago

Yes, try it again. LOTS of new content if you haven't played in the past 6 months or so.

maybelovehate1278d ago

every time I play The Division or Warframe I just keep asking myself why am I playing these games when Destiny's gameplay is far superior.

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SlashHabit1279d ago

Imagine if you got all that cool shit for doing things in Destiny 2 instead. "Get 10 head shots and get this sick skin"
Destiny 2 would be a different game if Bright Engrams didn't exist.

execution171278d ago

Making me wish they never introduced the eververse

Emme1279d ago

Bungies biggest fail with Destiny is that it shows it grind focused story-less unimaginative nature too openly and too soon.As soon as a game with that calibre of potential story background becomes "shoot 10 enemies of the x type to get armour", its lost. Quite simply. All the story, characters, buildups become a mere charade to make the player grind for items. Thats big, wasted potential. Rarely if ever have I gotten some real incentive in Destiny, like kill G'Haul to get his armour, or get therend find new technologies that help us against the darkness. Its all so generic.

NeoGamer2321279d ago


I have never heard anyone talk about the amazing story and characters in Destiny... All that is talked about is gameplay and grinding. Because that's what this game is really about.

Too many companies are concerned about eSports and $ rather than making art. I started gaming in the 1970's. Until a few years ago everything was about evolving the art of games, putting more in games, and making games the ultimate entertainment experience. Now, it is more about how much $ they can make and growing games as an eSport.

zerocarnage1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Think bungies biggest fail with Destiny was ever going under activision, for as long as I've known acti, they by far have been one of the most money whorers in gaming to date..

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