Amazon discounts Knack 2 to under $20 and Inside PS4 to below $10

Amazon has discounted the digital version of Knack 2 to $19.99 and Inside to $9.99.

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spoonard303d ago

Is replying to a post about "Is ____ worth it?" worth it?

NecrumOddBoy303d ago

It's always a great things to jump into some Inside. I thought Limbo was pretty interesting back in the day but Inside is something incredible. I can't wait for the next play dead game.

Eidolon303d ago

$20 is not a good price to jump on it, that's pretty much normal price.

Frinker303d ago

Nope, don't support this. Support Ratchet and Clank or Crash instead

Retroman303d ago

I'm down for another exciting adventure of "the Next " Ratchet and clank.
But Knack 2 was Fantastic also .

TheOttomatic91303d ago

Knack 2 was surprisingly a lot of fun and Inside is always a must buy.

WeAreLegion303d ago

They're just price matching the PSN sales. They do it every week. Stop making articles about it, pretending it's some new sale. There is zero quality control on this site now.

Eidolon303d ago

Yeah, same 2-3 users posting this crap, and making profit off the sales with the referral link. just don't buy from this post. All these "deals" are not deals, just extremely frequent price fluctuations or PSN/XBL price matches.