Here’s What 183,000 Credits Gets You in Star Wars Battlefront II

Lightgun Galay writes: "I spent just under month (November 14 through December 13) playing Star Wars Battlefront II every night and completing many of the milestones. I started with the Deluxe Edition, which granted some Purple (Tier 4) Star Cards right off the bat, and I also purchased the $20 Starter Pack, which granted a few additional Star Cards and 1,500 Crystals (which I spent on crates before running this experiment). I opened a Daily Crate every single day. My player level was at 35 by December 13."

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OB1Biker304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

It's interesting and I feel silly for doing it wrong going for troppers crates while all I care is crafting parts. I'll definitely go for hero crates now.
For that matter I don't really see the point of cards in crates since it makes more sense to just craft the ones you want and ignore the others
One criticism though. You talking about 'the typical Battlefront II experience.'. Well I wish you went for the standard edition and didn't buy a starter pack before even release.

Zer0Flinch302d ago

Hero crates all day. I wouldn’t craft any cards unless for my main class, just let the rest come in crates and use thenparts to upgrade, now you’ll be getting almost twice the crates so it shouldn’t be hard to accrue cards.

traumadisaster302d ago

My mind goes numb after a few explanations of all this crap, complete opposite of fun.

Zer0Flinch302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

I’m having a blast playing this game. If opening crates and getting cards is that important to you go play yugio. Funny how people who’ve never played the game always talk about how fun it isn’t.

ZombieKiller302d ago

....but I wonder how much it gets EA for all those crates.

agent4532302d ago

So no more free unlockables