The Top 7 Best 2017 Ubisoft Games According to Metacritic

It's been a solid year for Ubisoft.

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gamerpop391d ago

Decent portfolio this year even if some of them weren't really hits. Shout out to Star Trek Bridge Crew, awesome fun.

Der_Kommandant390d ago

I think Ubisoft is learning from the mistakes of previous games, they are continue supporting their games with free content and i'm glad this year i bought Assassin's Creed Origin, such a good game. Also pushing forward Far Cry 5 to the next year was a good move.

And i continue to play and support games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and For Honor.

Maybe EA and Activision should learn one thing or two.

starchild390d ago

Ubisoft is defintely my favorite of the big publishers. I enjoy many of their games. And I think they are handling their games better than the others. For Honor and Assassin's Creed Origins are two of my favorite games this year.