Call Of Duty:WW2 DLC Resistance Trailer

Activision has revealed Call of Duty: WWII Resistance behind-the-scenes DLC trailer showing off the new maps and more.

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1nsomniac306d ago

I really do hate the industries PR. It’s the “best DLC we’ve ever released” (...again!? It’s never true). “It’s the most content we’ve ever released” (a re-release of an old level included as one of the advertised new maps). “Best weapon we’ve ever made” (you know, like the lancer from GoW).

I get so bored and angry at these people & the people who fall for it every single time.

Garethvk306d ago

I do not care about puffer as they all say this stuff as it's part of the p.r. game. But COD has done good DLC over the years which has added to the enjoyment. New maps and zombie missions are not a bad idea and nobody needs to buy it to complete or fully enjoy the game.

1nsomniac306d ago

The fact that they only released 9 maps in the first place. Which is apparently low for COD. Means you’re not really going to enjoy the “full” game unless you pay for the dlc.

Garethvk306d ago

9-10 is standard as people know by now that four packs with additional maps come later. Many maps are not settled on until later so it's not like they cut them from the final game. But they should have at least 12 at launch.