10 Most Disappointing Games of 2017

These games had so much promise but ultimately failed to deliver.

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darthv72354d ago

Would Lawbreakers have done any better if released to the xbo? It doesnt look like a bad game but obviously overwatch really hurt their chances of building something for themselves. And limiting the game to just one console didn't help either.

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isa_scout354d ago

Overwatch didn't hurt Lawbreakers, Lawbreakers hurt itself. Other hero shooters like Rainbow Six Siege are thriving (Yes it's a hero shooter) so there's no excuses to be made. I bought Lawbreakers and it was a bland game with no soul. It had stagnant glameplay,boring maps, and lifeless dull characters. If it would've released on Xbox One it would've done maybe a few thousand more in sales, but would've been forgotten just as quickly. This argument always baffles me. How could've releasing on a console with a fraction of the PS4 and PC user base have saved this turd of a game? You want to know the real culprit behind the games demise, look no further than Cliffy B. I checked one day about a month after release and it only had 10 concurrent players....Abysmal.

darthv72354d ago

That's fair but OW popularity was certainly a possibility. I mean even Battleborn suffered at the hands of OW so it seemed as if LB was going after the same prize and failed. Limiting the scope of itself didnt do it any favors when the market for this type of game exists on both console platforms.

isa_scout354d ago

That's why I said Cliffy B hurt it. He made a below average game and completely marginalized the user base that made him famous in the process. PUBG will get bigger because it's a good unique game Lawbreakers not so much.

isa_scout354d ago

btw PUBG is limited to just one console and PC and it seems to be doing great. I and a million other players bought it at launch. The difference is PUBG is a great game, even with its annoying ugly flaws PUBG is fun. Lawbreakers just isn't a good game.

darthv72354d ago

for now it is but with lawbreakers... Cliffy had said he wasnt interested in the xbo at that time and that maybe it would come later. Yet with the way it's going it prob wont be on the xbo due to poor turnout.

That won't likely be the case for PUBG but as it is even the PC version isnt finished let alone the xbo. So while it is popular now, it has the potential to get even more popular over time and development and a PS4 version seems pretty much a no brainer. Unless something has been signed to say otherwise.

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nowitzki2004354d ago

F13 was disappointing?? How? Its not perfect but I actually thought it turned out much better than what I thought it would be.

isa_scout354d ago

I am still enjoying F13. I'm bouncing from Fortnite,PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and F13. No game this gen has made me laugh so hard listening to players freak out mid match. Its got its problems, but for a kickstarter game I think it turned out great.

nowitzki2004354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Yeah F13 actually surprised me with how much better it was than I thought it would be. And one of the best things about the game is the chat during games and when the person playing as Jason talks like hes a real serial killer or something lol.

Dragonscale354d ago

Quite a few ea titles. No surprises there.

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