Twinfinite's Game of the Year 2017

Twinfinite's picks for the best games of 2017 and the overall Game of the Year.

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zenocreator400d ago

Hats off to Zelda. Persona was really up there for me too.

Imalwaysright400d ago

The best games of the year for me as well.

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michellelynn0976400d ago

A lot of their picks were very good.

LordoftheCritics400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Well deserved. Good choice Twinfinite. Many more to come for Zelda.

Also Mario Odyssey should have been the first runner up and not second instead of Persona 5. Mario is a much more refined and fun game than Persona 5 in my opinion. Still very good choices Twin.

*hands out free salt to the many incoming commenters

400d ago
michellelynn0976400d ago

Lol On the salt.
I agrer, Mario is a bit better than Persona. However, that is saying a lot. Persona is no6 on my list.

LordoftheCritics400d ago


I laughed so hard at your comment that I cried.

Good enough?

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knickstr400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Ahh. Nostalgia wins again. A game with a very good open world, but no story and no real purpose to explore it. No other game could get away With that, but it's zelda so it wins game of the year automatically.

michellelynn0976400d ago

Did Skyword Sword win? No, so it is not nostalia. It is quality whether you want to admit it or not.

Segata400d ago

I believe Okami won IGN GOTY in 2006 over TP as well.

michellelynn0976400d ago

Real purpose? It is about freedom and it does have a story.

Kribwalker400d ago

finding all the memories and finding the real story is quite awesome

VerminSC400d ago

Nostalgia has nothin to do with it. It’s an amazing game.

NecrumOddBoy400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Zelda was a huge world of trivial tasks and collectathon of uselessness.

No story, no Triforce, no history, no lore super repetitive fights, all side quests are unrewarding fetch quests, no unique weapons, no cool items, no real bosses other than 5 Ganon repeats and a weak finale, no dungeons, no memorable moments, no point to explore other than upgrading hearts to beat the one lame ass Ganon fight. 99% of the game is irrelevant. Even the creative shrine locations are met with mediocrity and disappoinment. Non elemental outfits are useless, Monster Shop is useless and the cooking feature really needed a cook book in your inventory (Like why couldn't you find or buy pages to put in it?). Game play is decent but if the climbing feature wasn't there, this world wouldn't even be enjoyable to explore. The rain makes traversal aggravating and lightning makes you equip wooden gear AKA the weakest gear. Item breaking is just irritating, 95% of potions are worthless.

You could make this game an iPhone game the way it is set up. BOTW is one of the worst Zelda titles ever made.

Even Wind Waker which was about it Hyrule that was completely destroyed by a great flood had so much history and so much to discover. There was so much Story coming from the world in the characters.

Breath of the Wild is basically like "Hey the world was destroyed over a hundred years ago but the battle's been going on for 10,000 years and everything is basically in ruins and everyone is dead. So run around and solve cheap puzzles to upgrade your crap to beat GANON, again...."

I won't lie. I enjoy running around finding repetitive things to do even though finding 900 seeds is stupid and ascinine But as a game And as a Zelda fan, I was not impressed. It really was a letdown for what the series deserves.

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Loadedklip400d ago

Zelda doesnt win all the time but it is a contender most of the time because its one of gamings greatest and most consistent franchises.

G3ng4r400d ago

Just so priceless every time someone says that. It's honestly kind of sad how happy it makes me to wade through salt.

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Prince_TFK400d ago

Who would have thought that you would not see it.

Elda400d ago

Why do you care to respond.

wonderfulmonkeyman400d ago

To be fair, that perpetual squint of yours must make it hard to see anything.XD

andibandit399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I see it.

zacfoldor399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Greatest game ever made, imho, so I see it.

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Eiyuuou400d ago

At this point I’m not even going to bother anymore.

Imalwaysright400d ago

If you can't beat them, join them.

Eiyuuou400d ago

I'm afraid I will not lower my standards even further.

Prince_TFK400d ago (Edited 400d ago )


Yeah we all know you have a very high standard to maintain.

Eiyuuou400d ago

Which is my point mate. I already have a pretty low standard.

Segata400d ago

"I'm afraid I will not lower my standards even further."

Says the guy with an anime avatar.

400d ago
Segata400d ago


Yeah, one of the greatest consoles ever. Shining Force III is amazing Son. It's full of blue blue skies I see!

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