Xbox One X/S Dolby Atmos Games: Full List

Forbes writes: When most people talk about the performance differences between today’s games consoles, they tend to focus on their graphics capabilities. There is, though, another area where different consoles - and different games - can score a significant advantage over their rivals: sound quality.

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2cents1996d ago

Amos really makes all the difference.
I would recommend it to anyone on the fence about it.

TankCrossing1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Yup. I have a 7.1.4 Atmos setup. Pain in the balls to set up, but worth it imo.

Atmos for headsets is pretty good too. MS should be commended on that, they have taken a very consumer friendly approach to virtual surround (in contrast to the typical licensed headsets ripoff).

2cents1996d ago

That must sound incredible!!!
I'm only rocking a 5.1.2 but for my room size it's perfect.
Maybe one day when I own my own place with a dedicated cinema/games room would I go that Boom!!! Haha.

Kumakai1996d ago

That’s awesome!

I just got a RIG800 gaming headset (definitely recommended) that came with an Atmos license and I must say, I’m impressed at how well they got it to work in even headphones. A very cool bonus.

strifeblade1996d ago

I have a pretty sick set up, a 5.2.2 set up, with a high end 4k hdr tv, Im so glad microsoft kept users like me in mind when designing the xbox, so that we can have the ultimate gaming and media set up.

I was dissapointed to hear that the ps4 doesnt support dolby or dts, or 4k when the ps3 was pioneering bluray and adopting dvd with ps2, and now they abondoned 4k- BIG MISTAKE.

Mark my words on the next system, they will follow suit to microsoft and add 4k player and hopefully decent sound. I have some friends that are sony gamers that are pissed at the fact they dont have a 4k player and any sony gamer with a pro has to shell another 200 for a 4k player puts its at a cost above the X!

The way I see for the gamer on a budget sony is great but gamers who want something high end get shafted.

Weeblordbad1996d ago

I'm always a little surprised Sony doesn't catch more flak for the things that the Xbox DOES do well, however small that list may be.

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Bobafret1996d ago

I am trying to price an Atmos system but they are expensive.

AAWELLS091996d ago

Do what I do and buy a refurbished model from Amazon. I've bought 2 refurb receivers over the last few yrs and both have been practically new all wrapped in what looks like original plastic and comes with everything that comes with it when its brand new. It just cuts the cost way down.

Enjoigamin1996d ago

Atmos is amazing. Another reason to own a X if you have atmos. Hope the PS4 pro will be capable in the future 2-3 years without atmos will make me sad.

NeoGamer2321996d ago

Yes, Sony has better and more exclusive games, but Microsoft continually keeps improving the cross-platform games so that they play much better on Xbox One S and X.

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