Koei Tecmo Comments on Controversial Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Farewell Message

A farewell message from the Dead or Alive 5: Last Round team sparked debate on whether the series is continuing or not. Koei Tecmo provided a comment.

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DillyDilly896d ago

I would not mind a new hot babe franchise from these guys

Altovoltage896d ago

I rather have a new ninja gaiden game

TheOttomatic91896d ago

After NG3 I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

Yi-Long896d ago

They've managed to screw up every Ninja Gaiden game without Itagaki...

yeahokwhatever896d ago

..if they can only figure out how to make women's faces look like they belong on an adult. i think the current art is somewhat creepy.

UKRsoldja895d ago

Lol. You people are sad.

Pantz896d ago

Hope there is more DoA to come in the future

TheOttomatic91896d ago

What’s controversial about it? Anybody with a shred of brain cells could figure out they are moving on to DOA6

Flewid638896d ago

Everybody's crazy but you? LOL.


rainslacker895d ago

Some people who are confused equals everybody?

PapaBop895d ago

Because they hyped it up? You don't talk up a special announcement only to announce you're done supporting a game. Many fans assumed they were announcing a new game.

Agent_00_Revan896d ago

I'm sure the series will go on hold for a bit before returning. But DOA5: Last Round came out in Feb 2015!! Almost 3 years ago. Go search up the list of every DLC they released, it's insane!! I just scrolled through it all. I think they deserve a break and a chance to do something else.

Summons75896d ago

There better be a DOA6. It's been an amazing fighting game that gets overlooked and not taken seriously.


It doesn’t get taken seriously because the counter system is flawed. They tried to fix the frames on the counters but it’s still can be abused. It’s a great fighter for people who are not very good at command inputs or who like to get away with mashing but it’s far from a serious competitive fighter like say Virtua Fighter or Tekken

Flewid638896d ago

That would be true if the same people didnt win but they do. The reason why DOA isnt taken seriously is because of the over-titted nippon ichi art style....which I think they need to get rid of.

Gameplay wise, especially now on a competitive level, the game is solid.

Rachel_Alucard895d ago


They already did and tried that when 5 was in beta testing and the whole japanese and Western community was fully against the change so they reverted back to a middle point. Artstyle has nothing to do with it if games like Blazblue, Guilty gear, and Uniel are taken seriously despite actually being overly cutesy.

Cobra951895d ago

People actually care about this game as a fighter? All the images I always see associated with this are more about titillation than fighting. Don't get me wrong. I have no objection to games about staring at and manipulating impossibly beautiful depictions of semi-naked women. Let's just be honest about what we have here.

yeahokwhatever896d ago

I like it because the characters dont have ranged weapons. Fighting games with ranged weapons are really, really stupid.

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