5 Titles That Critics Hated but Gamers Loved

A look at five games that gamers loved but most critics hated.

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iofhua1877d ago

Advent Rising is another good example. It got panned by critics but it has a good story and I enjoyed playing it. The graphics are dated, the enemies all look the same, but it was made in 2005 so what do you expect? I wish they made the sequel so I could finish the story but I think the critics killed it off.

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Aaroncls71876d ago

I don't trust critics.
I'd value more the feedback from a random user.

nommers1876d ago

I seldom trust gamers or critics anymore. A lot of times high scores just mean how likely you are to enjoy something from the game, but rarely anything about how much you would enjoy said things, or whether the highly preferred type of qualities in a game you’re looking for are even in it. My initial gut feeling of the premise of a game is usually all I need.

quent1876d ago

Silent Hill: downpour another example

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The story is too old to be commented.