Report: It Seems that Keyboard and Mouse Support has Officially Arrived on Xbox One

Well. This could be the moment many Xbox fans have been waiting for. An announcement that Keyboard and Mouse support will finally be coming to Xbox One consoles everywhere.

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lelo2play1923d ago

So... Microsoft is basically turning the Xbox One in a PC?

gangsta_red1923d ago

This has been known for a while and I believe K&M support is offered on PS4 and no, that doesn't mean these consoles are turning into a PC.

Goldby1923d ago

yeah ps4 has had kb/m support for quite a while.

definitly nice for certain games like mobas if the moba supports it.

gangsta_red1923d ago

I've always said consoles should have k and m support and maybe we would get a lot more RTS games.

Seriously, do this and release some branded k and m devices.

1923d ago
gangsta_red1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )


Microsoft is trying to push K&M as mainstream? By adding support this is them pushing it as mainstream?

Well lucky for us gamers that Sony isn't pushing it since none of would ever want to see you leave gaming.

"If I wanted to play with M&KB players I’d bought a damn PC."

* one tell Ghosts that PC also supports controllers...both Duelshock and Xbox*

1923d ago
TFJWM1923d ago

Pay to win...k&b will destroy controller players

Tko11111923d ago

Ps4 doesn’t let you play games with keyboard and mouse

rainslacker1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

PS4 does have KB+M support for games. Most of the games that support it are just MMO's though. However, I believe I read that Paragon also supports it. There is probably a list out there somewhere.

There is nothing in Sony's compliance standards which prevent developers from allowing it for any game. I think the reason we don't see it more, at least with MP games, is that they don't want the disparity between the controller and KB players on the console itself.

Its not a feature that overly promoted by Sony for sure, but it's been available for a while now. I believe that there are even some X1 games that supported it before today, although I don't care to go look it up now.

You're right though, it doesn't mean they're turning into PC's. Personally, I think more games which support KB+M would be welcome. For MP games though, I think a way to separate controller and KB+M players as an option would be good to promote.

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Gazondaily1923d ago


"If Sony ever pushes KB&M mainstream like Microsoft is trying to do I’ll quit competitive gaming."

Microsoft is pushing KBM now apparently 🤣

gums0071923d ago

Ghost_of_Tsushima says he in competitive gaming but won't subject himself to a k/m. LMAO...seriously LMAO!!!!

agent45321923d ago

Let's see DLC started on PC, virtual Stores started on PC, online gaming started on PC. Besides that, look at consoles today:

Purchasing games on Steam and installing it onto PC hard drive process is the same as doing it via PSN store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Nintendo eshop.

Buying physical copies of console games must be installed onto hard drive first and go through the EULA, License Agreements, etc. same as buying a physical copy of a PC game minus the cd key or creating a folder for the game.

The decline of console game identity in favor of PC oriented games from isometric rpgs (pillars of eternity, divinity original sin), simulation games like City Skylines and Space Kerbal Program. The lack of arcade wacky games on consoles.

Console upgrade ahem from PS4 to PS4 Pro and Xbox One to Xbox One X.

Kb and m support for web surfing and applications.

Bethesda bringing paid mods to consoles lol

CurbStompin1922d ago


Says hes a competitive gamer, plays with controller.

Goldby1922d ago


at the end of the day its up to the developers to enable the kb/m support. the console supports it for using the internet along with messages and simple control of the home screen.

balance2theforce1922d ago

Well I don't see why would be that much of a stretch. It seems that these consoles have been trying to be more like low budget PC's more and more over time.

yeahokwhatever1922d ago

hey Ghost, hate to break it to you, I've been playing with a KB/M on PS4 for a while now.. It's pretty obvious im not alone when you look at the kill replays and see clear signs of mouse-ratcheting. You've been playing with kb/m players for a while. that said, the PS3 supported plug and play peripherals, including mouse and keyboard. it's always been up to the developer. Remember Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3? It had modding and KB/M support.

wobblypops461922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Sony has made no use of K&M support on the PS4. MS has stated in the past that we could see many PC titles make the move over to Xbox due to added K&M support. Btw, who owns Windows again? Yeah, that would be MICROSOFT! Backward and forward compatibility and now all the best PC games coming soon to Xbox. Get raedy for the new Xbox master race! lol

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ElementX1923d ago

Funny because Sony calls the Playstation a computer entertainment system. They are both PCs

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Smokingunz1923d ago

Consoles been strip down pc for years already, Theyre just adding true precision,let's face it, shooters on consoles can't compare to shooters on pc, why do u think mouse always beat controller?

welly3001923d ago

Er no but its nice to have a choice for diff type of games...

agent45321923d ago

Yup, because what else can a console manufacturer do with console hardware. The console manufacturers got rid of the consoles unique architecture/console inner parts (PS3 XDRAM or cell processor).....

Segata1923d ago

Keyboards for a console go back to the 80s like C64 or Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Wii, PS3, PS4 etc. So it's nothing special. My wireless headset made for PC's works on PS4.

Gustertote1923d ago

Hmm. I think it's rather opening up more options for console users

CurbStompin1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I would say, Microsoft is making the console more appealing to adult gamers. And not so much teenagers on the couch.

drunkenspy0071922d ago

No, otherwise you could do a whole lot more and have even better graphics in an upgradable system. This just allows mouse keyboard players to go against those with controllers. I wonder if auto-assist will be turned off in many FPS as this seems to be an issue with m&k players.

quent1922d ago

My keyboard worked on my ps3 as well, Its nothing new and doesn't mean a console is "turning" into another platform, its an added/optional feature

Gunstar751922d ago

Yep! Just did some spreadheets for work and synced my diary.

Of course it's f**king not you utter pleb!

Pantz1922d ago

Some games actually play better on Xbox One X than they do on PC. It's no surprise to see keyboard and mouse support.

Vectrexer1922d ago

Do you know what a PC is? PC is not merely a mouse and keyboard..
I've always wanted mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox mainly for RTS gaming that is still my preferred method of playing a real time strategy game.

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81BX1923d ago

Excellent question. NO!

1923d ago
JackBNimble1923d ago

Would that mean you would have to pay for Xboxlive to get to play on your free steam account?

1922d ago
balance2theforce1922d ago

Xbox One PC/ps4/SteamBox

Fixed it for you. As something seems to have been lost in translation. As if you're trying to Levy that charge against the Xbox, the ps4 has pretty much been following suit. Like I said earlier they both seem to have been becoming low budget PC'S over time.

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TheColbertinator1923d ago

Closer and closer the Xbox will be a Microsoft focused PC Machine.

Next up we might get full mod support,free online play and Steam support.

FITgamer1923d ago

You can keep dreaming about free online. That's where most of the money is made.

cfc831922d ago

Wouldn't want free online. Gold is a great service, with a great infrastructure.

CurbStompin1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )


Wow, can I sell you oxygen? I provide great service, and great infrastructure.

The service and infrastructure is provided by the game developers. Not by Microsoft. The live fee is a service charge for using their console to access the internet to play games..

balance2theforce1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Yeah, I agree with you there. There's way too much money in the subscriptions that these guys are selling. So they're going to try their best to keep that going for as long as they can.

cfc833h ago
Wouldn't want free online. Gold is a great service, with a great infrastructure

What? Now while I agree that live is a pretty damn good service, and the best service out of any of the consoles, but who the hell would not want free online? Hell, Microsoft has enough money. Any chance that I get to keep some of my own, I'm taking.

badz1491923d ago

free online?? HAHAHAHA