The Dawning, Destiny 2 Holiday Event Begins Tomorrow With A New Image

This looks like a lot of fun.     Tomorrow, The Dawning, Destiny 2’s holiday event begins. Welcome in the new year with a celebration for all players to enjoy.   The festivities include seasonal decorations and activities in the social spaces, the return of ‘Mayhem’ multiplayer mode in the Crucible, and snowballs for players

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Neonridr1171d ago

fun is not something I would use to describe this.. pointless perhaps?

I mean I will admit that Mayhem is a great MP mode, so glad to see it returning. But man.. this is going to be a long year with D2.

maybelovehate1171d ago

So fun isn't a word to use, but Mayhem is fun? Got to love the internet.

Neonridr1171d ago

I didn't say Mayhem was fun now did I? I said great :P

Ok, I will admit that it's the one redeeming fact with this update. Sorry, just getting a little frustrated with Destiny as a whole. Starting to lose hope with this game. If we aren't getting a sizeable update until next year sometime, it's going to be a long wait. CoO is already done and silly. Grinding for the Lost Prophecy weapons is probably the biggest waste of time ever. It's like Bungie just figured out a way to force you to have to do the same remedial tasks over and over grinding these mats needed for forging the weapons.

Garethvk1171d ago

What is wrong with a winter themed event for free?

Neonridr1171d ago

nothing.. just like the Festival of the Lost.. or Crimson Days. If those sorts of things interest you, then great.

Sadly they have lost their effect on me.

Garethvk1171d ago

I have not played in a while but this may get me to take a look again now that I am up to date on all our reviews.

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antarius1171d ago

If I remember from D1 the new armor sets are locked behind the Eververse pay wall. Could give a shit about snowball fights