10 Biggest Video Game Controversies of 2017

Major developments dotted the year but controversy reigned supreme.

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ClayRules2012330d ago

The Last of Us: Part 2 - “The trailer would attract controversy for its portrayal of violence against women but Sony’s Jim Ryan defended it, stating that the game was made by adults “to be played by adults.” Yes, the game was made by adults to be played by adults”

Detroit: Become Human - The demo itself saw a little girl being abused by her father (who can even kill her at one point), the inherent reveal of him killing her mother and Kara’s role to play in all this. Needless to say, it garnered tons of controversy for all kinds of reasons. Of course, creator David Cage defended the scene and really, you can go either way on the whole thing if you really wanted.

Heavy Rain ( back on PS3, and now remastered on PS4 ) had the player in control of 4 characters trying to save a young boy’s life.

ClayRules2012330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Darn the silly15 min edit rule lol.

What I had spent time trying to add to my original comment is that these game writers/creators are adults who’re passionate about telling meaning stories, which just so happen to touch on REAL issues that happen in this world. TLoU has a world that Brutal, Raw, Real, and Unforgiving. You know, like the world in The hit tv show “The Walking Dead” but in the game, you have control.

Quantic Dream, who’re creating Detroit are telling a story that’s much bigger than the scene where the father kills his daughter. That scene struck a chord with some people, be it they were emotionally angry at the father, annoyed that the game depicted something as graphic & realistic as that etc... the fact is dealing with real world issues or personal issues can be very difficult. Showing this type of scene might help somebody speak about themselves or someone else they know who could be dealing with abuse & what have you. But video games are an art form/form of entertainment. As an adult, I genuinely appreciate these types of games. The storytelling in them. I want more from my games, more in your face, meaningful experiences.

I know not everyone will look at this the same way I do. So, share your opinions, I'm all ears. Even when your wrong =) seriously.