For Honor Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro – Xbox One X Features Better Image Quality And Graphical Effects

Which of the two versions comes out on top?

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Kribwalker1242d ago

“The PS4 Pro version of For Honor is no damp squib, so to say that it falls flat in comparison to the Xbox One X upgrade would be doing it a great disservice. It uses various techniques, such as super-sampling and HRAA solutions, to make up for the gap in power between the two platforms, for what is ultimately an incredible looking version of the game. That said, there is still a very clear gap in the visual quality between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions of the game. “

Better effects, better textures, better resolution (dynamic 4k vs 1440) equals a clear visual leader in the console world. Another tally for the OneX

Kakashi Hatake1241d ago

Yet it's no night and day difference, looks the same. For an extra one hundred bucks, differences should be more apparent.

Elda1241d ago

Agreed. The game looks great on both consoles.

81BX1241d ago

Spend your extra 100 on a eye exam

NoPeace_Walker1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

you are watching it on your 5" iphone that is why. Even Doom on Switch looks like the Xbox and PS4 version on a small screen.

On my 55" 4K TV, the differences is apparent of games running 1440p and below compared to the 50% and more res on the X. It is like Peter parker got bitten by a radioactive Spider and took off his glasses for the first time . Huge difference. 👍🏼

azzkikr85021241d ago

if i had to rebuy a more expensive console a year later i would bloody hope it out performs the competition. just be happy with what u have instead of taking a dig at others who have already enjoyed 4k content on their console of choice.
do you do the same pissy excuse in life. its pretty common knowledge that when something new comes out, it will supersede whats already existing. play games and not some shit u have no control over
i have an x but all this talk of beast this beast that is getting friggin annoying

NoPeace_Walker1241d ago

Great game. Will have to get a cheap copy for the X now. Will look glorious on my 4K TV. 👍🏼

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Elda1241d ago

Old game that looks great on both consoles.

BigWan781241d ago

im not into For Honor ... but didnt it release this calendar year (2017)???

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The story is too old to be commented.