Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood review \ One More Level

There isn't much to do except sit tight and shoot. Even thought you might think it's safe in this cart but — you can die.

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BLAKHOODe1379d ago

Terrible review for a pretty good PSVR game. I think the reviewer missed the point and expected more; maybe because the game is linked to Until Dawn, which I admit might've been a mistake in developing this game. It's still a great, fast-paced shooter that's a lot of fun and might work your nerves a bit with it's scares.

Neonridr1379d ago

not to mention reviewing a shooting game with nothing but a dualshock. I know the game supports it, but still.

philm871379d ago

Yeah it makes a massive difference to the overall experience to use the moves. I thought it was a brilliant game. Great graphics for PSVR too. If the reviewer was serious about doing any PSVR review then maybe they should buy the moves!

It's a good game, and even better that it was on ps plus.

Venox20081378d ago

Its in my opinion ome of the best VR games.and this game has to be experiences with both move controllers

generic-user-name1378d ago

Wow, I can't imagine playing this with a ds4, no wonder it scored low here. The game is a blast with moves.

CrimsonWing691378d ago

Um this game was actually one of the better VR titles... do people know how to review games anymore? I mean honestly scores have been so all over the place