Grab the machete as a new Jason DLC pack arrives for Friday the 13th: The Game

Neil writes: "If you give Jason Voorhees a machete then guessing the outcome is going to be pretty simple - but that's exactly what is happening today with the latest downloadable content addition for Friday the 13th: The Game."

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SerpentDiaboli401d ago

This needs dedicated servers or host migration system... otherwise is practically unplayable, goddamn! maybe the most frustrating online game i've ever played

BlackTar187401d ago

Yea that's true

I hate when it closes cause the host is the first to die. If Jason leaves okay end the game but if a player does it's nonsense.

Psychotica401d ago

Not interested until they add the ability to play solo against bots..

Skankinruby401d ago

I want the damn single player