7 things that may be cut from the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Thumbsticks: "Whether we like it or not, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming, but what classic elements might not make the cut?"

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PhoenixUp1276d ago

“Given the linear, connected-corridor nature of some of Square Enix’s more recent titles”

Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XV, Nier: Automata, & Dragon Quest XI, weren’t strictly corridor themed games.

Just because some games have that nature doesn’t mean most future ones would follow suit. Kingdom Hearts 3 is an example of this.

Zabatsu1275d ago

Well, to be fair SE did not develop Nier: Automata, that's the sole reason as to why it isn't linear.
Final Fantasy XII is an old remake of their attempt at creating a live-action RPG game and that's when their era with these types of Final Fantasy actually started and I personally hated it. XV is decent, but it felt like I was playing an MMO, offline. The story was great, but rushed in the end. Could've been an amazing game if they had released the full package from the getgo with all of the DLCs right away instead of stripping it down. Takes away from the experience.

indyman77771274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

On point number seven. NAMELY: Changing the game from turn based back to an ancient old school action RPG.

I think it may not happen because of the following reasons. For one game play, and balancing has already been created for this game. Turning it to a ancient action RPG will also take lot of time. And people really buy turn based Fantasy RPG's.

Most people forget that before the Final Fantasy X game out, the top executives explained that it takes 5-6 years to make a AAA turn based JRPG and only 2-3 years to make a ancient Action RPG like dragon slayer. And to add to that the ancient Action RPG takes about half the staff. Well if you cut the cost of making a game twice you end up with a fourth of the cost. And at that time industry wide game costs development was drastically increasing. This is why we have 19 years of trying to convert players back to Square's ancient action rps's dragon slayer.

Well since this is a remake I'm not so sure they think it will cost them less to SWITCH it to a ANCIENT action RPG system by creating a action rpg system for this game. Especially With the vast majority of fans (world wide especially) wanting it to stay a turn based system(back lash). And with the new president promising to return Square's to their turn based Japanese rpg roots I think it will be turn based.

Remember Squares president said: going to Final fantasy( turn based) from dragon slayer 1 & 2 (ancient action rpgs) SAVED square from going out of business. Well they are not going out of business this time. But in 2014 profit was STILL declining since FF10.

I think the long experiment is over. Cutting your cost of revenue down to a fourth is no good if you cut your return on revenue down a fourth too. And for 19 years that is what square is seeing.

Segata1275d ago

XII is 11 years old. FF team doesn't make DQ games. Nier was by Platinum and Chapter 7 on FFXV becomes a very linear hallway game.

PhoenixUp1275d ago

@ Zab

Square Enix collaborated on that title and the director of that game was a S-E vet. You still gotta credit them for that game.

I’m not talking about Zodiac Age, I’m talking about just FFXII. That game was proof in 2006 that Square Enix wasn’t always going to stick with linear design after FFX.

Your opinion on FFXV is besides the point. Fact is that it’s an open world game that stands against whatever point this author was trying to make by saying most of Square Enix’s titles these days are corridor themed linear experiences.

@ Sega

Your point? FFXII is still proof that Square Enix isn’t going to make the entire rest of their titles in the franchise linear experiences. This is especially notable after FFX brought linearity into the series that FFXIII picked up on. Just because some titles use that design doesn’t mean all of them will.

You say that like Square Enix has no say in how Dragon Quest games are designed.

Nier: Automata still had Square Enix devs working on it alongside Platinum.

You really going to take one part of a game and saying that should validate the author’s claims? That’s like saying FFXV is a horror game because of some portions of Chapter 13.

spwittbold1275d ago

Some games frankly are much better presented as linear games, especially the ones with a focus on story in my opinion. FF10 was linear AF and it is one of favorites.

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Artemidorus1275d ago

The whole game by looks of thimgs. Total silence.

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Kratos_Kart20071275d ago

is that Transgender cloud??

KilluaX31275d ago

Cross-dressing, not transgender.

Kratos_Kart20071275d ago

it was a joke...I think I wouldn't mind if that bath house scene wasn't in the game...LMAO

Elda1274d ago

That's Cloud in drag.

solideagle1275d ago

whats wrong with linear design would be my question.

AceRimmer3021274d ago

Damn right. Linear design allows better story telling. Why does every game nowadays have to have shoehorned "open-world" mechanics that often just dilute. When is the last time you heard someone complain a movie or book was too linear? Exactly, it's ridiculous. Some games are better when linear. Example: Final Fantasy 7.

AirJohnston1274d ago

I've been asking that for years. I don't know why every game has to be open world nowadays. I saw people using the word "linear" to detract from The Last of Us when it came out but how would that improve the game in the slightest?

I'd rather have a tight linear game than an open world game with the illusion of having more to do because there's a million side quests

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