Ghost of Tsushima -- How Big Could the Map Be Compared to inFAMOUS: Second Son?

Sucker Punch's PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima will probably have a very extensive map, but just how big could it be? DualShockers takes a look at the possibilities.

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NecrumOddBoy304d ago

inFAMOUS is a sandbox locked into a city. I think what they're going to do with ghost is expand the world like a Western RPG. I think it will he big but healthy similar to Horizon Zero Dawn without becoming a massive landmass of void. The way they talk about everything being kind of like a painting or a piece of Japanese art leads me to believe that it's going to be big but place together very methodically.

mafiahajeri303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

RDR had vast areas with nothing. That sense of how alone you are and how harsh the land was, was needed in a game like RDR. One of the most memorable moments in RDR was crossing a barren desert into Mexico.

It's nice to sometimes explore these areas riding your horse into the sunset, sets the mood.

Just have a couple of random animals jump you every now and then to keep you on edge 😂 or Mongolian search parties looking for you.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

Why would say if anything how barren the world was was also part of the narrative cuz that's sort of how it was in the wild west but even then there was still actually lots to do and lots going on like all the wildlife to hunt and random strangers you would meet along the way.

If anything I would say how barren that world was was sort of part of the narrative (hopefully)

_-EDMIX-_303d ago


I think people need to consider that we're not going to be dealing with the same type of verticality that we got from the city in Infamous

mafiahajeri303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

If you can play the game as a Ninja or Samurai (I know they hate each other) then we'll get much more vertacality then expected.

The narrative seems to be going in that direction, look at the main dudes clothes at the end of the trailer. Looks like a Samurai/Ninja hybrid. Guess it was a necessity to become a Ninja, against the odds they were against. Hence the word Ghost.

He lost honorably as a samurai with his comrades, his family and town were probably massacred, he was probably left for dead. Now its time to get revenge from the shadows...

The Mongolian leader said he learned the language, what towns to tame and attack. Let's see how much he knows about one of the most secretive societies in history...

morganfell303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

"If you can play the game as a Ninja or Samurai (I know they hate each other) "\

Absolutely not true. I spent a great deal of time, some in formalized schooling, studying the Japanese Middle ages and I can say without doubt this statement is not true. In some rare cases those associated with Ninja Clans were themselves Samurai. Also you have to understand the idea that Ninja were black clad assassins running around employing the arts of ninpo to gain access to a castle and murder people in the night is one massive misrepresentation of how the Ninja operated and for what purposes they were employed. Assassination was a very small part of their craft. The most applicable phrase to describe Ninja is "Intelligence Agent" as they operated more like a medieval version of the OSS.

The fact they may not have been the best of friends either is more the result of the class system that was so prevalent.

mercyblades303d ago

It would be cool if we could assault a castle (or a mini-castle) and have to be careful with traps and what not.
I also hope we can take the fight to the Mongols on some of their ships. Sabotage missions?

S2Killinit303d ago

really glad that there are still articles like this where the topic is actually about games. I think it was an interesting article. So kudos to the author.

Personally I think they will go with a much larger map than Infamous SS, but it won't be huge either since its a Ninja game and I think the majority of the fights will be in area's that need to be infiltrated, I just can't imagine how a gigantic map would be needed for that.

starchild303d ago

It doesn't have to be super massive, but it would be wonderful if it looked as good as The Witcher 3 or Horizon and had plenty to see and do. I can't wait to see more about the game.

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sammarshall102304d ago

Infamous Second Son's open world had some nice touches like protestors and people stopping to take pictures of you. I think this open world will be beautiful and also have its nice touches

madforaday303d ago

Someone played as a hero!

badz149303d ago

if you're gonna shoot for Platinum, you pretty much have to

sammarshall102303d ago

Lol yep I healed the downed people and subdued the D.U.P when given the opportunity :D

madforaday302d ago


I ALWAYS play the Hero first in any game. If the game is good I will play it again as evil. In Infamous case, I played both parties!

FallenAngel1984304d ago

Sucker Punch is incapable of making a non open world game, not that there’s anything wrong with that

Abriael304d ago

I'm pretty sure they'd be capable if they wanted to. They probably just don't :D

Rimeskeem303d ago

I wouldnt say incapable, I would say they are best at making open world games though.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

I don't actually think that's the case I actually believe they will like making open world games but I also believe that Sony Computer Entertainment as a publisher is completely fine allowing them to if they feel they want to fill in open-world void so why not allow the team to create the concept that they enjoy making?

In this way they never feel that they need to force any developer to do any concept they don't really feel like it.

After the PlayStation 1, it was like Sony completely understood that it was definitely necessary to have an open world game in your lineup consider the PlayStation 2 had the getaway the PlayStation 3 had the infamous Series in PlayStation 4 has Horizon zero Dawn, days gone ghost etc (I also understand I'm missing a few this is just for example)

I feel this agreement sort of allows them to have development teams make whatever they feel like it while also allowing them to have a diverse lineup without having to really force a developer to do a concept maybe they don't like.

I mean I said this for a long time but you don't really know what a developer's capable of until they make an amazing game I mean some of the greatest developers in gaming had their first games as pretty forgettable titles so consider you might have said the same thing about Gorilla Games.... BEFORE Horizon zero Dawn.

You don't know what this team is capable of.

I mean consider after Syphon Filter or MLB the show you might have made the same comment about Sony Bend.

For all we know these guys would make an amazing linear experience.

If a team could go for making Corridor first person shooters to an open world 3rd person RPG while winning multiple Awards and selling millions of units are pretty damn sure you could give faith in this team to one day create such a concept.

I think Sony as a publisher has basically proved that any damn development team could actually create a new idea or even a different genre than what they have previously done if you just give them a damn chance.

Sony is proving this idea that all teams are not just one trick ponies,

rainslacker303d ago

I think they let devs pitch games to them, and if it sounds good, they give the go ahead to hear more about it, and if that works out, they go into pre-production. If that goes well, it gets full funding, and new games get made.

The only instance I've heard of Sony actually actively asking a dev to change their approach to a game was with Uncharted, where they wanted something more like a cover shooter. The original vision of UC was a bit more mystical and not as grounded in reality.

badz149303d ago

Sly series were awesome, damn it!

FallenAngel1984302d ago

@ Ab

Of course they’d be competent at it, but what I meant was that the dev team was incapable of allowing themselves to make a non open world game. It’s pretty much rooted in their DNA at this point

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cha0sknightmare303d ago

I honestly don't care how big the map is. I'd rather have a small, but living map with loads of unique locales and lots of interesting things happening.

madforaday303d ago

I rather have a big map with really cool places to explore and makes the players explore the areas. You also have tons of interesting things as well in the big map!

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