Bioware’s new IP Anthem Could be Getting a VR Version

Would an Anthem VR experience be of interest?

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PUBG357d ago

I'm really not too sure about this game. From the E3 reveal, it seems like a micro-transaction cash register, with the people in the game trailer talking about upgrading this and upgrading that.... Once they finish this game, hopefully they can get back to business and start work on a proper Mass Effect game. If they don't get back to basics, they'll be going down the tubes in short order.

mafiahajeri357d ago

I don't think EA will risk a pay to win system with this game. They'll make everyone calm with this game, while they exploit people with games like FIFA and UFC.

PapaBop357d ago

It could be the most feature packed game at this point and I'll still be keeping my excitement in check. It's painfully obvious that this game is going to have some form of loot crates and as the new expansion for Destiny has proven, they just don't belong in these sort of games. Players obviously don't want the game to be pay to win but at the same time players also want the cool cosmetic stuff to be earned through in game accomplishments, there just isn't a middle ground here. It won't stop EA though.

357d ago
spambot0815357d ago

better try it the other way round. make a full fledged vr game like mech combat or space shooter and release a normal version of it.