Here are Project CARS 2, Far Cry: Primal and Trackmania 2 running in 8K with 60fps on the PC

YouTube’s ‘GoChris’ and ‘Thirty IR’ have shared some new videos, showcasing Trackmania 2, Project CARS 2 and Far Cry Primal running in 8K with 60fps. In order to achieve something like that, Thirty IR used four GTX TITAN XP GPUs in 4-way SLI.

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starsi360394d ago

They might be running at 8k, but who the hell looking at n4g has the hardware to view it? And if we can’t, what’s the point? :D

Software_Lover394d ago

WTF are you talking about. Everyone on N4G has a PC 3 times as powerful as even the Xbox One X, and paid less money. 8k/60 is like butter to those rigs.

You need to update your PC and get with the program.

AAWELLS09394d ago

Lmao well said, I love it. You're so right on point with this one. No amount of disagrees will change this. lol

mcstorm394d ago

haha made my day that comment.

Babadook7394d ago

8k? Yawn. Let me know when it’s running 16k

yeahokwhatever394d ago

still salty about the xbx1 being crap, i see.

Tazzy393d ago

I don't have a PC but as a console gamer I know for a fact that PC destroys console when it comes to frame rate and how great games look a PC gamers that knows his or her stuff buy the best products for their gaming PCs. Xbox One X being compared to a high end PC doesn't make sense to me to me PC gamers future proof their gaming PCs when Xbox One X is doing 4k PC gamers are thinking 8k 12k. I seen Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X vs. PS4PRO vs. PC and people were saying the PC version looked better theres no way thats possible a console will never ever catch a PCs performance its just a fact.

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starchild394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

See, this is a huge misconception...the idea that higher resolution only increases detail. In fact, the biggest benefit of higher rendering resolutions is that they reduce all forms of aliasing--edge aliasing, texture shimmering, alpha test aliasing, and other types of shader aliasing--and therefor result in a much cleaner, prerendered CGI look. And these benefits can be appreciated even when not viewing the game on a display with the same native resolution.

quent394d ago

Yep no more msaa needed, even upscaling to 4K I can't see any jaggies playing GTA 5, but 8K gaming is still a ridiculous concept, the negatives far outweighs the positives

Italiano1234567394d ago

you know our eyes can't tell the difference when we're looking at 8 k so might be 8K but we can notice it

ChronoJoe394d ago

That's also what people falsely said about 4K.

It does make a difference. Not just in overall image quality either, but it removes the need for techniques that mask rendering blemishes like anti-aliasing, which further reduce the IQ.

Tazzy393d ago

I see a huge difference it quality I went from a 1080p LG to a 4k super UHD with dolby vision and theres a huge difference everything thats in 4k looks crisper.

InTheZoneAC394d ago

Because we have 8k displays to see this...

Maddens Raiders394d ago

Meh, I'll still take GTS on the Pro. Just a better looking finished product without any additional B.S. with which to contend in my opinion.

madforaday394d ago

I really want GTS pro! I want another racer but afraid of how hard that game will be for someone like me.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

you wont win often online. but thats also what makes it fun. it plays great with a controller.

madforaday394d ago


I didn't win in Driveclub so that won't be a problem. It was the concept of becoming better and learning turns and etc. that made me want to go back to Driveclub. Driveclub was the first racer to want me to improve in general and improve a lap time lol

Goldby393d ago

thats one beauty about GTS.

theres an entire single player section devoted to improving your lap time, be it through the driving lessons, how to turn, break, overtake and such to the actual track lessons which let you practice the specific turns on any track.

plus the driving assists like driving markers, cones and line help improve your overall driving experience.

when you jump into the sport mode (competitive online matches) you can do qualifyign lap times up to 15 minutes i believe before the actual race starts, take that time and practice on the lap, becuase it isn't about getting the fastest lap, but the most consistent laps overall, and the way the match making works, you are paired with other races within a range of your time. you may not be in pole position or anywhere near that time, but if you focus on improving your standing by the end fo the race, thats a win for you. your DR and SR will increase and get you in with better racers within your timing.

the way the matchmaking works as well, there tends to be normally 3 groups during a single race unless it is a small course that ends up getting some people lapped. you will nromally have 1st-4th in their own group ahead of everyone, 5-9/10 in their own grouping and everyone else in the back, so even if you are say 7th place at the start, it will still be an intense race to get to 5th place and make it feel like your in pole position at that point.

windblowsagain394d ago

My eyeballs are only seeing in 6k, So i downgraded the video.

Looks like someone's been overdoing the bitrate for the vid.

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