The Top 5 Worst Games at Launch of 2017

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "These are definitely not all terrible games, but in their launch year of 2017 they all had just a horrible time with issues or other problems surrounding them upon release"

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ClayRules2012308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Mass Effect is #1 "in my opinion" Who in the world wrote that dialogue, and who in the bloody hell approved it to go into the game? Pardon my language lol. But come on.

A once beloved franchise....just RUINED, in so many ways. It's a real shame.

Razzer308d ago

That is horrible dialogue, but it isn't like that the whole game. lol....the game wasn't ruined. It was actually pretty damn good.

ClayRules2012307d ago

Lol, I agree. The dialogue wasn't like that the whole game. However, because of the other issues, I personally still find it to be the worst game at launch of 2017. But i'm glad to hear you still thought it was pretty good & enjoyed it!

Razzer307d ago

Yeah, I skipped the game at launch and gave them time to fix the issues. Should have never been released in that state. That is why I don’t complain about delays.

ClayRules2012307d ago

Yeah, the state of the game at release was something else. Agreed, I've come to accept delays. Especially when companies like Rockstar & Naughty Dog do it. It'll benefit everyone.

Aaroncls7308d ago

Andromeda was fine on release, the whole thing was completely overblown and exaggerated.
The game itself was not as strong as previous ME titles, though.
And that was the actual issue with it, not the stupid looking NPC faces.

Tankbusta40308d ago

Andromeda was like mass effect one... Everyone forgets and exaggerates. I bought it day one and enjoyed it like every mass effect.

XbladeTeddy308d ago

Destiny 2 is the worst for me. Still not passed the third mission as dam servers constantly disconnect me. Every other online game I play works fine but no, not Destiny, apparently I have to have a wired connection for that. Twats! £40 coaster.

PygmelionHunter308d ago

Thankfully, neither of these comes close to the disaster that was No Man’s Sky last year.

Not saying these game so are perfect, oh no, but NMS was just about the absolute worst game launch I’ve ever witnessed.

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