It’s Finally Time to Buy a PlayStation VR

Questions abound regarding the future of VR, but Sony's device somehow seems immune from those worries.

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Elda303d ago

Love my PS4 Pro but no thanks.

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fr0sty302d ago

Doom VFR really surprised me how much like the original experience it is once you get used to the control scheme. I never could get into Skyrim, but my friends that love the game... I can't get them to stop playing it. We're all hyped for Wipeout next month.

Cupid_Viper_3302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

This is the reality of VR guys. So much for the guys in here trying their absolute hardest to downplay it.

*** Brant S gothicvillas • a month ago
Same here 49 yo and have 90% of PSVR Games x2 (Wife too) More games bought in last 6 months than I would normally have in 2 to 3 years. And 60+ More coming by end of year! Opens wallet... ***

*** Des Dearman gothicvillas • a month ago
I'm 42, in many years I've not spent so much on games as I do now in VR. I consider it to be the best thing to happen to gaming, beyond the original online rollouts of quake and the like.
I thank to the stars every time I reflect on how great the vive experience is....
My Atari fix started in 83 though:) ***

*** Brant S • a month ago
Tell ya what. I am a PRO-Microsoft person since MS-DOS 2 days. XBOX original up to XBOX-One. (Not S, was waiting for Scorpio). I've been to E3 2009 when I won the Kia Soul on the XBox Download and Win sweepstakes.

However, I've been wanting VR for a LONG time! At the time, RIFT and VIVE were out of my price range as I'd also have to upgrade my Computer.

E3 2017 rolls around. VR wasn't mentioned ONCE by Microsoft! Sooooo...

Hello PLAYSTATION VR! My 1st Playstation and VR Headset and, at the time of this post, 90% of the Games in the library. (Non-Experiences... don't care for Experiences)

Oh yeah, x2 PS4's and PSVR's, as my Wife got hooked and she's now PSVR all the way. (Also never having owned a Playstation ever)

But then Oculus had their 6 week sale.
Well, hell, bought one of those and an RX580 Video card.
Well, hell again, Now MR is coming out. I will ONLY buy MR, (as I have Ocuclus) if XBOX ONE decides to support it and my library of PSVR and Oculus hasn't grown too large to abandon.

So, they missed my VR money.

To make it worse, I'd have bought 2 Scorpios (X's) and 2 MR's (Probably Lenovo).
To make it even worse on MS, Other than my Rocksmith music collection, I probably won't touch Xbox much anymore, except for Rocksmith additions. And I play Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox360 (Analog audio out). Will probably even let my Gold status drop. *** You guys are welcomed to read more of the comments.

fr0sty302d ago

PSVR is fantastic, but not perfect. Next revision should be far better. We already have lag free wireless VR on PC, and better motion controls, so I expect the next PSVR to be wireless with far better motion tracking and at least a half-4K screen.

As it is now, it takes too long to set up out of the box to make it easy to bring to friends' houses and such. It's best when left in one spot. The lack of 2 player support also sucks, I expect PS5 to allow that sort of social VR gaming.... 2-4 players at once plus online.

bouzebbal302d ago

My problem is the resolution.
Tried minecraft oculus and still didnt think it wad good. It's not clear and has blur.
I hope the tech improves with next generation.

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Retroman302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

@ Elda

Agree, who want to live in a Digital Dream world .

No thanks Sony

The Matrix was a EYE opener

cigi302d ago

Absolutly agere...
the theterring (cabling),
the resolution and
the frame-rate
is not up to the needed level for a minimum viable product.
Yes i can get a good experience, but it is to early days, there will be much better solution withing the next year.

balance2theforce302d ago

And case and point, look how you guys turned on your own. Sure you didn't jump on then verbally like you would anyone else that you don't deem a sony fan, but the fact that they got like 90 disagrees and a possible snarky remark just for saying no thanks as it may not be for them. Apparently owning a pro, not saying anything negative, and pretty much simply being polite about it isn't enough either. Just goes to show you how unreasonable someone you are.

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ibrake4naps303d ago

I've loved mine since launch! Flat regular games aren't the same now.

generic-user-name303d ago

Me too, the time to buy psvr was when re7 launched. VR is legit and Sony is leading the way to making it mainstream.

Babadook7303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

I know what you mean. I just realized the same thing in fact. Once I had played RE7 in VR I almost completely forgot that I could play the thing on a tv. No point in doing so.

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crazychris4124303d ago

I'm going to wait until the next generation of VR, they are still trying to figure out how to make a great VR game, nobody has that system seller VR title yet.

bunt-custardly303d ago

Dunno, I thought Resident Evil was a PSVR system seller. It will gain more traction once it releases on PC for the Rift and Vive next year. Sony/Capcom did good with this game. Only problem is it's a diamond in the rough.

Nodoze303d ago

I tried the demo and have the full game coming from Santa. Looking forward to giving it a go. Did you experience any motion sickness?

I want more games like Arkham VR...but longer.

Atticus_finch303d ago

No motion sickness from me so far. It depends alot on the game you're playing and how long you play it

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MonChiChi303d ago

With the release of full fledge games with true locomotion, there def games that sold me on it, those being skyrim and RE7.

Bennibop303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Dirt rally and rez and the ones that convinced me.

yeahokwhatever303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Dirt Rally with a wheel is the best thing ever. I hate that I wasted money on Dirt 4.

Prince-Ali303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

like @Bunt said.. you clearly haven't played Res7 loool or rigs for that matter...

The 10th Rider303d ago

I hardly think anyone is wrong for picking up VR here and now, if it's someone's thing by all means they should pick one up and right now is a great time to do so. However to claim "It's finally time to purchase PSVR" (or any VR) ignores that it's a rapidly improving field right now. If someone's on the fence or not particularly interested they may be better off waiting until at least the next iteration.

edeprez303d ago

There may not be another console iteration if it isn't adopted by enough people. I'll get one soon hopefully, i just got myself a pro, and i don't wanna go broke over video games.

The 10th Rider303d ago


Fair enough, I don't think that's a good enough reason to pick something up though. Otherwise the same reasoning could be used to argue for people to buy the Vita or the Wii U. VR has sold decently enough already so I think at current sales at least one more iteration is warranted before most companies would bow out. If someone's tried it and they're not yet convinced I think they're better of waiting until at least one more iteration comes out.

rainslacker303d ago

I dunno. I think it's selling well enough that Sony is going to not drop support for it. While I was going to get one at launch, I was hesitant because of how the Vita went. The supply shortages ended up making my decision for me. I'm still in the market for one though, because the way it's going, I can see Sony supporting it through the rest of the generation, and if they're smart, they'll make it compatible with the PS5, and allow BC with PS4 games to keep the library high.

I'm glad I waited though, since now they have one that allows HDR pass through, and it's cheaper than before. I think Sony will ramp up the support and they seem determined to make it successful.

The 10th Rider303d ago (Edited 303d ago )


Oh yeah, I think Sony will probably ride PSVR out as long as they can for now. I imagine a few years after the PS5 we'll see a new iteration. Next time around a lot of early VR kinks will be worked out and a lot of inconveniences will be gone. There will probably be better controllers too. I think anyone who's not convinced yet should definitely try before buying and if they're still not sold they should hold out a little while. Currently VR is certainly more than adequate for those that are interested but for those that aren't it still has plenty of room to grow before they should jump in. That applies to all VR too, not jut PSVR.

KakashiHotake302d ago

People here don't want to hear that but it's the truth. I enjoy VR but I'm not too proud to admit that it still needs polish. I think PSVR will really take off when it's wireless and at a demand price point. Samsung Gear VR isn't perfect but I do like the wireless aspect. It's kind of cool waking up and just reaching over your bed to grab the VR helmet not needing to sort anything up or connect any cords. Simply press power and play. I problably get downvoted for this comment but that's my honest opinion as a VR fan.

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Cajun Chicken303d ago

All the Serious Sam games in VR, REZ Infinite, Superhot VR and Fallout 4 VR. Shame they are essentially enhanced ports, but it's too much a financial risk to go it alone a game that big of scale. Doom VFR is fun, but it's not the Doom (2016) successor a few expect it to be.

Steam VR is churning out some great indie VR games each week for pocket money prices (and on gane bundle sites) and I try to capture footage of some of my favorites:

thorstein303d ago

This was true a year and a half ago.

System sellers: Resident Evil, Skyrim (it is a completely different experience), Statik, Job Simulator, SuperHot, Farpoint, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Eve Valkyrie, Driveclub, Megaton Rainfall, the Inpatient.

Upcoming System sellers; Ace Combat 7, Moss, Obduction, Golem, Knockout League, Megalith, Ultrawings...

Just to name a few of the already released and upcoming amazing PSVR games. It's sad you don't own one. But, to claim there are no system sellers after Sony has shipped 2 million units... sorry, that is simply not true anymore.

radiantmind13303d ago

rec room is the most amazing "game" ever. Rise of Jumbotron, lazer tag, the social part of it. I spend hours in there. The first time you have to duck behind cover, while blind firing above your head as laser bolt fly all around... damn, words are inadequate to describe the experience.

D1SC0K1NGZ303d ago

I call bullshit on crazychris4124. "DOOM, SKYRIM, RE7, GT SPORT, DRIVECLUB, RUSH OF BLOOD, FARPOINT, BATMAN, ROBINSON, STAR TREK, ETC, ETC." then theres upcoming games like FIREWALL ZERO HOUR, BLOOD & TRUTH, DREAMS, THE INPATIENT, BRAVO TEAM, WIPEOUT." totally missing out on a large library of classics, next-gen VR will be next-gen priced also & don't expect it soon as the hardware (PS4 & pro) can't handle higher resolutions in VR so you are looking at 2020 earliest.

McErono302d ago

everyone should know by now - the VR device, VR itself is the system seller buddy.

Bell Boy302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

If you like driving games then Dirt Rally is your system seller
If you like horror games Resident Evil is your system seller

Anyone who tried the x-wing level in Battlefront knows that if a full version is made it will be a license to print money.

The system seller is the immersion, it does not translate in gameplay videos but once you are in the driver seat, cockpit, rollercoaster etc the experience is amazing. Once people try it the majority will be wowed, in 10 years this tech will have jaws hitting the floor

TheDivine302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

The system sellers are here. Lone Echo was the best gaming experience I've had since Mario 64. Throw in Robo Recall, From Other Suns, Arktika 1, Wilsons Heart, Mages Tale, The Unspoken, Chronos, Edge of Nowhere (those are just the Oculus exclusives). Then add in Gunheart, Fallout 4, Doom, Arizona Sunshine, Killing Floor, Subnautica, Solus Project, The Talos Principal, Payday 2, LA Noire, Serious Sam 3 and I literally don't have enough time in the day to play everything. PCVR is off the chain lately. The games are there and so is the price. 200 bucks for a Windows headset or 350 for a Rift with 7 free games. Its a no-brainer really.

On another note From Other Suns is AMAZING! Everyone should buy it asap. Its basically FTL with borderlands style gun upgrades and three person co-op. Its crazy dope and addictive.

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PSVR is the best experience

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