Why Mass Effect: Andromeda is the Most Disappointing Game of 2017

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When 2017 was still new, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the 4th chapter in the Mass Effect saga. BioWare had proven themselves master game makers not only with the first three games in the series but there other titles were largely all hits and the developer had cemented their reputation as one of the industries best, in fact we even named the game our 2nd most anticipated game of 2017, behind only The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Well time truly does make fools of us all, as the final game we received was rife with issues (both technical and artistic) and tarnished not only BioWare’s reputation but possibly ensured that we don’t get a new entry in the series for years to come."

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LordoftheCritics309d ago

Because the box says Mass Effect but the game was Space Grind 2

morganfell309d ago

Thank you for the burning sensation. No, not that one. I mean the Lagavulin that just shot out my nose. Nothing like a great laugh.

badz149307d ago

it's by far, not the worst game this year but due to high expectations being a Mass Effect game, the level of disappointment is justified

porkChop309d ago

I went in thinking the game was going to be terrible based on what everyone has said, but I can't say I agree. The game isn't quite as good or engrossing as the original trilogy, sure, but it's still a damn fine game. The performance and animation issues have been fixed. There are still some issues with the game itself, and the plot, but it's still a good game and well worth playing.

captainrivaini309d ago

I also couldn't agree more. Granted the game should have been completed a LONG TIME before it actually was but the finished product is fantastic and I enjoy playing it very much. Not ashamed to admit it either.

Godmars290307d ago

Missing the point that the "finished" game was not indeed finished when it was a good part of the issue. That most of what was fixed had not real right being broken day-one. That on some level what started as broken will never be fixed.

The overall argument here is that companies the likes of EA think they can get away with delivering substandard products at a premium price, charge for more, and you're pretty much saying that you're ok with that.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago


I'm playing the game myself and I actually think it's one of my favorite of the mass effect games.

OB1Biker308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

The only part where the animation really bothered me was when your having a friendly drink and conversation with someone and should have been a cool moment but the characters went all jittery and goofy. Other than that, Ive been playing video games for years and never expected 'realistic' animation to enjoy a game or I wouldnt have enjoyed many. I dont understand all the fuss about it. The only games that baffled me as the characters felt so human was ND games but even that was not achieved through perfect animation

Summons75307d ago

Except it should have never even been remotely released in the state it was in. There is no excuse for that. Not to mention gameplay isn't even remotely close to what Mass Effect is known for and the story was complete trash. There were MANY broken promises by Bioware (again).

OB1Biker307d ago

It was rushed out, its true.
I dont think ME was ever known for the gameplay though and this one actually improved on it. Story and characters were not on part that is fair to say. Its more about freedom to play the way you want rather than deep story telling thats for sure.

Stogz307d ago

Agreed, people seemed to target this game with a lot of hate. It wasn't as good as the originals but I still had fun with it. The jetpack I thought was a great new addition to combat. The worst thing is because they rushed it and all the problems with the development, now the franchise is on hold, which really sucks.

Zeref307d ago

Mass effect 1 was terrible though, story was good but the gameplay, my god. I haven't played Andromeda yet but I'm sure its way better than that at least.

UnHoly_One307d ago

It is.

ME1 had a better story, but ME:A blows it out of the water in the gameplay department.

SolidGear3307d ago

Very true. I think game play has improved with each iteration. My favorite as far as story and game play is concerned would be 3 for me.

rainslacker307d ago

I didn't find it engaging or as interesting as the first three. Even with the problems, which I didn't really experience much because I played it after the patches, it was a solid enough game in terms of game play. Story certainly could have been better though, which was the most disappointing part.

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LrryLegend309d ago

Loved it. Looking forward to another play through.

Profchaos309d ago

Just could not get into the story at all maybe in the years since playing the old mass effect games I've been spoiled by better RPG titles with better dialogue options but my main concern with Andromeda was that the conversations just didn't matter at all.

The dialogue itself was also just so dry and boring no room for sarcasm and jokes when it felt like there should be

cha0sknightmare307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

The voice performance was terrible, the character models portrayed no emotion. The writing was weak and amateur. The characters were uninteresting. The plot was weak.

embarrassing for a next generation iteration of a game series that was built on everything they mucked up.

SolidGear3307d ago

Not as good as the original trilogy with 3 being my top favorite but still an amazing game.

badz149307d ago

I think "amazing" would be pushing it. mind you, I haven't played the game but wouldn't more people would give it a pass if it's really "amazing" despite its flaws?

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