Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Switch vs. Xbox One video comparison

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was first created for Xbox One, and now it’s heading to Switch. Check out a video below showing how the two versions compare.

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windblowsagain303d ago

1tf swtich gpu, vs 6tf xbox one x gpu/

AmstradAmiga303d ago

I didnt think there was an X optimised version of the game so what are you on about?

windblowsagain303d ago

My bad, asumed it was the x as most vids are these days:)

Still one is still 1.31tf double the ram etc.

Pro and X would be 4k anyway.

ABizzel1303d ago

Switch is not 1 TFLOP GPU it's around 400 GFLOPS at most, that rumor was a bold lie when it first started by fanboys hoping for more. The Tegra X1 GPU that is uses can reach up to 1 TFLOP of performance at maximum on air clock speeds in FP16, not FP32 which games are based on. It's 512 GFLOPS at max on air clocks for FP32, and the Switch is underclocked well below the max clocks.

Which XBO version doesn't really matter, because Max isn't an enhanced XBO-X game, so at best even if it is running on XBOX-X it's getting SS-AA. That being said the XBO version has more and better texture work, 60fps, and a much sharper image.

No confirmation, but I'm assuming the Switch version is likely a lower native resolution @ 30fps with lowest settings. It doesn't look bad at all, but the difference in 30fps vs 60fps is noticeable, but that's expected when comparing the difference between a 400 GFLOP device and a 1.31 TFLOP device.

conanlifts303d ago

0.5tf switch vs 1.31tf xbox.

Vectrexer303d ago

This game does not even test the ULTRA weak switch....

Reese_____303d ago

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Jinger303d ago

Obviously the Xbox version has it beat for clarity, but this game sits perfectly right at home as a handheld type of game