Eidos Montréal Boss: “Nobody Said We Give Up the Narrative Single Player Games”

Eidos Montréal head of studio clarifies that the developer behind the Deus Ex franchise isn't abandoning single player narrative games.

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UCForce310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I will keep my eyes on that word of your, Edios. But please, just don’t push too far on MP.

309d ago
_-EDMIX-_309d ago


I'm seriously hoping they simply just mean multi player option like you would see from Uncharted or The Last of Us.

Or even online stuff within the single player similar to Dark Souls , Demon's Souls

Obscure_Observer308d ago (Edited 308d ago )


"I'm seriously hoping they simply just mean multi player option like you would see from Uncharted or The Last of Us."

By "simply" you meant, pay to win?

Obscure_Observer308d ago


"I will keep my eyes on that word of your, Edios. But please, just don’t push too far on MP."

Unfortunely, this is not an Eidos decision to make, you know. Square already made public their intentions regarding online and GaaS.

XiNatsuDragnel310d ago

No one said that, but heavily investing into the online experience = Lootboxes and MT = Keep my eyes on you.

Abriael310d ago

"added focus" =/= "heavily investing."

DarkOcelet310d ago

A few years back, I would have agreed with you but with how the whole industry moving into Games as a service model, it's pretty obvious there will be huge emphasis on Microtransactions.

Damthatsword309d ago

facepalm* gullible can ppl get?

gangsta_red308d ago

I don't understand some folks. People see MP and they instantly freak out as if everything is crumbling around them.

The SP portion for these games will be as good as people previously enjoyed them.

There's no proof that any 'focus' is being taken away from the SP. If anything we should be hoping that the added MP will be just as good as the SP.

Also we should be hoping that the game as whole itself will be great.

Activemessiah310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

@Abriael Surely you know how this works: give them an inch they take a mile...

rainslacker309d ago

We seem to see every now and again a sudden influx of publishers or developers talking about "the future". How they're going to be looking at some new business model or what not, or how some aspect of the business is making it hard for them to survive, or whatever. Like last gen, we saw a sudden influx of comments about used games. Now we're seeing an influx of talking about GaaS.

While this hasn't actually made it so other things disappear....the so called, -insert whatever- is now dead, outcome that everyone seems to believe, it certainly does show a marked changed in how companies produce and release their product. Like early last gen, there was a lot of talk about how MP was so popular, and SP was not as popular, so more and more games started getting MP components. Or how MT were necessary because of higher production budgets, and we started seeing more and more aggressive MT practices.

Now, we're seeing the same thing with GaaS. While not a new concept...rather the same as we saw last gen with a fancy new name attached, it's apparent that these kinds of trends tend to come in waves in an effort to try and make it seem like something is popular....likely with the hope of getting more people to bandwagon on what they believe is the popular fad.

None of these things have necessarily made anything disappear, as we still get a lot of the old stuff we used to get, but there seems to be more disappointment among fans as companies try to shift what the fans know into new paradigms.

Not sure how this is related to the topic, or what you said, but just something that came to mind when reading your comment, and thought I'd put it out there.

gangsta_red308d ago

Agreed, GaaS is simply a new fancy label for something that has been going on for a while now.

Almost every game that was SP only and has been extremely popular has tried their hands at adding an extra mp component to extend it's life or add extra revenue.

Some have exceeded and others have failed....and few have tried to push it a little too aggressively to the point to where now any company that adds MP we get automatic speculation, fear and conspiracy theories on what the end result will be.

I'm on a wait and see attitude myself since i have always welcomed MP in games and never found them intrusive to the SP experience.

-Foxtrot310d ago

Sure...but that's not the problem, the issue here is you TRIED to do this with Tomb Raider and the multiplayer was shit.

You tried to do that breach mode in Mankind Divided and it was tacked on

It's one or the other with you guys.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago

That's exactly my biggest problem I see with this is if the team can't do this concept they need to stop forcing them to try to do something they're unable to do correctly.

It's just such a huge waste in funding

TheRaidenPT309d ago

We just want you guys to do what you do which is the Single Player components.

Adding useless MP stuff will just annoy the end user

Cmdrpilgrim309d ago

So glad is just small percentage of the gaming community.

opinionated309d ago

I’m glad Twitter is as well. Too bad it’s treated as gospel and a diplomat of the gaming community.

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