PlayStation VR Aim Controller Farpoint Bundle discounted

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller Farpoint Bundle has been discounted to $70.00.

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Einhander1971332d ago

Just bought mine from for £49.99 :)

instantstupor332d ago

As a quick reminder to those with Best Buy's Gamer's Club, you can get it for $64 there. But for those without, this is a solid deal indeed.

ocelot07332d ago

Was discounted here in the UK about a month ago. As soon as it dropped to £49.99 everywhere has been out of stock. I got lucky and got it for £39.99 in Tesco but again went out of stock like half an hour later.

1Victor332d ago

Great bundle I love the game and can’t wait for the sequel and the other squad shooter coming next year