PS4 in 2017 Review - How Did PlayStation 4 Do?

Push Square: "Sony’s been a quiet giant in 2017, allowing new hardware like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X to dominate the headlines while it’s shrewdly focused on its own fantastic line of PlayStation 4 software. It’s culminated in a year where the console’s achievements have been glossed over by the enthusiast media, but have been nothing short of sensational all the same – after all, it just registered its best ever month in the latest NPD report, and also moved 10 million units globally in under six months. For a device lurching towards the latter stages of its life, the fact that the PS4 continues to break records is a testament to Japanese giant’s approach to this generation. And in this article, we’re going to take a look back at the device’s year in review."

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PhoenixUp358d ago

Sony was anything but quiet this year

rainslacker357d ago

True, but they certainly didn't spend all their time talking to the press about things to come. They just showed, and delivered games. Nintendo took a similar approach after launch. For the most part, I'd say given what the two had to offer, they were quite reserved in their interaction with the press and community.

It's rather funny that the two companies that say the least, but show the most, actually manage to do the best. I think it's a testament to just what console gaming is about....and that's the games. All the fancy features, and all the power in the world takes a back seat to the games, because when people are really making their decision on which console to buy, it's the games that they actually want.

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Razzer357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

PS4 was unsurpassed among consoles in the sheer number of great games. It was an awesome year.

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rainslacker357d ago

Many, including myself, said it might be another golden age of gaming. PS4 was on the cusp, but I think 2017 pushed it right on the line, and with the Switch in the mix, it certainly was a great year for many. I think 2018 will really make this gen shine though, and I haven't seen the kind of positive feelings we see now since the peak of the PS2 days. Last gen was all cynical, but this gen, when you take out the vitriolic fan boy stuff, there is genuine excitement for what Sony has released, and has to offer for the future.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Agreed. I have a mini backlog lol

I just never thought I was going to 100% Horizon zero Dawn yet one thing led to another and I'm over 90 hours in the game lol

FinalFantasyFanatic357d ago

The backlog is getting crazy, if 2018 is just as good I might as well sell a kidney or something. I still have so many purchases I want to make, it's a good time to own a Sony or Nintendo Console right now.

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ninsigma357d ago

It did incredibly. Fantastic year with great games for every kind of gamer. Off the top of my Head, GTS, crash, lost legacy and HZD game me some damn fine gaming fun.

LucasRuinedChildhood357d ago

Well, it wasn't great for fans of arcade racing games but most years aren't anymore. Agree with the general sentiment though.

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