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Tom Chick - "Really, it feels like shovelware. This is what Capcom considers passable? It’s worth noting it was released on the same day as a port of the first Resident Evil: Revelations. I wonder how long it takes a Capcom Switch port to load a game originally developed for the Nintendo DS. I don’t aim to find out. I like Revelations 2 a lot. But I don’t like it on the Nintendo Switch."

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Nerdmaster332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Wow, that's... a terrible review. Not because the reviewer didn't like the game, but the review just doesn't make much sense. He complained about everything, from the plot (which he badly describes while saying "I wasn't paying attention") to the gameplay system (that's the same between all versions), but at the end says "I really enjoyed the campaign in Revelations 2, but that’s back when I played it on the Playstation 4", and "I like Revelations 2 a lot".

And he kept saying "Nintendo DS" instead of "3DS".

milkshake2332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Oh, it's that Tom Chick guy again with his poor, nonsensical reviews. (sigh) I still remember his Twisted Metal review in which he didn't know Sweet Tooth and kept referring to him - the ice cream truck! So much for professionalism!

TallonIV332d ago

Playing through this now, enjoying it more than Revelations 1 so far.