PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox Launch Performance Should Have Been Better

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is probably the biggest game of 2017 and quite a surprising one considering how much it has grown in a short time frame, when it did exclusively arrive on Xbox One it should have had a better launch."

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gamer7804310d ago

It's still in beta.........

Freedomland310d ago

It should've been free to play then. 30$ for that kind of mess, c'mon.

309d ago
Rude-ro309d ago

Is that due to your experience on the Xbox One?
You know, the weakest hardware.

gamer7804309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

that's really a tangential point though. I'd be all for if every game preview/beta was free.

ULTp0ltergeist309d ago

Why should it be free? Their core game is multiplayer. It's not like Fortnite where they implemented BR mode on top of their main game which you still have to pay. Also, it's a small dev crew and they should earn their profits. I'll start making real excuses after retail version releases.

kingjohnm309d ago

do you know any other betas that charge apart fro mthis lol

kingjohnm309d ago

@ rude the xb1 IS the most power console available

chrisoadamson309d ago

Game was originally described as a console launch exclusive but this has now changed on the official site to console exclusive. Suggests that it isn't coming to ps4 period. Maybe pubg2 for ps5 😂

Cuzzo63308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Bro trust me when I say this.... I for one and im sure the majority will say the same.... We are not starved for games in the least. So please save it. Honestly the game is not even an interest seeing that GTA V has already done this but with a better optimization. And if they decide to add a Battle Royal to GTAV... I will surely run 10x better. And seeing how it runs on the base and S Xbox... The Base Ps4 wouldnt have as many issues. Lol Reality check.

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RommyReigns309d ago

................and was one of the nominations for the GoTY at the TGAs

ZehnDrachen309d ago

Yet it still runs and looks miles better on PC.... it being in 'beta' isn't the issue.

gamer7804309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

its absolutely the issue, as confirmed by the devs already came out and said the xbox one version hasn't been polished up yet they will do that after some further tweaks and changes have been made and before 1.0 official release.

ZehnDrachen309d ago

@Gamer... should’ve released the game without the issues if they are expecting people to pay for it.

Kribwalker309d ago


it’s early access and tells you with a disclaimer before you buy it as well everytime you play it that it is an unfinished game and to expect bugs. If it’s $30 to buy it now and will be $60 when it’s finished then i’d buy it now (like we the happy few and ark)

And it is version while the PC is version 1.0 so there’s a lot more to be done on the console version

ZehnDrachen309d ago



Version 1.0 should have been on Xbox before they released it. This is a glorified paid beta. You’re a sucker.

chrisoadamson309d ago

Xbox one x version looks as good as pc . Performance of mid 20s isn't great though

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Greg2801309d ago

For how long now?
Instead of improving the game performance with al that money they made, they added new DLC...

A game like this needs to be free to play or way cheaper then 30 dollars

kevnb309d ago

The game came out last week on Xbox....

ILostMyMind309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Paid beta.

Kribwalker309d ago

that you get to keep as full version when complete

PurpHerbison309d ago

These type of games never leave beta though.

jrshankill309d ago

Funny. Every person who legit played the game says it's a ton of fun.
Every known toxic PS4 fanboy known on N4G are the ones complaining about frame rate.. like they have actually played it.
Must suck getting all those exclusives and MS lands the king at the end of the year.

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hit17388310d ago

The gun game is so bad on Xbox wow lol. Is comical trying to shoot someone on this shit.

mocaak309d ago

It isn't much better on PC tbh. I don't know what they are thinking making a full release in 4 days, when the game is very, very far from complete.

kevnb309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

It’s much better on pc actually, even a 1050ti can give you 1080p 60+ FPS at around medium settings. You pretty much need an i5 minimum, but in 2017 almost all gamers meet that requirement.

mocaak309d ago (Edited 309d ago )


I never said anything about performance. Of course it's much better on PC, but it still has a lot of performance issues, and runs pretty poorly for a game that looks this bad. It has a lot of texture pop ins, very poor anti-aliasing, and still has texture loading issues.

But back to what the OP was saying, the gameplay and physics are terrible. It feels like a PS2/early 7th gen game. With so many shooter franchises like Battlefield, Tom Clancy's, Far Cry, or even Arma for which Brendan Greene himself made mods for, I don't think that this is acceptable. For early access sure, it's a fun game, but having so many issues in a full release is unacceptable. I bet if it was Ubisoft or EA, everyone would have lost their shit, even though neither of those publishers ever released games this incomplete.

jrshankill309d ago

Mocaak you don't own a Xbox do you?

mocaak308d ago


Why would I need an Xbox to play a PC game?

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welly300310d ago

Its just one expensive beta where we pay to test their game.

SegaGamer309d ago

When you put it like that, gamers are idiots. To buy a game in beta is incredibly dumb. Developers must rub their hands in glee at how easy it is dupe gamers these days.

I don't think gamers understand what their purchase means. You're not buying a game that WILL get better with time, you are buying a game that MAY get better with time. With the amount of money they have already made on this game, there is nothing stopping them from bringing any more development to a stand still.

I can't believe how stupid people have to be to go along with this. They are basically paying the developers to be a game tester........i'm pretty sure it should be the other way around.

welly300309d ago

Oops im one of the dumb folk😁

CurbStompin309d ago

Me and 30+ Million other idiots dont regret our purchase.

Bobafret309d ago

In my experience I have realized that it's mostly stupid people use the term "stupid people".

Mexxan309d ago Show
Tankbusta40309d ago

Considering they have a second map about to launch and 1st person mode already implemented on PC that will be coming to console...I didn't mind spending the money because these guys have a history so far of supporting their game

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kingjohnm309d ago

yes we buy it in beta, but when it comes out of beta we dont have to pay extra for it, so it just means were buying it early and probally cheaper

jukins309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Pubg is an exception to that rule. I really can't explain it. Watching stream listening to friends talk about how they grouped and had a good time night after night and theyre not even winning. It is worth $20 or so you can get this game for if you look.

I actually completed my pc build early than I wanted to because I wanted to play this andnum not disappointed

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kevnb309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

The opinions of people who only play single player games... fact is people are having fun with the game so they are getting their $30 worth.

Atticus_finch309d ago

Opinion of someone offended by the truth.
I paid 30 dollars for my copy of the lost legacy and after I finished the amazing and beautiful campaign ive been playing the amazing and beautiful multiplayer.
But I agree with your last sentence. Pleople of other consoles are not accustomed to this level of quality and polish for their money. Sad

kingjohnm309d ago

it also means we dont have to buy it when it comes out of beta

chrisoadamson309d ago

@SegaGamer your not a great fan of shooters yet here you are getting worked up on a shooter title thread. Who are you trying to kid ?

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DialgaMarine309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I’m okay with it. Xbox users are playtesting the console version for us, so when it comes to PS4, we’ll get an optimized game that doesn’t fall as low as 4 FPS. Hell, it’ll likely be close to a consistent 30 on base PS4.

309d ago
DialgaMarine309d ago

Sony and Bluehole have already been in communication. That means the checkbook has been pulled out and the dev kits sent in. I know it’s hurts your fanboy ego, but no developer in the right mind will ignore an install base that is over 70 million and counting. All MS can do is cry and try to spend a crap ton of money to keep it off PS just a bit longer. We here at the PSN appreciate your services.

bluefox755309d ago

It sounds like it will, but I don't think anyone really cares at this point. Especially with the way Fortnite is blowing up.

jrshankill309d ago

Check all the listings and advertisements for it now.
It's a console exclusive on x now buddy. But surely you can play it on that gaming PC all you Sony fanboys built to play X exclusives right?

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stevej336309d ago

So are we going to pretend playstation doesn't have early access games? It's people's choice to buy it in early access form, this must be just more bad value to sony fans just like EA access and the ability to not have to rebuy older gen games you already own.

DialgaMarine309d ago

The only one that comes to mind is Fortnite, and Fortnite has been far more stable from launch than PUBG is on Xbone, and the Battle Royale is free. Paid Early Access isn’t bad; it’s paid early access for a game that runs like dog crap.

Also, nobody ever said BC was bad value; it’s simply not a necessity. If you own old games, chances are you still own that console. BC is a nice convenience, but new AAA titles are far more important than BC.

Ukgamer309d ago

I keep reading people saying this about how it will be more polished when it comes to the PS4 and at the same time how bad it runs on the Xbox platforms. If the One X cant run it smoothly then what hope have lower powered systems got?? I'm not trying to slag off the PS4 or PS4 Pro far from it I cant say I know a lot about the development side but is it possible to make that much of an improvement? By all accounts the PC version can still run pretty rough and that's after 12 months of development

DialgaMarine309d ago

That’s because the game is still in development. I would assume that the full release version will be perfect 30 FPS on X (since they don’t want to go above 30), and the base Xbone night still have some hiccups, but run much better than 4 FPS. Maybe I’m giving Bluehole too much credit, but since both PS4 and PS4 Pro are a step above base Xbone hardware, they’ll run it better. On the other hand, Bluehole could turn out to be a bunch of thieving trolls and never release a better optimized console version period.

Zeref309d ago

The sony talks were before they got in bed with Microsoft and MS sent their gears team to help them make the game for Xbox.

It looks more and more like it won't come to PS4.

DialgaMarine309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

These talks were done before the console release was even announced. MS sending their staff to help development of the Xbone version is not a sign of anything. Sony, for example, created their ICE team for the soul purpose of working with both first and third party developers to help assist and ensure that games on PS4 will be properly optimized. Unless MS can flat out say it’s a permanent exclusive, it’s clearly not.

PUBG is no different than Minecraft, RotTR, World of Tanks, DR4, Smite, ARK, We Happy Few, etc.. All of those are games that launched first on Xbox in either Early Access or some other form that are either available now or will be available on PlayStation at some point.

Besides, if the game is so great, and Bluehole wants it to remain popular for at least 10 years, why are you so defensive about being available on a console where it’s going to receive a lot of support?

Zeref309d ago

ohh so Microsoft literally sending a dev team to PUBG is not a sign of anything but outdated "rumored" talks with Sony is a sign of it coming to playstation?

Why are you so scared that it's not coming to PS bro? I thought you guys had enough exclusives anyway

DialgaMarine309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I honestly couldn’t care less if it did or not. I’m just enjoying watching you Xbox fans get so defensive because you know I’m right. Keep praying this indie title stays exclusive so you can have something to shield your purchase insecurities. Alas, it’s for nothing lol ;)

Zeref309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

You're also forgetting that this is the company that spend over 2 billion dollars just to get minecraft. And the same man who convinced them to do that is running Xbox,Gaming and he's an executive now. You should not be surprised if it doesn't come to PS4. Or they might just buy the entire studio.

DialgaMarine309d ago

Why would Bluehole let themselves be bought out and forced to make games for Xbox/ Windows? That’s basically suicide at this point. The vast majority of the almost 30 million people who played this are on Steam. Bluehole isn’t concerned about needing a publisher anytime soon, and contrary to whatever you might believe, MS can’t just buy whatever they want.

Also, they bought Minecraft because the franchise makes shit tons of money outside of gaming. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s still on PlayStation.

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Zeref309d ago

They had less than a year to port it to Xbox, that its even playable now is nothing short of a miracle.

meatnormous309d ago

It's the same language as pc programming, I think they didn't use their time wisely and Microsoft still needed it to release. There are too few reasons to own a Xbox this holiday and Microsoft was launching this game no matter what.

DialgaMarine309d ago

What happened to “X is so amazing, it only takes a couple weeks tops to port a game to it” ???

Ukgamer309d ago

I wont pretend it runs amazing on my X but its alright and its still good enough to have fun playing although the controls do need a bit of work seen as I have all the sliders on max sensitivity and it still feels a bit off.

Zeref309d ago

That's when the game is built with UWP.