GTA Online And Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Promo Revealed

Grab a gun in GTA Online today, get it in Red Dead Redemption 2 when it launches.

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smolinsk1407d ago

Please Rockstar don't go over bord with your microtransactions, don't give us the opportunity to hate on you as well

Sam Fisher1407d ago

Let us hope, almost everyone on the block is on this trend, but honestly if they do it i would rather them going over board on it too like ea. So we have more reasons to go against it and take it down rather than having it little by little and then sweep it under the rug

Cyro1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

lol I'd be very surprised if they didn't. People already hate what they did with GTA V but it's doing well. If RDR2 is the same, people need to make a bigger noise about it like they did with SWBF2.

combatcash1406d ago

Guess I’m out of the look with all this MT stuff. What has rockstar done with GTA? I see MT in plenty of games, but mostly is for cosmetic stuff.

OneLove1406d ago

I mean GTA V dlc is free so there's not much complaining that matters. It's only the cost of things and mission pay out that makes it so that you might want to buy the shark cards.

1407d ago
Reese_____1406d ago

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