Planet Of The Apes: The Last Frontier Review - Punk and Lizard

Punk from P&L writes: "Throw in the fact that it’s only £15.99, has a very doable Platinum and is also one of the first PS4 games to incorporate Playlink and you have an absolute must buy on your hands."

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spicelicka307d ago

"For one, the game looks stunning. Like Uncharted 4 good."

I don't know what this reviewer is smoking. This game is nowhere near the graphics quality of Uncharted. It looks mediocre and you're never actually controlling a character through environments. It's all story driven like heavy rain, choose between choice A or B, tap X rapidly for a quicktime event, watch more cutscenes.

Amyellevivv303d ago

Not to mention that rendering which makes the game look like potatoes for the first 10 minutes after a save.