My Hero Academia: One’s Justice for PS4 and Switch Gets First Trailer; Coming in 2018

Bandai Namco showcased the first trailer of its upcoming My Hero Academia: One's Justice game for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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yumi76330d ago

Hopefully this come West. Bandai Namco is just killing it this gen.

luckytrouble330d ago

I'm sure it will. My Hero Academia is killing it with the anime and manga both east and west, and with Bamco's heavy localization of western appealing anime games, this is bound to make it.

330d ago
S2Killinit330d ago

I want it. the anime is really good in a strange way. I wasn't sold on the premise, but I actually liked it a lot.

TekoIie330d ago

Its one of those shows that knows what tropes its using but manages to nail them and create something that stands out. Also love the soundtrack so hoping some of the good ones make it into the game!

Out of interest anyone know what genre this game is??

Chexs1990329d ago

From what i gathered, it's apparently a brawler type game, kinda like the Naruto games :O

zivtheawesome330d ago

I REALLY don't like the way this game looks. really dissapointed now, both because of the graphics and because it's just another fighting game. i was hoping that for this series they would make something bigger...

Zeref329d ago

What did you expect? It's a shonen game, of course it's gonna be fighting.