Console Unity (Cross-Platform Play) doesn’t make sense unless you aren’t Sony

It's a question that has risen, this article looks at why cross-platform isn't compatible currently, within the nature of competitiveness.

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Theknightofnights306d ago

I'm not sure why we are trying to analyze business tactics like this. I mean, I, as a PS4 gamer, would gain from this deal. I don't care if MS does too.

DialgaMarine306d ago

You might gain, but Sony would be risking their market share. As an independent console producer with its own community, it is not their job to cater to the wants and needs of other console’s communities. In other words, their job is to sell PS4’s and gain PSN users, not go out of their way to let people from the completing console brands play with PSN because a small minority want it. If you want to game with PSN users, buy a PS4. It’s simple math. The only games that could benefit from this are multiplats anyway.

Xx_Pistol_xX306d ago

It's also about Microsoft putting Windows on everything. Minecraft needs XBox Live to cross play.

ChristopherJack306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

How would Sony be risking their market share? Why should I give a damn anyways? Just because you don't think Sony needs to, doesn't mean people should stop asking for more players to play with.

DialgaMarine306d ago

@Chris Because telling people they no longer have to buy a PS4 to play certain games, with friends who are only on PSN, will sway people to be less likely to buy a PS4. Obviously this won’t be a huge number, but it’s a business like any other at the end of day, and would rather convince people to play within their ecosystem so they can make money off of them. Call it whatever you want, but it makes sense. People can keep crying over it, but unless MS magically starts selling 3x as many consoles as PS4, Sony has no reason to give a crap.

showtimefolks306d ago


couldn't agree more. it's very simple sony has a lot to lose with very little to gain. i also find it funny now ms/xbox fans want it when last gen sony wanted to do it yet ms said no. the reason FF14 online isn't on xbox one is because of ms not allowing cross play

so let's not act like now ms has changed and phil spencer is all for gamers

want to play with playsyation gamers buy a ps4 otherwise enjoy it on your console of choice. we don't want cross platform play today, tomorrow or any other day

it's the vocal minority trying to pressure sony but it won't work. this same vocal minority yells and shouts about MT/loot boxes yet buy almost every big AAA games that offer either

Theknightofnights306d ago

Why do you care about what Sony has to risk? Are you a gamer or a Sony investor?

DialgaMarine305d ago

@Knight Gamer, but also a realist.

ILostMyMind305d ago

You should stop asking because Sony says it will not gonna happens. Don't be child.

Theknightofnights305d ago


Realistically, Sony could implement this at any time and it would be quite easy. They still have the vast amount of exclusives and more support than Xbox does as a whole, so it isn't like they are going to lose market share.

This is good for gamers. Quit thinking about Sony's lined pockets and business decisions.

tontontam0305d ago

"How would Sony be risking their market share? Why should I give a damn anyways? Just because you don't think Sony needs to, doesn't mean people should stop asking for more players to play with"

"Why do you care about what Sony has to risk? Are you a gamer or a Sony investor?"

WTF is up with these IDIOT people, nobody is telling you that you should care they are just telling you why they think sony is against crossplay.

NeoGamer232305d ago

It is a sad day in gaming when gamers are defending a console company rather than the best interests of all gamers.

Whether you are a Sony gamer or some other gamer, cross network gaming is at the very least an option that gamers who want should be able to take advantage of. I have no problem with gamers saying they don't want to use the feature and by default multi-player gaming should only be within the network. But, if a gamer wants to play with their friends on another device there should be a simple checkbox to allow it. When we start letting companies decide what is best for us there is nothing good that comes of it.

jrshankill305d ago

Listen to You DialgaMarine.. putting a corporation's interest before a gamer's. That's the problem with this gen, your noses are so far up your favourite console's arsehole that you can't see things that would genuinely make gaming better for the masses.

DialgaMarine305d ago

I honestly don’t see that as something the majority of people would benefit from. The vast majority don’t care. This would only be catering to a small minority of people. I don’t want to play XBL kids, so I don’t care about a few crybabies on the internet who do.

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TKCMuzzer306d ago

Because the industry needs to stay competitive to survive, if the console makers are not competing with one another, whats the point? It has only come around because MS have pretty much screwed up this gen, the lack of investment in software has hurt MS and they are looking for an easy fix. Industries like this rely on perception just as much as marketing and MS keep on shooting themselves in the foot.
I for one don't want cross play, I want MS to make some games and convince me that an Xbox is worth the money, I want exclusives on each platform to drive the other platform in order to get better games.

ChristopherJack306d ago

I can't imagine how crossplay will affect much, people buy what their friends play right now but if crossplay removed that from consideration, they'd buy the more attractive package- whatever offers better exclusives & ultimately the best bang for their buck.

Theknightofnights306d ago

It can stay competitive even when it has crossplay. There are still exclusive game lineups, differences in features, etc.

Crossplay would have very little effect on the competition as a whole.

RosweeSon306d ago

Yeah you’d gain some screaming kids in your ear hole, no thanks.

Theknightofnights306d ago

You think there aren't screaming kids on PSN?

Theknightofnights305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

@the disagrees

Are you guys serious? You think there are no screaming kids on PSN but there are on Xbox Live?

This site is so incredibly biased it's unbelievable. Screaming kids are on both sides. You think no kids ask for a PS4?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen306d ago


From a purely business point of view, there is absolutely no incentive for Sony to allow Microsoft to have access to PSN and there's no incentive for Sony to allow PlayStation Network to access Xbox Live. Microsoft would be the only company to benefit from the deal while Sony gets the increased server traffic. Sure it would be great for gamers, but these corporations aren't your friends and they are in business for one reason, to make money. Don't ever believe that Microsoft or Sony cares about your individual wants and desires, you'll only be deluding yourself.

Theknightofnights306d ago

Why are we looking at it from a business standpoint at all? Unless you are a part of that business or an investor it shouldn't matter. Just look at it from a gamer perspective, which you admitted it would be great for.

If it's great for gamers then why aren't we trying to support this? I can only think of one reason, petty fanboyism.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen305d ago (Edited 305d ago )


Sony owns PlayStation, we don't. Therefore we have no choice but to look at this situation from a purely business oriented view point. It doesn't matter if we support this or not. If Sony believes it is not in their best interests to allow Microsoft to use PSN's higher player base to supplement Xbox Live then there's nothing you or I can do about it. There's nothing sinister or anti-consumer about it since you bought what ever system you own without PSN/Xbox Live crossplay. The only reason some people seem to be obsessing over this is because Xbox is slowly losing more market share to PS4 and Xbox fans choose to focus on red herrings and PR instead of complaining about the lack of first party support.

jrshankill305d ago

Stop with the "business side of things" bull! Stop trying to be a market analyst and instead think of gaming in general.
You are an end consumer, that's all you are and all you ever will be. Your interest should be getting matched to more people online, a more robust online infrastructure, and the opportunity to play with family and friends who do not own the same hardware as you. There is no negatives here.
Drop the fanboy idiocy for a while and look at the bigger picture.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen305d ago (Edited 305d ago )


Just like Theknightofnights, you're responding based on the assumption that I don't want crossplay with Xbox Live. Here's the truth: I DON'T CARE IF IT HAPPENS OR NOT.


If there was any type of demand for this feature from a majority of PlayStation owners, Sony would probably acquiesce and allow Xbox Live/PSN crossplay to happen, but they didn't which probably means that most PS4 owners don't care one way or the other.

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UCForce305d ago

I think you need to understand that is competition, not just business. Sony have their momentum on having 70 million PS4 units and more exclusive games than others. So I know Sony never do cross play because of it. And don’t try think MS is very friendly about this. MS want to gain momentum by playing different tactics.

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Magnetar306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

It’s amusing seeing people hostile against the idea and hearing their petty excuse why it shouldn’t happen, when the ones that benefit from it are gamers and developers that make games with a small amount of concurrent users. If the tech is there, I say use it.

yumi76306d ago

Septic your so full of crap, you only posted your stupid article to instigate this argument in the first place.

I imagine that all the rage was building up after your beloved Forza got wrecked by GT Sport then when you realized X also lost to the PS4 in North America you just couldn't resist dragging this topic out of the graveyard.

Now you sit here and have the nerve to pretend like this wasn't your goal. My only regret is actually posting on your crap article and helping it get heat because with out my comment that stupid article probably would have gotten buried on the site like it deserves.

Septic306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

"^^ LOL! Ok....

This isn't my article...

yumi76306d ago

Septic you know what article I am talking about and you knew full well I knew this wasn't it. I am not going to link to it because that will only give you hits.

Pricey305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

@Yumi76 Septic is a turd and like all turds can’t be polished. I know the article you are referring an I too will not link to it. The only reason septic is not banned is to serve this site which sadly seems dependant on pathetically transparent tolls.

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OB1Biker306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

I think its a bit like talking about BC. It goes both ways. Some people are making it as if its a big deal and some people are making it as if its rubbish. The reality is, as often, in the middle. Its not essential at all but if it can be an option then why not?
I think fanboys wars go a bit like politics. People need to clash as in one side is right and one side is wrong. Just like in the comments. Its always about 'winning' an argument rather than really a discussion. So I think crossplay is a cool feature that could happen for a few games with xbox /PS like its already happens with PC and with different VR platforms. Theres no need to get all emotional about it though as its not really essential like it is for VR for instance (because VR needs all the players it can find)

SpineSaw306d ago

You bring up BC and though BC is a good option to have it is clearly part of the lack of gamers playing the multiplats and current gen games on Xbox Live. The more gamers playing BC the less to have playing current gen games like TitanFall 2, Ghost Recon WL, Halo 5, Forza 7 and so on. Now some will point out that of the 30 to 35million XBL gamers only a small percent play BC and this may be true but if any of them are gaming in a BC game their part of the XBL problem and it's a problem not for another platform to solve such as Sony. Microsoft has Cross-play deals with PC and Nintindo and if they still have problems filling a lobby then maybe it's just sad to be a Xbox gamer because this is not a problem Sony or any other company can fix for Microsoft. Microsoft needs to fix their own problems. IMO.

DialgaMarine306d ago

Then maybe you should remind MS that they did the same thing for the same reasons. Only difference is, when MS turned down Sony, Sony simply let it go and moved on; now that the tables have turned, MS and their fan girls are throwing temper tantrums and doing whatever they can to slander Sony and PS4, because they’re so butthurt that their precious brand has been destroyed this gen and the cash fountain that XBL once was is now running dry due to gamers being tired of their crap and the only people still playing are those who have purchased 4 - 5 Xbone’s throughout this gen.

If MS wants cross play so bad, go third party and put all their games on PS4/ PC.

gangsta_red306d ago

Sony never reached out to MS for crossplay, Sony never made a game and asked MS to join. They were asked if they wouldn't mind with FF and they basically shrugged their shoulders with whatever. Que the rage of "MS is ruining the industry" type comments here.

But again it's good to see the replies to Magnetar proving him right. Weak excuses that are hostile about the idea.

yumi76306d ago


What you just said is untrue. Sony was stated they were willing to have cross play last gen on the games they had cross play with on PC. Microsoft refused because they wanted to keep people paying for Xbox Live.

Sony has been doing cross play with PC since PS3 it was Microsoft who was unwilling to join.

DialgaMarine306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

@Yumi Sony was actually doing Cross play with PC on PS2. FFXII was cross play back in 2006.

gangsta_red306d ago

@ Yumi

Sony said they wouldn't mind, they never directly asked MS for crossplay for any of their games.

MS has been doing crossplay with PC since the OG Xbox.

Magnetar305d ago

And I wanted MS to do it last gen. Everyone acts like Sony has this for the gamer attitude, if they were really for the gamers and indies they’d support the feature that some devs would like to use.

Magnetar305d ago

Actually it’s was ffxi, and it had cross play between pc, ps2, 360 and bc ps3s.

Chevalier305d ago


" Yeah it is just corporate slavery and allegiances that dictate their BS defence here"

Says the guy who cheerleads, defends BS and has an allegiance to MS and Xbox? What a hypocrite. Want to explain why Xbox has LESS crossplay games than PS4 then? So Xbod is more open to it and Sony is against it, but, has the MOST crossplay games?! Seriously wtf are you on about? Oh right an Xbox tirade as usual.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen305d ago (Edited 305d ago )


Microsoft's first attempt at cross-play was in 2007 with the game Shadowrun and according to the information here;
You claim that Microsoft had crossplay since the very first Xbox console. If what you say is true would you care to name the game(s) on the original Xbox that had crossplay?



Actually Sony has had crosssplay with PC since 2002 with Final Fantasy XI

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TKCMuzzer306d ago

Spoken like a true Xbox owner and no surprise that Septic endorses your comment. What your saying is, due to the lack of gamers playing games you want to dip into the oppositions pool to make up the player count, when actually you should be questioning why that player count is so low on your hardware in the first place.

Magnetar305d ago

Niche games have problems with concurrent users on any platform.

UCForce305d ago

@Magnetar But there is variety for people to enjoy even its Niche or not. Not everyone enjoy the mainstream thingy. Some people enjoy the small things.

trooper_306d ago

Why should Sony open up to Microsoft when they refused before?

gangsta_red306d ago

They're against it because Sony won't allow it so these people need to justify Sony's decision in the most insane way.

yumi76306d ago

And xbox fans are for it because their servers are empty especially in Europe.

Septic306d ago

Yeah it is just corporate slavery and allegiances that dictate their BS defence here. It benefits all gamers including PlayStation players...shouldnt even be an argument for this but notice the sheer utter lunacy of this.

Ashlen306d ago


So then why didn't Microsoft agree to cross play last gen when the console totals were within a few million?

gangsta_red306d ago


Yes, xbox servers are so empty and only games like Rocket League, Tekken and Minecraft can save the MS servers from being empty.....

Septic, I seriously see your point on this lunacy.

306d ago
Magnetar305d ago

The servers are far from empty. It’s easy to come on here and make up fairytales. Some people have these things called friends and I happen to have friends on both platforms I would like to play with.

Chevalier305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

@Gansta Red

If PS4 is so against crossplay want to explain why they have MORE crossplay games available than Xbox? Your tirade has little backing it. Facts certainly destroy your argument handledly.

RauLeCreuset305d ago

"They're against it because Sony won't allow it so these people need to justify Sony's decision in the most insane way."

That's some projection. Many of the Xbox's more vocal proponents on this site could similarly be accused of hyping up and purchasing a redo version of a console to justify their purchase of the original and loyalty to the brand.

RauLeCreuset305d ago

Here's the harsh truth. Not only is cross-play not ultimately beneficial to PS, but neither is it ultimately beneficial to me as a PS gamer. Why? These companies are looking to profit. That profit often comes at my expense as the consumer in what is hopefully a mutually beneficial arrangement that sees me otherwise compensated for the loss of my dollars. PS denying cross-play to leverage their superior user base as enticement to buy their products doesn't cost me. It costs YOU.

PS is able to leverage a source of revenue that does not involve taking my money. My only titles that I wish had the feature are PSVR titles. Xbox isn't going to be helping there. There's an easy fix if it ever does become an issue for existing PS gamers. PS will pursue it, the same as Xbox is now. It really is a self correcting problem, but right now, PS gamers don't have a problem to correct. Xbox players do. Most accurately, the company relying on promoting their $500 revision hardware as the best place to play multiplats, in the absence of compelling exclusives, has a real problem with the larger user base of the PS4 undermining that claim.

I'm not a heartless hater, but this arrangement benefits me, too. A larger user base results in more support for the system. That's money going into the PS ecosystem that can go toward exclusives, PS+ offerings, and not to mention the larger user base attracting more third party offerings. The Xbox is missing out on many of those offerings due to a smaller user base, compounded by the more selective tastes of that user base. But, again, most importantly, compelling people to enter the PS ecosystem to play with their PS gamer friends means there's an avenue to monetize that doesn't involve dipping into my pockets.

UCForce305d ago

@Septic I can say the same thing with MS and Nintendo.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen305d ago

If Microsoft was truly interested in crossplay because they're trying to be "gamer friendly" then why doesn't Microsoft allow PC gamers who don't use Windows 10 to have crossplay with gamers who use Windows 10?

And then that 'Ah Hah' moment emerges.

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RosweeSon306d ago

I don’t see how I’d benefit from allowing Xbox owners who made their choice to game with me they can do this anytime buy a PS4 I don’t wanna play with people on Xbox got enough gamers to play with.

Magnetar305d ago

Was that supposed to be a reason?

generic-user-name305d ago

You'd have to be super naive to think only gamers and devs would benefit from this.

Magnetar305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

I don’t recall saying “only” at any point. I really don’t care how it will affect MS or Sony. I care about how it effects my wallet and time, by owning two copies of a game and spending the time to unlock things in two versions. Unlike most people here, I don’t pretend to have stock in ms or Sony.

RosweeSon305d ago

Gamers benefit from it sure if your an Xbox gamer with half the amount of players, Sony don’t need it they’ve got 60-70 million concurrent players and counting, Made your choices deal with it. Sony/Nintendo this gen all the way

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Razzer306d ago

Doesn't seem to me that PS4 owners are very interested in cross-play. All the noise about it is coming from Xbox fans. So why should Sony care?

Theknightofnights306d ago

I think there are more of us PS4 owners that are interested in it than you think.

DialgaMarine306d ago

I’ve got a solution for you: if you have friends that want to game with you, but don’t have PS4, then convince them to buy a PS4. Problem solved.

NotoriousWhiz306d ago

@Dialga, you make that sound so easy. You must be a master negotiator.

trooper_306d ago

I don't.

Neither do I care.

DialgaMarine306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Is it though? Base PS4 was dirt cheap this passed Black Friday. Consoles are not that expensive.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen306d ago


If PS4 owners were actually interested in overwhelming numbers there would be never ending stories about it on the internet. Unfortunately, reality clearly shows that these Xbox Live/PSN crossplay stories are being started by Xbox executives and Xbox fans. Microsoft tried it's "We are for the gamers" PR garbage and people saw right through it. Now that the crossplay propaganda campaign has come and gone what exactly has Microsoft done to entice gamers? By saying that "we have games in the pipeline" and "the games are coming?" GTFOH!