EIDOS Montreal, creators of Deus Ex & Tomb Raider games, will now emphasize on online experiences

EIDOS Montreal has created some truly amazing single-player games. However, all of this is about to change. David Anfossi, head of studio at EIDOS Montreal, has revealed that the studio will now emphasize on online experiences. And we are pretty sure that Tomb Raider and Deus Ex fans did not ask for this.

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gangsta_red400d ago

I wonder if it has anything to do with providing a longer lasting gaming experience as well as a more steady stream of revenue?

PraxxtorCruel399d ago

Online focus? Goodbye Eidos Montreal.

mochachino399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

We only have ourselves to blame. All people did was complain about Deus Ex MD for allegedly ended too quickly. I passed it and got 40 hrs in my first play through with all of the side missions. The ending clearly set up a sequel but wasn't truncated at all. The complaints, in my opinion, were unfounded. Gamers ignored (and worse, pilloried) a great game over one issue that arguably didn't exist and in doing so, convinced others not to buy a great game.

Truth is, if Deus MD sold more it would get another SP focused sequel. Gamers didn't buy it despite being a great game. Gamers can't now complain that the dev is changing course and no trying to appeal to a market that so clearly didn't appreciate their SP efforts.

ULTp0ltergeist399d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with gamers not buying it, their games sold more than enough. If anything I think it has more to do with them ditching SP for more money. They didn't have to do this but when you're running a business and there is huge revenue stream elsewhere well you gotta pursue it, unfortunately.

_-EDMIX-_399d ago

Exactly, and this team did this type of development when?


Just no, nothing wrong with MP gaming, but leave that to teams that actually REALLY do that, vs forcing a team to make a concept they are not good at.

brando008398d ago

@mochachino Agreed. I was fortunate to play it before any real online exposure, and I was amazed. Every gameplay element of Human Revolution was expanded upon, in addition to the already great audio design and atmosphere. While the plot might not have seemed as vast in scope to many, it still had a central theme applicable to the world, which was expressed in a more refined setting. It really baffles me how much hate MD gets.

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FullmetalRoyale399d ago

And a sense of accomplishment.

UCForce399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

You are seriously don’t have faith on SP games. This is going to hurt them in long run.

gangsta_red399d ago

You need to respect MP games.

How will it hurt them? They'll still have a sp campaign.

_-EDMIX-_399d ago

@gred-except you're talking about a development team that has never made a successful multiplayer game in the first place.

This is basically Square literally trying to force a developer to make a game they've never actually made before.

We are not talking about DICE or Respawn or anything like that. This is Square Enix simply trying to jump on a trend with a team that has no business even trying to do such a concept.

It's not even saying those type of games are bad simply that this team doesn't even make those games in the first place.

UCForce399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Because they will lose identity for what they good at it. I respect MP, but I don’t like developers put too far on it. It just unbalanced. They still making Single players, but it will be no longer priority for them. I can bet it will be just poor effort. Remember Sleeping Dogs ? I love that game and I wish it has a sequel, but instead SE killed it with focusing online game that killed United Fronts Game. I say it again, you don’t have faith. This will be nothing but more about profit than passion for them.

gangsta_red399d ago

Did Uncharted lose their identity, did Mass Effect lose their identity, I really don't know what identity even means.

Why wouldn't the sp portion be the priority...where are you getting this information from?

Maybe their passion is to provide a great experience in single and multiplayer gameplay. Maybe the profits they earn through mp will help them achieve their dreams to make more games and drive their passion even further.

It's the spring of their youth and you have already decided to crush their spirit without actually trying it. That is very disrespectful.

UCForce399d ago

@gangsta_red Oh really ? Uncharted series have multiplayer, but it wasn’t ND main focus. Their main focus is strong single player and multiplayer is just pure fun without being super serious and competitive in first place. Mass Effect series have lost identity after Mass Effect 3 and MEA by cutting the main focus on SP games. This is not causing their game. It’s just that they don’t know where they are going.

gangsta_red399d ago

I seriously don't understand your definition of identity. No game has lost an identity due to multiplayer being added.

Not to mention you keep saying that the developers will lose focus, exactly how will they lose focus and based on what? What examples or proof do you have that this team will loose focus?

I a positive ND's focus was competitive to get them to where they are today and their mp implementation didn't stop their sp from being any less.

So why do you think this will lose focus?

RememberThe357398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Seems to me it's an issue of time. If you're putting your effort into one thing you don't have time for other things. I think having Bungie help ND with Uncharted 2 MP was a pretty big deal and set the ground work for MP in the following ND games. Maybe Edios will have a similar level of help, but if they're trying to build online on their own I'm hoping Square gives them some leeway.

_-EDMIX-_398d ago

@gred-sorry but it's not sounding like Square Enix is simply saying they're going to Add a multiplayer portion in a single player game like Uncharted it's literally sounding like they're going to make these games into multiplayer Focus titles similar to MMOs.

I don't even think they would ever be a reason to even announce something like that the way they've just worded this if that was even the case.

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398d ago
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-Foxtrot400d ago

Considering they tried this with the first Tomb Raider in the reboot and failed...yeah good luck p***** fans off.

Mt's and Lootboxes here we come...

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_-EDMIX-_398d ago

Lol Agreed.

Square Enix is only doing this so they could take advantage of the money they know they could make from games as a service. There's nowhere inside the universe is of any of these games that even justifies any type of multiplayer component, this is nothing to do with the natural progression of any of these games this has everything to do with Square Enix looking to turn a quick buck.

I mean I might play multiplayer games but majority of them are by teams that are actually proficient at multiplayer games in the first place neither of these teams that square has any real experience making these type of games in the first place this is nothing but a cash grab and it's probably going to result in Square Enix closing down one of these teams.

They should have just legitimately left those teams to create single player games as opposed to trying to force them to create concept that just don't make any sense and is just out of the realm of their expertise.

Just like I said many times on this website I don't see a company like DICE making a single player game that wins a bunch of Game of the Year Awards anymore then I see naughty dog making a multiplayer game that wins a bunch of awards.

They are development teams that only make multiplayer games that's still chase after some of these Ace development teams that have literally had decades at the very top of multiplayer game development.

A team that has no experience in this concept is just not going to beat out the top multiplayer development teams like DICE Respawn Sledgehammer Games etc. This is nothing more than Square Enix trying to chase after a fad

CaptainSellers400d ago

Pls no, the MP sucked in the TR reboot and Breach mode did nothing for Mankind Divided.

-Foxtrot400d ago

Breach mode was awful, it offered nothing and you could see the inclusion dumbed down the lacking single player...even the DLC updates that came after was stuff which should have been in the main game. For example a DLC on Pritchard who was in the first game and you never heard about in the second game despite being one of the main characters...come on.

You could see what a small mode like that did with the development so god knows what would happen if they tried to do something bigger.

Some developers just aren't cut out for both

_FantasmA_399d ago

The multiplayer in TR actually felt smooth and it was fun killing people. They just needed more game modes and maps. It was much better than Uncharted 3's multiplayer. Still, even though I enjoyed it, I don't think they need to add it in because I would rather have a longer campaign. If they do add it in, they need to take it seriously and make it a fully fleshed out experience and promote it.

yumi76400d ago

No thanks. You can keep your MT storefronts. I pass.

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