How Can Nintendo Keep Momentum Going in 2018?

Nintendo has had a massive comeback in 2017, but can they keep up the momentum through next year as well? Let's take a look.

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PhoenixUp359d ago

I doubt Nintendo has what it takes to make a fully featured online service

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The Wood358d ago

It almost seems like they've put their best out already. Metroid and a few others can help continue the momentum somewhat but I doubt it can replicate this year's cadence.

Tewi-Inaba358d ago

I'm pretty sure Pokemon can out do both Mario and zelda

RommyReigns358d ago


Regarding at least sales, Pokemon will not just 'out do' but absolutely obliterate both of them worldwide, Pokemon is a juggernaut, and if the game is an open world RPG (like Horizon but with Pokemon stuff, all the regions and areas, and wild 3D Pokemon roaming all over loosely waiting to be battled or caught) then it would be GOTY-elect (unless something like The Last of Us Part 2 is released in the same year).

quent358d ago

Neither does PSN, it turned into a forced to pay/rental service

PhoenixUp358d ago

@ Woolly

Not comparable at all. PSN didn’t launch as bare bones as NWFC. Also for the past 11 years Sony has been dramatically improving their service so that it could be on par and even greater than its competition while for the past 12 years Nintendo has been languishing in delivering only the bare minimum with no urgency to create a service that could compete with PSN & XBL.

@ quent

PSN has just as much functionality as XBL. Nintendo will be charging for a service that has less to offer than its competition.

davand114357d ago

That's why they bought a large share of a company that specializes in making online services.

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optimus358d ago

By releasing a stellar metroid game, a metroid compilation. A new blaster master, secure rights to a new ninja gaiden game. A new yoshi game would be nice as well. All that in 2018 and i'd say it would be another excellent year for nintendo.