Mantis Burn Racing Dev Didn’t Do Anything For 4k/60fps On Xbox One X, Console Didn’t ‘Break A Sweat’

Voofoo Studios talks about the seamlessly transitioning to 4K/60 FPS on Xbox One X from the Xbox One.

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yumi76365d ago

Ok... that's great, it's also native 4k/60fps on Pro.

gameseveryday365d ago

Yes, but I am assuming it must have required more optimizations compared to the Xbox One X due to hardware difference.

JaguarEvolved365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Mantis Burn Racing Dev Didn’t Do Anything For 4k/60fps On Xbox One X, Console Didn’t ‘break a sweat just like it didnt break into the NPD November sales in the number one spot like the ps4 did

yumi76365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Uh that's doubtful. Have you looked at any video of it?

DARK_WOLF364d ago

People also spent more $$$ overall on xbox consoles than ps4 in november... seeing as u love sales so much wouldnt that matter more in the end?

ILostMyMind364d ago

Why are you assuming that?

thekhurg364d ago



Another $500 xbox console was launched, vs a far cheaper PS4 that still crushed it in sales. Next?

kevnb364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I doubt devs do much for the higher powered consoles, just turn up some settings. It’s just like when you get a new video card, just turn up the settings. Devs don’t need to go back and optimize each old game for every new video card, the real work in the case of these consoles is testing how far they can push it.

IamTylerDurden1364d ago


PS4 beat xbox and the Switch in November's NPD. PS4 was November's best selling console. Please do not try to spin it. I understand that ppl are upset Xbox lost NPD the same month that the X launched, i know ppl were hoping Xbox would at least win in its own backyard the month its ultra new console released, but it still sold fairly well so ppl should take solace in that.

mikeslemonade364d ago

Racing games would run 4k 60 frames on a tricycle powered generator. Racing genre is a weak.

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Bigpappy364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

It actually looks great on the X. $15 game to boot.

The developer is just talking about how easy its was to get his game running 4K60 on the X. He wasn't taking a shot at the pro. He is obviously very impressed with the X though.

yumi76364d ago

I'm not blaming the dev, I'm blaming gamingbolt.

Cmv38364d ago

Maybe they should spend more time advertising their game as well

DrumBeat364d ago

@yumi You don't like, HAVE to come to these gamingbolt articles that you hate. It's clearly stated where these articles originate, yet people still copiously complain.

rainslacker364d ago

He was talking about it because GB asked him. Why didn't GB also ask about the PS4P version? Seems if people care so much about how easy it is on the X1X, they'd also be interested in how easy it was for the PS4P.

Obviously, GB doesn't care about that though. Providing interesting information to their readers isn't really what they're about.

I don't know why GB keeps asking devs these questions though. When it comes to publicly speaking about these things in interviews, most devs are going to be diplomatic at worst, gushing at best, and when gushing, they'll typically leave out any relevant information that means much to anyone who could use that information to expand their knowledge on the subject.

Kind of like how all those devs said they could get their games running in a day on X1X....while leaving out how much optimization would have to be put in to make it run well.

IamTylerDurden1364d ago

This is a pointless article, does the X need the press that bad? Wow, the X runs Mantis Burn at the same framerate and resolution as the Pro. We had Mantis Burn at native 4K/60fps on Pro a year ago. I don't get it, so the Pro was able to handle native 4K/60fps...but the X was "REALLY" able to handle native 4K/60fps? Silly article. GamingBolt at its finest.

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364d ago
Cyborgg364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

At least it's doing better than PUBG. That game drops to 4fps on the One X geez

PFFT364d ago

No it doesnt. I have the Xbox One X version and the dips are not as bad as you say. They are quite a few dips far in between and it drops no less than 4-6 frames. But its mostly stable especially if you turn off Broadcasting/captures.

IamTylerDurden1363d ago

Irrelevant. An article fawning over the X running a game at the same specs Pro did an entire year ago.

shloobmm3364d ago


It didn't crush it. It barely beat it. If you sell a million things for 1$ and I sell only 400k for $3 I win. It's that simple.

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NoPeace_Walker365d ago

Another confirmation that the X is Godzilla of the console world. 👍🏼

xer0365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Yeah... sales of astronomical holiday sales are pure fantasy - like Godzilla :/

RomanPSX364d ago

Butt hurt. The x its selling 3 times as much as the pro.

xer0364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

@RomanPSX ~ If that's your logic then you must have been Butt hurt for the past 4 years.
The reason why the Xbox One X sells better is because the original and Xbox One and S were weak consoles compared to the original PS4.

Xbox One is a disappointment to Microsoft.
And it's taken them 4 years to `reverse engineer` (copy) what makes the original PS4 so great... while providing a a small boost over the Pro.

Zero_Suit_Samus364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

“Another confirmation that the X is Godzilla of the console world.”

Godzilla is getting trounced by PS4 and Switch sales. So in theory is the weakest performer in the console world.

Trueflames364d ago

Did you know nintendo took 3rd spot in sales fyi

xsta1ker364d ago

i wouldn't say trounced buy under cut by price yes obviously lower cost items will sell more product
but the x for its price is selling very well and Microsofts xbox 1 x are actually trouncing
both the ps4 and switch in profit from sales fact.

364d ago
NoPeace_Walker364d ago

The_Infected? Is that you? I love how you keep changing your name on a weekly basis but I knew it was you since you say the same BS in every Pro Xbox One X article. LOL

I play definitive edition on consoles while you continue to play sales. 👍🏼

Aenea364d ago


LOL, you funny, if it's so obvious why hasn't the Xbox One and Xbox One S been outselling the PS4 the past 2 to 3 years? After all, it's been the cheapest console each and every month since a long time...

alb1899364d ago

What does have to do sales with power?
The X Is a Godzilla because of his power.
The X Is selling as is supposed to taking in consideration that is a 500 dollar machine vs a 199 one. Well, the X Is selling more than was predicted......more than the double that was predicted.

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DialgaMarine364d ago

Do take Godzilla’s name in vain by comparing him to that piece of crap.

NoPeace_Walker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Sales sales sales....blah blah blah....and still no valid argument against the fact that the X is the most powerful console ever. LOL

364d ago
Zero_Suit_Samus364d ago (Edited 364d ago )


“Sales sales sales....blah blah blah....and still no valid argument against the fact that the X is the most powerful console ever. LOL”

What was your argument when PS4 was the most powerful console for the last 4 years?

NoPeace_Walker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"What was your argument when PS4 was the most powerful console for the last 4 years"

Easy, I already have a PS4 way back then and bought the multiplat games that are avaialble on both platforms for my OG PS4 over the XB1 due to it being more powerful and have the best ports.

Now, the table have turned....and I am buying those multiplat games that are available on both consoles on the more powerful console for my 4K TV.

See the_Infected, look how easy that is. Painless. 👍🏼

xer0364d ago

PS4 base model is more powerful than the original Xbox One.
If power is what motivates your purchase, why didn't you buy the most powerful console 4 years ago?

I'm not even going to drag exclusives into the comment.

Zero_Suit_Samus364d ago


“Easy, I already have a PS4 way back then and bought the multiplat games that are avaialble on both platforms for my OG PS4 over the XB1 due to it being more powerful and have the best ports.“

Did you go around calling PS4 a BEAST in every article?

balance2theforce364d ago

Well to be fair, the article was just about how easy it was to get it up and running. And while that's undoubtedly true, they weren't going on record saying anything about the power. We already know that though. What I did find funny though was that early on this was one of the few games a lot of the sony fanboys were throwing at the fanboys on the other side as proof to the pro's capabilities. Now they're down playing these guys and shitting on them. Which is utterly pathetic and just wrong now that they are no longer useful because of what they said about the Xbox One X.

As far as the parroting sales talk, It is really kind of annoying, weird and downright creepy AF when all the hell you hear these zombies and fanboys talk about are sales. Life must be pretty pathetic when seemingly one of the most important things in your life and brightest spots in your waking day is waking up and knowing that some company that doesn't care about you or even knows that you exist (outside of being a faceless number) sold you and others a box and are making money....that you don't ever see a penny of for benefit from. *insert Raven from Teen Titan's monotone voice while mockingly throws up less than enthusiastic jazz hands to celebrate* Yaaaaaaay! Lol Man, get a damn life!

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MrVux000364d ago

That is kinda of a bad comparison, considering Godzilla had a pretty gruesome end.

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AizenSosuke365d ago

It's a great console, but a mid-range PC remember that.

Pantz364d ago

a mid range pc that small and that quiet doesn't exist.

364d ago
SierraGuy364d ago

The cooling system technology in the X has been used for eons in the PC world it's old tech.

Pantz364d ago

What store are you guys finding these small form factor, liquid cooled PC's, capable of 4K 60FPS at? Ah I better ask, do they come with HDMI 2.1?

bluefox755364d ago

@pantz 60fps? Lol, you spelled 20fps wrong.

Razzer364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Bullshit. You’ve never seen a gaming laptop? lol

Pantz364d ago

You can get a 4K 60FPS capaple, liquid cooled laptop with HDMI 2.1 for $500?

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tontontam0364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Good news if xbox one x can easily handle it.

this means my pc will run it @ 4k 144 fps.

tontontam0364d ago

Good job microsoft you have maximized performance for the $500 dollar price point.

You even made your fans think that xbox one x performs better than a $2000 pc.

russo121364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

It is great X has the power of the pixels but it's sad it has no more value (no games to show it's prowess) than the xone.

SkippyPaccino364d ago

Like clockwork gamingbolt! Lol! 60% of the time... All the time!

richyque364d ago

I love these daily articles from paid small indi developers telling us every day that xboxone x great.

xsta1ker364d ago

so what because your bias view of a product you can't stand for whatever reason means all these small indi
developers are payed shills please get a grip on yourself.

Black0ut364d ago

And these positive opinions affect you because...?

zb1ftw777364d ago Show
rainslacker364d ago

They aren't paid. But GB gives them an outlet to talk about their game. Not many would have heard of this game without these kinds of articles, so smaller devs take the oppurtunity to talk to GB, despite GB just using them for hits.

In the end, I can't see a lot of people going out with as much fervor to buy this game as I see using it as an example of why the new console is so beastly. That's more important to the fan boys, and Gamingbolt has made it's name on exploiting dev quotes to incite the flame wars with what amounts to mostly meaningless quotes from random devs.

It's a shame, because some of these games actually are pretty good, but very few here care beyond what it can do for their preferred console.

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