Stranger Things: The VR Experience Now Available for Free on PlayStation VR

Want more Stranger Things after finishing season 2? Try our the VR experience now.

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ILostMyMind403d ago

PSVR is becoming a very tempting purchase. 😯

MoonConquistador403d ago

It's actually essential once you try it out. I've just treated myself to a steering wheel and chair and the experience you get from DIRT Rally in VR is sublime.

Gonna try this too as I'm (im)patiently waiting the next series.

cd1402d ago

I've been thinking the same since the new SKU has HDR pass-through, its down in price too.

Gamefiend23402d ago

So tempting. I gave in. Looked every where til I found one. Took 3 days to find it. Gran turismo bundle for $199

BLAKHOODe403d ago

It's not available in the U.S. yet - hopefully Tuesday. But at least this "experience" is free. I've paid for a few that should have been free, like Everest, Justice League. And if Stranger Things is like what you could already play using YouTube VR with PSVR, I'd be disappointed paying any money for it, too. Nice tech demo, though.

inveni0403d ago

Nothing someone worked on should be free. That's silly. People put work into something, and we should pay something to enjoy it. How much we should pay is another topic.

hamburgerhill403d ago

Yes very true. Should be an option to pay something if you feel this way.

BLAKHOODe403d ago

"Experiences" like Justice League, Ghostbusters and Spider-Man: Homecoming are more like tech demos and advertisements for their brands. In those cases, they help sell their movies, just as Stranger Things helps sell it's show and Netflix subscriptions. So there is money being made without gamers having to spend a dime on any VR "experience". Plus, they give you something to show off your PSVR to friends that might go buy their own, which helps Sony make money.

Now Everest and Apollo 11 (which I enjoyed), I can understand there being a price tag, as they're not exactly selling you on anything. They're more for educational purposes.

subtenko403d ago

You do know that its not actually 'free' right? Those apps you download, they have in-app ads of collect data about you. Social media isnt 'free' its collects a TON of data about you and sells it off. free apps, a lot of times the person who made it gets paid by a publisher/company to produce it. So dont worry...they are getting something out of it whether you realize it or not