Monster Hunter World File Size Revealed for Xbox One

Monster Hunter World file size has been revealed for this epic coop focused monster hunting game with the Xbox Marketplace coming in at an alright file size.

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NoPeace_Walker309d ago

"The game is Xbox One X enhanced featuring support for HDR." Nice 👍🏼

Lovable309d ago

If I had the choice, I'd probably buy it in X1. Great stuff here

Godmars290309d ago

Great looking stuff that can be played elsewhere.

Honestly don't get the need to sound like you're beating off to this.

Lovable309d ago Show
Krysis309d ago

@godsmear go revel in your sales numbers. PlayStation owners by default don't like this game anyways because it's not single player narrative driven experience. The best version of this will be on Xbox one x and MS superior online infrastructure.

zerocarnage309d ago

Damn wished I could get an X sorted for MHW, can't see it in time for the game but I'll be set once my shifts come in from my new job..

Can't wait for MHW more than x-mas lol

309d ago
zuul9018309d ago

12.94 GBs for anyone that doesnt want to have to click on their garbage.....

opinionated309d ago

That ain’t shit... I don’t understand how some games can be 80 gigs.