First screenshots released for Human Head’s new sandbox open-world Viking RPG, Rune: Ragnarok

Human Head Studios has revealed the first screenshots for its upcoming sandbox open-world Viking RPG, Rune: Ragnarok. Rune: Ragnarok is the sequel to the 17-year old Rune game and promises to combine brutal melee combat with rich, Norse-inspired mythology.

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starchild304d ago

I'm really looking forward to it. I've been wanting a good viking game with Norse setting for a long time.

Imalwaysright304d ago

You could try Expeditions Viking. I can't say much about it because I haven't played it yet.

AnubisG305d ago

Norse inspired and they put horns on helmets. That so not Norse. But why would anyone care? Popular media made it so that Vikings had horns on their helmets so there.

thorstein304d ago

It's a video game.

Or... is it cultural misappropriation?

Or... it's a video game.

Mr_GoolyPunch304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

They also didn't have giants like in the first screenshot which is offensive to both vikings AND giants

opinionated304d ago

What has human head released before? It looks ok.

DarkOcelet304d ago

Well, their most notable game is 2006's Prey which was great for its time.

opinionated304d ago

Oh ok yeah I liked prey it was solid. That’s good news.

NiteX304d ago

It really sucks it took them this long to finally make a sequel. I have a feeling it's going to just get overshadowed by the new God of War game.

Relientk77304d ago

Cool, ill wait for the gameplay

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