GOTY Winner 2017: Did Zelda Deserve to Take The Game Awards Title?

David and Rossco look at the GOTY winner 2017 and the nominations from The Game Awards as Game N Respawn debate Zelda taking the title. Did it deserve to win ahead of the competition from the other nominations?

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-Foxtrot2406d ago

Not really. If it had to be a Nintendo game I thought Super Mario Odyssey was beautifully done and way more deserving.

Just felt like it relied on the Zelda name first and then the actual game second.

Neonridr2406d ago

Zelda was more grand at the end of the day. It has a more sweeping story and felt dramatic. Mario is a blast, don't get me wrong and it's how you do platforming. But Zelda was just epic.

my opinion of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Yes, I have to say it did. It was the best game this year. Got to give it it's due. I predicted it would win because it was the best game this year and if it didn't, there would of been something wrong with the awards.

The only argument was maybe Horizon Zero Dawn, I think that game was great also and if Zelda didn't win, then it would of been Horizon, that's the only argument I can see. But in the end, I still give the edge to Zelda.

Neonridr2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

@Lightning - it was a fabulous year between Horizon and Uncharted on the PS4 and Zelda and Mario on the Switch. This doesn't exclude all the other amazing games both consoles received as well.

deafdani2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Oh don't worry, Foxtrot has plenty of salt to take your opinion with. XD XD XD

mikeslemonade2405d ago

Zelda wins by default. Yes it's an overrated Nintendo game where you played mini dungeons and ran/climbed most of the time, but there was nothing else better.

NecrumOddBoy2405d ago

Zelda's story was sweeping???

What story? Defeat Ganon? Help... Zelda's trapped in the Castle? Can you recover the lost memories of walking around and listening to your dead friend's bad dialog? The story wasn't good.

120 Puzzle Shrine levels and 900 Hidden Seeds... Sounds like this could have been an iPhone game.

Oh wait the dugeons... Oh there is none.

The bosses? Oh you mean the same shadow Ganon 4 times with no real difference?

Side quests! Or fetch quests which leads to nothing but weak potions or rupees.

I will say the climbing, physics and Shrine side quests are great. The cooking is absolutely awesome but needed a cook book. I will say the SOTC way to get into The Beasts were also pretty epic, but the game is all surface and no real meat.

But that is it. This game was repetitive and lacks the heart of better Zelda games. No worthy weapons, spells, items, or anything memorable. BOTW will never come close to any other Zelda except maybe Z2, SS, or the CD-i games.

This whole game is all about fetch quest in your way to get enough hearts and stamina to complete the one mission that matters...

_-EDMIX-_2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Of course more buzzwords and more immeasurable features.

Be like "I think Ghost Recon deserve to win game of the year because I mean it was more Grand and more Epic"

@nec-exactly my biggest problem is they are absolutely roasted Dragon Age Inquisition for having so much filler Quest yet Zelda has this ridiculous amount of filler content with those stupid seeds

I mean by that logic we should be giving Assassin's Creed game of the year because those dumb Flags or Birds you collect lol

One of the things I find so hilarious is that most Nintendo gamers are scared to specifically say any actual real reason why the game should have been such a prestigious award a lot of it is stupid a measurable features like epic or grand or their emotions while playing the game no one is actually able to say any future inside of the game that is some sort of brand new mechanic.

It's not the first open world game
it's not the first game you could climb in it's not the first time you had a game where you could make food or other elements by this Logic No Man's Sky Minecraft and a whole bunch of games should be winning these Awards.

Ironically enough the majority of the crappy see from breath of the wild has been completely ripped off from the Assassin's Creed series so if they love those games so much I believe Nintendo Gamers should be playing Assassin's Creed lol

But I guess you have to slap Nintendo on there and change the character to link for them to realize it's a good game. Be like "the magical scale and epicness of Link being in Egypt is beyond Epic derrrrrr GOTY"


At the end of the day Nintendo bought Game of the Year this year they likely have a bunch of backdoor deals with these journalist.

mikeslemonade2405d ago

^Yea it's nintendo fan servicing. A 97 meta on nintendo switch is actually only like a 91 on current gen systems.

And Dragon Age Inquistion won many goty awards over Bayo 2, Mario 3d land, and Smash despite those nintendo games having a higher meta score.

Sono4212405d ago

"It has a more sweeping story and felt dramatic"

What?.... it had no story... simply "Gannon is bad.. Gannon is back... beat him pls." There is almost no context given other than a tiny bit in the memories spread throughout the world. In what way shape or form is that a story? Storytelling is all but absent, you get more context in Super Mario Odyssey and I think we can all agree that isn't a story driven game, but that's okay. That isn't what it's going for, Mario Odyssey is all about the brilliantly layed out levels and player freedom on how to beat them. In essence that is also what breath of the wild tries to do but it doesn't come near the level of perfection of Mario Odyssey. BotW has many flaws, Odyssey does not. Mario Odyssey rewards you for thinking outside the box and doing incredibly tricky jumps to get to places you would think you aren't even meant to be, Breath of the wild slaps you in the face for even just exploring it's world giving you nothing over and over and over again. Anyone saying Zelda deserved it over Mario Odyssey simply didn't play both games, or is such a Zelda fanboy they look over all it's many flaws and just repeat the same nonsense over and over again "Brilliant design" "Reinvents open world games" even though both of those statements are false and Mario Odyssey is light years ahead of BotW in terms of design. That isn't an opinion that's a fact.

Neonridr2404d ago

@EDMIX - please, enlighten us with your Zelda and Mario expertise. Tell me how many hours you logged in either game?

No offense dude, but you having an opinion about whether Zelda or Mario deserved the GOTY more is laughable at best. You don't own a Switch, you didn't play either game. Give it up. Your "opinions" mean absolutely nothing because you have zero experience. I mean how can you say that one game was better or worse than the other when you have no idea yourself?

See I actually own a PS4. I play Horizon and Uncharted.. I can actually make those comparisons because I know what all 4 games played and felt like.

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Neonridr2406d ago

as far as Zelda games go, no Zelda game in recent history was as different or took as many risks as BoTW did either. This game was more like the original on NES. Come out of a cave, opening title. Figure out where to go and what to do.

I mean did you prefer Mario over Zelda because of the gameplay? Both were beautiful in their own right.

Sono4212405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I prefer Mario over Zelda because the game has less flaws than BotW. BotW is riddled with flaws from beginning to end, the game was built on flawed design. Mario Odyssey is brilliantly laid out from start to finish. Every inch of every world is thought out with meticulous detail making a very seamless and flawless experience, truly a masterpiece. The same cannot be said for BotW. That game smacks you in the face for exploring, all you ever find is the same exact 3 things, korrok seeds, spirit orbs, and the same random items spread throughout the map... so exciting. Especially when compared to previous Zelda's where you would spend the game building link's arsenal up, getting new (actually useful) abilities. None of that happens in BotW. The game is hollow beginning to end. Then there's always a chance for things to get exciting, like the labyrinths, then what do you find at the middle... JUST ANOTHER SHRINE, i've seen a million of these things already and they are all set to the difficulty level for a 5 year old. Every single time you think you are about to find something interesting and actually be rewarded you are greeted with another shrine, another weapon that will break 3 enemies later, and another orb which you need 3 more of just to increase your hearts by one.... could you put me to sleep any faster? It discourages me from exploring every single time. Same with the divine beasts, only one of the did I actually have to sit and think about it for a bit. But I will say that at least two of the divine beasts were brilliantly laid out, sure still easy, but at least you could tell there was a lot of thought put into the designs. Then all of the "abilities" you get from the divine beasts are simply handicaps that make an already easy game even easier, it's like they were trying to put me to sleep.

Neonridr2404d ago

@Sono - don't get me wrong, I love both games and both have their reasons. I just think Zelda was a little more story driven. I know you don't agree and will go on length talking about the games bugs and flaws. But critics and users seem to agree that it was an amazing game.

Sure the game has areas that can be improved, but that's where a future installment will take what made BoTW great and build on areas that it maybe lacked in. I loved that weapons had durability, but it would have been nice to be able to repair those items instead of losing them forever. The point to exploring was to find the shrines to increase your hearts or agility though. You sort of had to explore the map if you wanted to max out your hearts.

I did miss the conventional dungeons though, and hope they go back to those. I agree that the powers gained from each dungeon just felt sort of thrown in and definitely made it harder to die for example.

TallonIV2406d ago

Super Mario Odyssey while fantastic was kind of more of the same (in a good way.) With BOTW however, Nintendo took huge risks changing the formula and it paid off. Redefining the open world genre is no easy feat and don't be surprised if you see games in the future copying BOTW's formula. That's why I believe the right game won.

Lovable2405d ago Show
madforaday2405d ago


It didn't redefine open world games at all, it just excelled in everything besides story. The same concept can be said with Horizon Zero Dawn, it didn't redefine the genre, it just excelled in every category including story. If I told you I want a great open world game with a story. You would pick games like Witcher 3 and Horizon, Zelda won't be said at all. The word Zelda and Mario goes a LONG LONG way for their games. I see so many reviewers shit on other games for certain things. When a Nintendo game comes along with one of those words in it, the reviewer forgets about it. Lastly, with all that said, the new Zelda and Mario games are AMAZING, don't want people to think I didn't like them. You talked about risks and I personally believe what GG did was a MUCH bigger risk than what the developers did for Zelda. The word Zelda is in the game, people are going to buy it no matter what compared to a new IP.

2405d ago
HaveSumNuts2405d ago

Zelda totally deserves it because Nintendo been f'ing up for like a decade since the Wii came out and they finally made a console and game that's decent. Nintendo like the slow kid in class that just picked up his hand and answered the question correct 1st time ever. Teacher and the other students shocked, people start clapping and shit. Well of course Xbox / Playstation have been at the top but heyyyy...... Nintendo actually did something right so let them have it.

balance2theforce2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Hahaha, Nintendo has made more classics than both of those guys combined bruh. And I don't believe they've had a game ever read is Holly at some of Nintendo's. Don't worry though, more and more people are getting tired of the agenda here and becoming more aware of thr fact that if it isn't a certain box round here you guys are always going to hate. And if some of the out-of-the-blue PM's I've gotten are any indication folks are beginning to have a laugh at you boys being bitter and spewing dat sodium every time Zelda or anything not pro you know who is mentioned.

Just look at da whining and excuses here. The media is biased! The awards are rigged! Sounds like another windbag out there. From some of the first posts on down, it's been whining (still), bitterness and ongoing hate. And not going to lie, it's great seeing that much effort. As the more these people post, the more you see that it really has them hurt! 😆🤣🤣

showtimefolks2405d ago

fox couldn't agree more and just look at your disagrees. people can't accept the fact this zelda game that they waited years for wasn't as good as past zelda games

nintendo games are reviewed with a soft spot in reviewers hearts so most of the times they will get better review scores

deafdani2405d ago

So, you and Foxtrot and a few other select privileged individuals are right, while the rest of the gaming population and critics (say, about 95%) are wrong.


Lovable2405d ago


Man stay true to your name.

Neonridr2405d ago

sales and reviews indicate otherwise showtimefolks.

Lovable2405d ago

Kek @ Sales = Quality argument..

Imalwaysright2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

People are allowed to disagree especially when they are disagreeing with a troll. Also no one has to accept how you perceive this game and I have no idea why you think anyone should. The rest of your comment is just more of the unsubstantiated nonsense that I'm used to seeing from ps fanboys that don't like the fact that BOTW outscored every sony game this generation.

2405d ago
showtimefolks2405d ago


like i said in my other comments goty awards are subjective. rest of the gaming or the select few(your words) who actually review it? how many sites are there that actually count with metacritic

one again as someone who didn't like this zelda i am wrong for not liking it but could it be to me atleast it was a great experience, now let me rephrase it it was an above average 8.5 to 9/10 type experience. i guess 9/10 is me hating and i should be called names or worst

when did 9./10 become so bad


please don't make the sales argument as other games sold much much better


i don't think reviewers gave a game that deserved 4/10 out of 10 a perfect score because of nintendo. let's say a game made by nintendo is closer to 8.5 to 9/10 they will have no problem pushing it to a perfect score. in no way shape or form is zelda BOTW a bad game it's actually a great game i personally just don't think it's 10/10 type experience. once again just my opinion

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Imalwaysright2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Says the troll that was trolling and downplaying BOTW before its release date. You even got to the point of claiming that the developers that were praising the game were lying (yeah I remember that as well and don't try to deny it) such is the buthurt that the game has caused you. Let the buthurt flow through you.

Neonridr2405d ago

I keep asking Fox how many hours they have logged in both games to understand their point of view but they keep ignoring my questions. Fox, do you even own a Switch and both games?

Imalwaysright2405d ago

His point of view was set in stone well before he played the game if he played it at all.