November 2017 NPD: Xbox One brings in more spending, but Sony sells more PlayStation 4s

U.S. consumers wanted new video game hardware in November, and they spent a ton of money getting the latest Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo devices. This led to a strong month for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. In fact, November doesn't have a clear winner in terms of hardware sales. Gamers bought more PS4s than Xbox Ones or Nintendo Switch systems, but people also spent more money buying Xbox Ones than PS4s or Nintendo's Switch, according to industry tracking firm The NPD Group.


Admin note because people *seem* confused.

Sony sold more consoles than the competition, this affects market share but not at a large level so it really just maintains market share they already had. Microsoft brought in the most revenue from hardware sales, which is a measurement of total that consumers paid and not profit. Switch sold a lot of hardware as well without any sales deals. We are living in a period of great competition between the three, which is what we all should want for more services, support, and games going forward.

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Majin-vegeta405d ago

What else is new with the crazy line up of games this year and what's to come in the future.With a $199 price tag.Sony killed it.🤙

Lightning Mr Bubbles405d ago

Wow, so PS4 outsold XBOX one X in November?

JaguarEvolved405d ago

PlayStation domination across all nations

405d ago
Lightning Mr Bubbles405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Wait, so PS4 also outsold the Switch? That's also great news! Playstation fans, we are in a very good position.

morganfell405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Yes it did. And it is all downhill for them from here. Launch month was their best bet. As we move into the new year, Sony starts to bring major guns to bear. Games like God of War and Days Gone along with more VR growth.

"In 2018, we’re unlikely to get any major revisions from Sony or Microsoft, so those companies will likely focus on software support"

Again it is Sony that easily tops MS with software support. Games, that thing that actually matters at the end of the day ,are Sony's hand to play.

Eonjay405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Yes it's really impressive. The Xbox One S was even cheaper than the PS4 so honestly, I thought that plus the launch would do it.
Oh year Xbox hasn't won NPD in over a year.

405d ago
UltraNova405d ago

Not even the switch with Mario couldn't stop it. Damn.

The ps4 took the cake and started running away with it. Hell they didn't even stop to eat it.

bouzebbal405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

i thought x1x was flying off the shelves and xbox were so surprised about the appeal among gamers and the pre-orders??? is that only bluff from xbox? would be 1st time they BS us :D

Gran Turismo was the big release of this month.
It was well timed by Sony. Really hats off..

DarXyde405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

It's not terribly surprising if you think about it. $500 to play, for the overwhelming most part, the same games as the console that cost $200 on black Friday. And, with the $200 console, you get access to more [current] games.

I'm not surprised in the least there. What DID surprise me was seeing the One S get outsold. It's a UHD Blu-ray player that plays games and Microsoft, due to smaller market share, had more growth potential; since less people own an Xbox than PS4, Microsoft had more room to expand their market and still 'lost' at home.

One X, I imagine, will sell better when the price drops. But keep in mind that stock wasn't really plentiful, so that's worth considering.

Cryptcuzz405d ago

I expected as much.
Starting early next year, it will dominate even more when the likes of exclusives; God of War, Detroit, Dreams, Spider Man, Ni No Kuni 2, Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, Shadow of Colossus, etc, begin releasing throughout the year.

alb1899405d ago

I don't get the surprise. People where looking for specials because it was black Friday and cybermonday, and Sony put the PS4 at 199?
Having better and more exclusives didn't hurt either.
Now, I'm sure that the X sold a lot more than the Pro and will keep doing so for the rest of the generation. Taking in consideration that the X Is Made fore the core, you will see some changes on third party sells as the X keep growing on the market.

morganfell405d ago

"But keep in mind that stock wasn't really plentiful, so that's worth considering."

Oh please, even the supposedly limited edition Scorpio kept reappearing. They had stock. I was in Gamestop on Black Friday and they had stock of the standard X1X.

NewMonday405d ago

never expected the PS4 to win this month going up the hyped XboneX and a new console launch.

johndoe11211405d ago

"Now, I'm sure that the X sold a lot more than the Pro" I'm gonna call BS on that. The ps4 pro is higher on the amazon best sellers list than the 1x. Amazon is not the "be all" but it is a very good representation of the current sales market.

fiveby9404d ago

Sony did say they had their best black Friday ever. I guess they had a great month overall. I hear gamers of all ages, particularly younger ones, say they want PS4. Not only for the great games but also because that is where their friends are playing. And many I know are seeking to have a PS4 and a Switch. I still love my PS4 but with my new 4K tv I'll be getting a Pro very soon.

Death404d ago Show
morganfell404d ago


"Taking in consideration that the X Is Made fore the core"

Do you know the main thing that makes people part of 'the core'?

Games. Its the games. Not the hardware, not what kind of TV or monitor they have, it is instead their devotion to the games.

DarXyde404d ago


Let me say what I said another way:

"Stock was restricted". I think that's more accurate to say. I don't know if they were holding back Stock to give the impression of overwhelming demand, but regardless, that would still mean not everyone who wanted one got one. I'm pretty convinced most people with an Xbox One X are just upgrades, but still, not everyone got one, I'd imagine.

Of course, PS4 sold out at some point if I'm not mistaken so the same principle applies, intentional supply regulation withstanding. And it's cheaper.

In no way am I suggesting Xbox would have outsold PlayStation, but I do believe Xbox would have still lost, but "not as badly".

404d ago
Outside_ofthe_Box404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Ok this was honestly unexpected. Switch not coming out on top is surprising. Ninty still having issues meeting demand?

The X not aiding enough to outsell the PS4 is one of those either or scenarios:

- The X is expensive so it not selling enough to bolster it over the PS4 was a reasonable conclusion to come by prior to the outcome

- The X aiding in XB1 outselling the PS4 for last month at least was also a reasonable exception given that it was it's launch month

Either scenario happening isn't really too surprising and were realistic assumptions.

morganfell404d ago

"Of course, PS4 sold out at some point if I'm not mistaken so the same principle applies, intentional supply regulation withstanding. And it's cheaper. "

Cheaper than what? The X1S? You see now we are just splitting hairs. The One S was cheaper coming in at times during the month cheaper than the PS4, cheaper than the PS4 Slim, and certainly cheaper than the Pro. MS made the decision to invest in a more expensive console rather than games. Should they get a sales pass there too? No. They were out-maneuvered and outsold. I'm not happy. I have two X1S units in the house gathering dust. I would have preferred MS invest in games. They didn't and Sony, in the month of the MS launch, took them to task. And as I stated above. This, or rather November...well that is as good as it will get. The sky only darkens for Redmond and the Xbox division moving forward. Sony has major software 2018.

NXFather404d ago

WOW Curb Your Enthusiasm. You really suprised.

NXFather404d ago Show
FITgamer404d ago

Especially impressive when you consider Microsoft had the cheapest, newest, most powerful consoles on market during the month.

Mr Pumblechook404d ago

Silly article. As gamers and industry observers we use NPD to record which console sold the most, which adds to the install base - it’s what we’ve done for years. November it was PS4. Venturebeat are choking on this de-emphasising it. I’m happy to hear that Xbox One X bought in revenue - it did have the highest price. But if you start changing the rules of NPD success then you can use bend facts to suit your argument, eg Xbox made most revenue or PlayStation consoles most profit etc. Doing this ‘success’ cannot be agreed by fans.

Best stick to NPD most units sold.

Realms404d ago Show
indyman7777404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

If x1c cost 500 and ps4 cost 200 then of course Microsoft is charging us 250% more per x1x and will win the console spending unless Sony sales 251% MORE consoles.

PS4 Won what matters install base.

@morganfell your logic it is all downhill for SWITCH because you think their first month will be their best is stupid. In fact it is hippocritical. No one gets their launch month total for about a full year EVEN SONY PS4 did not match first month sales for over a year. PS4 sold 2.4 million first month remember? SWITCH is gaining momentum.

LateNightThirst404d ago

$200 vs $500 which would win? lol come on now

Babadook7404d ago

So much for the xox bridging the sales gap. Not even in its opening month in home territory.

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TheGoodestBoi405d ago ShowReplies(2)
notachance405d ago ShowReplies(5)
trooper_404d ago

Again, Sony drives home the importance of GAMES, not 4k mumbo jumbo.

Lovable404d ago Show
trooper_404d ago

Sony still delivered the games.

LP-Eleven404d ago

@ Lovable: Yeah, the same "Blu-ray" that is being used today (including in the rival Xbox console[s]). If you're trying to point out failures, you aren't doing a very good job.

Chevalier404d ago

Too the people who think Xbox One X was hard to find. Other than the first week my store has been fully stocked. My store has a pallet full sitting unsold right now in my back room. Based on recent sales I would say it will take me into February or March to sell off that whole pallet and cycle through what we got. I will bet sales drop off considerably.

Lovable404d ago

Pic or obviously you're lying to make a point

SierraGuy404d ago

It is sad but Xbox just c'mon Nvidia.

outsider1624404d ago

Holy crap! I actualy thought xbx would win Nov, because you know, new console and all. Good going Sony. Man, i can't wait for 2018.

Bigpappy404d ago

Actually it was $199 plus a $50 credit and many retailers. Good for gamers

LP-Eleven404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

$199 plus the $50 Giftcard wasn't at "many retailers". The latter was a GameStop promotion.

Ashlen404d ago

What is even the point of saying this? Xbox had equal sales and a new console and they still got outsold.

404d ago
IamTylerDurden1404d ago

Wow. The month that Scorpio launches and PlayStation still wins in xbox's very own backyard. So much for the X being Microsoft's savior, Sony has this gen locked down.

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DeadSilence405d ago ShowReplies(2)
The 10th Rider405d ago

From the sound of things it was a great month for gaming as a whole. Spending was up substantially compared to previous years.

Theknightofnights405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

I think it's funny that someone disagreed with this.

"Can't be neutral 'round here parts!"

405d ago
405d ago
septemberindecember404d ago (Edited 404d ago )


Or every company legitimately had a good month?


By the way some of these guys act, I’d rather be against. No offense.

_-EDMIX-_405d ago

Especially for PS4, it outsold both 😎

404d ago
jrshankill405d ago ShowReplies(5)
Gunstar75404d ago

Far too sensible a comment. Remember this is a fan-war zone 😂

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Neonridr405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

so we have an article that doesn't confirm anything? Other NPD charts had clear numbers.. what was this nonsense? PS4's sold more consoles, but Xbox generated more revenue due to the added cost of the X?

MasterCornholio405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

“More units of PlayStation 4 hardware sold in November 2017 than any other month life-to-date,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “PlayStation 4 is the best-selling video game hardware platform year-to-date.”

" NPD credits that growth to all three major devices. It’s clear that Xbox fans were waiting for the upgraded 4K-capable Xbox One X system or a price drop on the Xbox One S. The $500 Xbox One X led to this platform generating more revenue than Sony or Nintendo, but the Xbox One also had its best November so far in terms of unit sales."

Apparently it's been confirmed by NPD.

But as for numbers you have to be aware that those figures are made available to those that pay for them. They usually are leaked through NEOGAF though so I suggest keeping an eye out for them there.

Neonridr405d ago

fair enough, thanks for the response. Just strange wording I guess.

OB1Biker405d ago

'November doesn’t have a clear winner in terms of hardware sales. Gamers bought more PS4s than Xbox Ones or Nintendo Switch systems, but people also spent more money buying Xbox Ones:'

Its clear enough.

Neonridr405d ago

lol, you contradict yourself. Who won? Sony because they sold more consoles? Or MS because they generated more money overall?

yumi76405d ago (Edited 405d ago )


Revenue is not profits. That's why this is so overstated. If they brought in more money selling X's which are being sold at a loss then there isn't a lot of profit. What they want is sales numbers to drive sales of things like software that actually generate profits and gain market share.

Console sales is the important number in this business.

ABizzel1405d ago


Revenue does not equal profit. Xbox X is selling at a loss according to MS, so while it generated more revenue ($500 * number sold vs. $199 * number sold), it almost certainly didn't generate more profit.

Neonridr405d ago

@ABizzel1 - I never said profit. I said more money.

fiveby9404d ago

Does MS sell the X1X at break even or a loss?. X1X is being sold to existing X1 owners who felt like X1 was a gimped console. They are not likely gaining many PC or PS4 owners. MS had to stop the bleeding of its userbase is why X1X exists. Where will X1X be once the initial sales bump wears off? WIll they outsell either PS4 or Switch in the coming year? MS must announce and deliver on compelling games. That has to be their focus if they intend to compete. Userbase size is mot important to these companies as it benefits attach rate of games sold.

thisismyaccount404d ago

Especially when you consider the following :

- Microsoft being selling poorly their Xbones for months, around the 100k in the US 5months straight iirc before the X launched
- Worldwide i have my doubts that there´s another country outselling the US turf, so in total my estimate WW sales prior the X i would set them around 0.5mill. Xbones each month (100k US, 400K around the world. Seems plausible to me, the US market being their strongest market and making up roughly 65% of the xbone sales).

It does not matter that revenuewise they won November, when your previous months were terrible (as stated by themselves -50% less xbox this year).

Good news is :

~1.5mill. PS4 vs ~1.4mill. Xbones vs 0.9?mill. Switches ( i dont remb. the #) .. over 3mill. sold consoles nice! Few $$$$ billions this past month alone, holy cow. December and Jan. still ahead .. everyone gonna beat their prev. records during the 4quater and i got no time to play anything but a few games on ma PS4. How the fuck can you/are you all playing on multiple devices is a mystery to me.

ZeroX9876404d ago

More money yes. The Winner = Sony, just to be clear

Atanasrikard404d ago

@ABizzel1 Care to substantiate your claim? I don't recall ever seeing Microsoft say they were selling the X at a loss. Not that it isn't moot because I could care less, it has no affect on my gaming at all.

ABizzel1404d ago


Pick an article, anyone says the same thing.

But this one takes you straight to the point.

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AspiringProGenji405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Spent more is not always “more revenues”

Neonridr405d ago

spending money and generating revenue are pretty closely linked. I am not a business major but I'm pretty sure they are connected.

ABizzel1405d ago



Revenue is the cost ($500) * the number sold.

Profit which is what matters, is Revenue - taxes, loss per console sold (XBO-X selling at a loss), etc...

2pacalypsenow404d ago



If I sell a product at $300 and it costs me $400 to make and I sell 100 units, I have no profit.

Now if I sell another product for $250 and it costs me $100 to make and I only sell 1 unit, I've made more profit of that 1 unit than 100 of the others.

morganfell405d ago ShowReplies(1)
yumi76405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

PS4 1.58m
XBO 1.37m

OB1Biker405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Its clear enough for me and I dare say most gamers.

Xbox won

Haha just kidding

Do you really need the journalists to tell you and then lap it up?

OB1Biker405d ago

Hey maybe its not clear for you because it depends what your looking for.
Best selling console is PS4
More money is Ms
Ultimately though, we all know the result is disapointing for Xbox

ABizzel1405d ago

Revenue is not profit. MS sells the XBO at a loss, more than likely they did not make more money. The XBOs would have had to sell at least 50% of its gross sales and it had to be selling at a profit even though it was cut down to $189 which is unlikely as well.

MS more than won "revenue", but more than likely took a loss in profit when it came to hardware.

OB1Biker405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Thanks for explanation. Im not really bothered about which makes more money tbh

fiveby9404d ago

Well as stated above more revenue does not necessarily translate to profit. If X1X is sold at a loss or break even then MS profits are potentially less than Sony's this month. I can't say if MS is disappointed. The sales numbers may be good. But are they growing market share? Not really. And these are NPD numbers for NA. I imagine worldwide, Sony really continues to put distance between themselves and MS.

_-EDMIX-_405d ago

??? You arguing over a number?


PS4 outsold Switch and xb.... WORLDWIDE

Neonridr405d ago

good for Sony. They had an amazing year. I know because I played a bunch of their games. I also know Nintendo had a fabulous year. I know because I played a bunch of their games.

A lot of people like to pretend they know what the other half offers, but ironically enough don't actually own the hardware to know for themselves :P

MasterCornholio404d ago

Well that's probably because they didn't do a good enough job with making the description of the article. Many times the meaning is lost unless you read the article itself. I've made this mistake plenty of times in the past due to an unclear description of an article.

LP-Eleven404d ago

So we should believe that YOU own the hardware that you're always ready to put down? >_>