Sony Slaying with PSVR and a Ton of Great VR Titles at PSX

COGconnected - As PSX came to a close, it became obvious that the big focus of the weekend was PlayStation VR. Sony is insisting that PSVR is here to stay.

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alphafallen306d ago

I want a price drop furthur or a new psvr redesign. One of those two will get me on the psvr train. The price is just too steep, wish i could try it out.

radiantmind13306d ago

They did just revise the hardware with V.2. And how much more of a price drop do you need? $350 or less with 2 move controllers, camera, and game. I jumped in 2 week ago with the Skyrim bundle, and I can't go back to flat screen gaming anymore. VR has totally ruined me, in a good way lol.

Neonridr306d ago

oh I am sure you will manage 2D gaming again when TLOU2 or whatever comes along. You will "suffer" all the way through it :P

radiantmind13306d ago

@Neonridr TLOU2 is the only game that I am still interested in.

Software_Lover306d ago

......... You can't go back to flat screen gaming?? Give me a break.

I mean, I'm glad that you are enjoying your product (that is what we are here for) and to each his own, but man.

Apocalypse Shadow306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

It happens software lover. I play more VR than games on PS4. Besides going back to play 2D games and Sony exclusives. VR is compelling.

And after years of seeing the same gameplay updated over and over since Pong and Atari,it's refreshing to have something finally different than the same old same old.

FinalFantasyFanatic305d ago

I tried PS VR and wanted to go back to flat screen gaming, it's unappealing to me in it's current form.

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Liqu1d306d ago

They're doing home trials in the US if you're a PS+ subscriber.

subtenko306d ago

what do you want the headset for $5? :| Part of the price is factored in to support the system itself, the money helps get is new stuff. That said, Im not paying $900 for a VR headset..

moomin306d ago

Dude. Got my PSVR today and it rocks! I paid £300 for bundle. If you love games and gadgets this is the bees knees. I you won't regret it seriously! I've had it for 4 hours now and haven't even started gaming on it yet lol. So far have tested YouTube VR, watched Rogue One In 3D, watched Stranger Things 2 on Netflix all on its cinema mode. It's frikkin amazing it's like sitting 3 rows in an Imax cinema. That alone has blown me away as my 4k tv feels smaller lol. Then I played witcher 3 on cinema mode full size and I crapped myself as I came across a godling! Seriously the scale and immersion is beyond words. OK pictur is like full HD I'd say. Oh and if you move out of area just press 'option' on Dualshock controller and screen readjusts to centre although I found looking down 2 degrees suits me better. For the price alone I'm getting a mobile device with Imax screen sizes and 3D bluray :) now the next 24hours I'll be on rush of blood, skyrim vr, Battlezone and until dawn (in cinema mode). And yep I can quickly see VR replacing my 2D TV screens if I'm alone chilling.

Apocalypse Shadow306d ago

Good that you are having fun moomin. take it slow on some games unless you're not prone to motion sickness. And take breaks here and there.

sprinterboy305d ago

Moomin, classic programme 😀

mkis007305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

You know its only $200 right now right?

sprinterboy305d ago

Some people want things for free I see

Xenophon_York305d ago

One hundred and ninety-nine dollars with the camera and a game isn't inexpensive enough? Heck, if you go through B&H you don't even have to pay shipping or TAX (if you live outside of New York). Nothing. Else. Comes. Close.

T2X305d ago

Go to Best buy and get a charge account. Problem solved.

segamaniaco304d ago

OCARINA OF TIME VR start to finish and HALO VR could push the market even more

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Neonridr306d ago

I hope these games offer traditional locomotion too. I don't just want to teleport all the time. I have been spoiled with PC VR gaming I guess.

radiantmind13306d ago

I think now that most of the games coming out offer the option for full loco. After Skyrim and Resi 7 there is no reason not to.

Neonridr306d ago

you still see the odd game here and there that still only does teleport. I don't know if Blood & Truth offers full locomotion or not though. But it would be nice to have the option for those of us who can handle it.

radiantmind13306d ago

No Blood and truth doesn't have full locomotion, its not quite teleportation, you have certain spots that you can walk or run to while still being able to strafe and aim. The controls actually look pretty decent. I'm more excited about Firewall, which does have full locomotion

LiViNgLeGaCY306d ago

Not to sound stupid, but what's full locomotion mean?

Apocalypse Shadow306d ago (Edited 306d ago )


Full Loco is moving where you want in the game freely like in most games. Teleport is when you jump from one spot to the next. It comes down to how your body handles motion.

Some games now are offering both options among other things to prevent motion sickness in players.

Neonridr305d ago

@Living - yeah early VR games mostly offered teleport since having your brain comprehend full movement in games was sometimes too much for your body to handle and thus resulted in some wicked nausea. Now that people are more comfortable, they prefer full locomotion because it doesn't break immersion when you aren't hopping around.

Shame that Blood & Truth doesn't give us the option. I understand games are designed a certain way so I can live with that. Maybe sort of like Doom how it was teleport with the dash mechanic.

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moomin306d ago

Depends on game. There's loadsa reviews out there. After successes of Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7 and Battlezone maybe future games will move down this free movement control scheme. When FPS first came out on PC eg. Doom, quake, rainbow six there wasn't a standard for nearly 5 years. Anyways hope this answer your question :)

quent306d ago

Seems like you've stumbled upon a new level of defensive fanboys in this comment section, just look at those disagrees, VR troopers indeed

Neonridr305d ago

it's N4G.. no surprise I guess.

FinalFantasyFanatic305d ago

I'm surprised VR is getting so much defence, but then again I wasn't pleased with most of the current VR solutions myself.

nyctophilia13306d ago

I don't know why you're getting disagrees. I can't argue with wanting to have the option for full locomotion. Its the absolute best way to experience a VR FPS. Games like Farpoint and RE7 become fully immersive. If you get sick playing that way, then by all means use the teleport. Just at least give us the option.

Neonridr305d ago

it's because it might be putting some of these PSVR games in a bad light because it appears that they don't offer it. Either that or because I have developed a loyal following of people who just don't like me.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, I own both a Rift and PSVR so I am all in on the VR game. I like having options, and like you said, why all the disagrees? Not entirely sure.

FinalFantasyFanatic305d ago

That's one of my big no no's against VR, the warping/teleporting, I noticed most people seem to be okay with it, but it's immersion breaking for me.

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306d ago
Sgt_Slaughter306d ago

The one game that I am not happy about being a VR-only title is The Inpatient. Reason for that is because it's canon with Until Dawn which was not a VR title, and if you're going to make a prequel to a game like this why force it to be VR-only? Much less of the original fans are going to be able to play it right now if they're waiting for later revisions of PSVR.

generic-user-name305d ago

And MGS2 wasn't available on PS1 even though it was canon with MGS1, which was not a PS2 title.

Sgt_Slaughter305d ago

That's different though. In this situation they could have made it so you could play either way, VR or regular, on the same console the first one released on.

sprinterboy305d ago

They made it vr only cause the devs wanted you being the patient, and you being in the vr space. You can't do that playing the regular way.

CP_Company306d ago

And how it is going for m$ and nintendo vr?

moomin306d ago

Microsoft only delve into successful markets not invent or be first to create new IP or hardware. If VR makes a billion dollars in a years time expect Microsoft to jump on board! Ninty lol are ninty. They just do their own thing.

AmstradAmiga305d ago

You mean like Sony invented console gaming and everyone else followed. Why didnt everyone jump in on the Sony mini Disc bandwagon?

FinalFantasyFanatic305d ago

I find it weird that Microsoft and Nintendo haven't offered up their own VR solutions at this point, the demand is obviously there and it seems like it doesn't even have to be high quality or well implemented VR to sell well. I still think it is a price sensitive piece though, considering Sony has the right balance of performance and price at with VR.

Neonridr305d ago

well MS has their own line of WMR headsets which are successful in their own rights. Nintendo isn't bothering until they see a point. VR is still small time right now. Sure it's growing, but hardly mainstream at this point.

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