L.A. Noire for Nintendo Switch is One of 2017’s Best Releases - WeWriteThings

L.A. Noire is unlike anything else in the Nintendo Switch software library, and it is one of the best video game releases of 2017

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PhoenixUp1217d ago

Why would the Switch port in particular be one of the best games this year as opposed to the other versions of this game?

lellkay1217d ago

haha exactly. Not only that, but although the game is good, it is still essentially a port of a game released in 2011.

to say it's one of 2017's best releases over stuff like Horizon. Zelda, Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Nier Automata, Nioh, Mario Galaxy, etc etc is madness

VegaShinra1215d ago

Maybe cuz they reviewed the Switch version and not the others?

C-H-E-F1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Hmm interesting, I wonder why the scores are lower now than they were years ago. Not this score, but other reviews, it's not like they changed the game lOl.

Father__Merrin1217d ago

This author doesn't play much games