Modders bring Battlefield 2142 back from the dead, multiplayer working, featuring even custom maps

DSOGaming writes: "Back in October, we informed you about the termination of Revive; a mod that re-enabled multiplayer functionalities in a number of Battlefield games, including Battlefield 2142. Thankfully, a team of modders has figured out another way in order to restore multiplayer in Battlefield 2142."

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slate911276d ago

Super underrated!! Was such a good game

Usperg1276d ago

Titan assault - what a top class mode...

Played 2142 to death, good times :)

SSmoke1276d ago

love that version!! I even pre-ordered this from best buy back in the day to get that exclusive gun.. Titan defense was the shit!

beanplant1276d ago

There's a game you never hear about. Was always curious about this one